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Parallel and Soft Representations of Climate Change: A Review of Astrid Bracke’s Climate Crisis and the 21st Century British Novel

Elizabeth Callaway
Elizabeth Callaway reviews Astrid Bracke's Climate Crisis and the 21st Century British Novel, which she uses as a jumping off point to explore the possibilities of a "soft" representation of climate in realist literary fiction, in particular Zadie Smith's NW.

Vibrant Wreckage: Salvation and New Materialism in Moby-Dick and Ambient Parking Lot

Dale Enggass
Instead of simply reviewing Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett (Duke 2010), author Dale Enggass applies Bennett's "Political Ecology of Things" to longstanding (and not yet resolved) themes of salvation, materialism and transcendence in Melville's Moby-Dick and Pamela Lu's Ambient Parking Lot.

Learning Interactions of Local and Non-Local Phonotactic Constraints from Positive Input

Aniello De Santo & Alëna Aksënova

A Minimalist Approach to Facilitatory Effects in Stacked Relative Clauses

Aniello De Santo

CCG Supertagging as Top-down Tree Generation

Jakob Prange, Nathan Schneider & Vivek Srikumar

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