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The Need for Evidence-Based Interventions to Reduce Food Insecurity Among College Students

Stephanie Jilcott-Pitts & Sarah Brothers
Food insecurity is defined as insufficient resources to meet food needs. This is a global problem but is not confined to those countries identified as poor. One group of Americans who are particularly affected, and for whom the effects are particularly severe, is college students.

Structure Here, Bias There: Hierarchical Generalization by Jointly Learning Syntactic Transformations

Karl Mulligan, Robert Frank & Tal Linzen

Comparing methods of tree-construction across mildly context-sensitive formalisms

Tim Hunter & Robert Frank

The Anatomy of Sentiment-Driven Fluctuations

Sushant Acharya, Jess Benhabib & Zhen Huo
We show that changes in sentiment that aren’t related to fundamentals can drive persistent macroeconomic fluctuations even when all economic agents are rational. Changes in sentiment can also affect how fundamental shocks affect macroeconomic outcomes.

Findings from the bindings: An overview of Nazi-Era spoliation research at the British Library

Antonia Bartoli
Since the signing of the Washington Conference Principles in 1998, the British Library has taken its duties seriously to identify collection items that might have been displaced between the years 1933 through 1945. The present paper will provide a brief overview of Spoliation Research projects at the library and a longer summary of its most recent investigations into the Henry Davis Collection of Bookbindings. Resources and methodologies employed for investigating questions pertaining to the Nazi...

The Role of Linguistic Features in Domain Adaptation: TAG Parsing of Questions

Aarohi Srivastava, Robert Frank, Sarah Widder & David Chartash

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