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Research Life Cycle: Exploring Credibility of Metrics and Value in a New Era of eScholarship that Supports Grey Literature

Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin
The fundamental components of the research process are defined by academic tradition, discipline and its participants. Traditional scholarship has now evolved into eScholarship with emerging technologies providing new methods of innovation and new ways of handling classical research processes. This revised research life cycle not only incorporates the established parts of the research chain, from discovery, gathering, and creating, but now has added phases of citing, sharing, preserving and archiving. There are quantifiable elements that...

How Open Science Influences Next Developments in Grey Literature

Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin
The practice of open science reinforces the intersections of open access, open data, open educational resources (textbooks), open methods, open standards, open transcription, open peer review, to promote how science is based on replication of experimental process and outcomes. Traditional publishing streams of books and journals capture just a fraction of the content now contextualized in open science. Our definition of open science blends the Foster Open Science Taxonomy with contextualizing science as Abraham Flexner...

Sexuality Leveraged Through Diversity: Recognizing LGBT+ Communities

Anthony Lin & Julia Gelfand

Library as Publisher: Convergence of New Forms and Roles of Textual and Non-Textual Grey Literature in Digital Scholarship

Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin

Social Networking: Product or Process and What Shade of Grey?

Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin
Social networking debuted in 1997 and is now an established and common method of communication and is increasingly related to and supportive of academic publishing, scholarship and generating new information. Some of the most mature and popular sites are Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Linked-In and Plaxo plus many more specialized examples. As many professional societies and individuals choose to develop a presence on social networking sites (SNSs), the utility of them has become more valuable and...

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