105 Works

Clinical outcomes and measures of progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Ásta Theódorsdóttir

Occupational therapy for persons with chronic conditions: Effectiveness and process evaluation of the ABLE programme

Vita Hagelskjær

Analysis and Application of Model Predictive Control in Energy Systems

Tao Yang

Det periodiske system er nøglen til den grønne omstilling

Ulla Gro Nielsen

Gap-surface plasmon based metasurfaces for nano-optics applications

Rucha Anil Deshpande

Parental Illness in Adolescence: The Role of a Supportive Environment

Sanne Ellegaard Jørgensen

A Framework for Automated Real-Time Performance Evaluation of Smart Buildings

Elena Markoska

Oversættelse af 'The patient empowerment scale' (PES)

Nanna Bjerg Eskildsen & Caroline Bulsara

Codeine, morphine, and metformin: Common aspects of drug transport, drugdrug interactions, and pharmacogenetics

Ida Robertsdotter Berglund Kuhlmann

Discussing resuscitation and levels of treatment with seriously ill and frail patients: Development and testing of a Danish POLST form

Lone Doris Tuesen

Strategizing in business networks - influencing the evolution of a business network

Kiki Dreyer Mikkelsen

Hvordan løser vi verdens store problemer?

Steen Rasmussen, Oliver Ekberg & Kristina Korsholm

Generalized association analysis of omics data on cognitive aging

Afsaneh Mohammadnejad

E-vitamin giver nyt håb for den uopslidelige kunstige hofte

Kristian Kjærgaard & Søren Overgaard

'Druk' i virkeligheden: Hvad ville en konstant promille på 0,5 gøre ved dig?

Katrine Holtz Thorhauge & Maja Thiele

Fatigue Properties of a Laser-Welded Thin-Walled T-Joint

Tobias Pawlowitz

Minimal invasive approach in the management of perianal suppuration disease

Karam Matlub Sørensen

The Embodiment of Esports: Crossing the Gap between Physical and Virtual

David Ekdahl

Time to revisit the agency theory and expand our thoughts on what motivates physicians? A nudge to health economists

Anne Sophie Oxholm, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen, Ulrich Thy Jensen & Line Bjrnskov Pedersen

A Software Approach to Mitigating Barriers for Smart Grid Integration in the Retail Sector

Jakob Hviid

Abstinenser fucker med både din krop og din hjerne

Maja Thiele

Loss Compensation for Companies and Corporate Groups in the European Union

Christian Jespersen

Uncovering the molecular basis for nutritional reprogramming of pancreatic β-cells

Kari Østerli Frafjord

Hip Osteoarthritis Prognostic Factors and Treatment Effect Modifiers

Stine H. Clausen

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