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Political media effects in a Nordic perspective

Audun Beyer, Erik Knudsen, Kim Andersen & Adam Shehata

Derfor skal vi værne om vores 'verdensmesterskab' i tillid

Sofie Buch Mejsner

Kognitiv adfærdsterapi for socialfobi

Lars Clemmensen Clemmensen, Mathias Torp Ernst, Cecilia Schøler Nielsen, Eik Runge & Stig Helweg-Jørgensen

Supporting Service Innovation through Design Thinking: The case of an eHealth firm developing digital technology solutions

Mercé Bonjorn Dalmau

Epidemiology of hemolytic disorders in Denmark

Dennis Lund Hansen

Sex difference in lipid levels in first-diagnosed drug-naïve depression patients: A case-control and 12-weeks follow-up study

Rui Yang, Lu Wang, Song Cao, Ming Chen, Chu-Jun Wu, Floyd Silva, Man-Jun Shen, Jin-Dong Chen, Mi-Mi Tang & Bi-Lian Liu
Patients with depression have a high prevalence of developing dyslipidemia. In this study, we aim to investigate the difference of serum lipids, including total cholesterol (TCH), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), and triglycerides (TG), between the depressed patients and healthy controls. Sex differences in lipids and their psychological correlations were also included. The study included 56 healthy controls (males/females = 26/30) and 110 first-diagnosed drug-naïve outpatients (males/females = 35/75). A total of...

New Evidence of Health State Dependent Utility of Consumption

Nicolai Fink Simonsen & Trine Kjær

Teledermatological solution to improve patient management in psoriasis: a participatory design study

Bettina Trettin

Autonomy for Surgical Robot Systems

Kim Lindberg Schwaner

Ikke-konstitutiv kosmopsykisme: naturalisme, idealisme og Martinus’ metafysik i syntese

Nikolaj Pilgaard Petersen

Parental Illness in Adolescence: The Role of a Supportive Environment

Sanne Ellegaard Jørgensen

'Druk' i virkeligheden: Hvad ville en konstant promille på 0,5 gøre ved dig?

Katrine Holtz Thorhauge & Maja Thiele

E-vitamin giver nyt håb for den uopslidelige kunstige hofte

Kristian Kjærgaard & Søren Overgaard

Hvordan løser vi verdens store problemer?

Steen Rasmussen, Oliver Ekberg & Kristina Korsholm

Gap-surface plasmon based metasurfaces for nano-optics applications

Rucha Anil Deshpande

Generalized association analysis of omics data on cognitive aging

Afsaneh Mohammadnejad

The Embodiment of Esports: Crossing the Gap between Physical and Virtual

David Ekdahl

An ICF-based assessment schedule to facilitate the assessment and reporting of functioning in manual medicine – low back pain as a case in point

Melissa Selb, Richard Nicol, Jan Hartvigsen, Wolfgang Segerer & Pierre Côté
This paper outlines the first steps toward developing the ICF-based assessment schedule for manual medicine with a focus on low back pain (LBP). It reports on the results of a consensus process to develop the default and optional versions of the set of ICF categories (ManMed Set) the assessment schedule should cover, and gives insight in expert input toward building a toolbox of instruments for assessing the ManMed Set categories. A scoping review and qualitative...

Minimal invasive approach in the management of perianal suppuration disease

Karam Matlub Sørensen

Codeine, morphine, and metformin: Common aspects of drug transport, drugdrug interactions, and pharmacogenetics

Ida Robertsdotter Berglund Kuhlmann

Fatigue Properties of a Laser-Welded Thin-Walled T-Joint

Tobias Pawlowitz

Evasion, Distortion and Interruption in US Presidential Debates

Ronald R. Jacobsen

Epigenetic biomarkers as indicator and predictor of late-life mortality in older individuals

Jesper Lund

Unge hjælper andre unge med at sige nej tak til alkohol ved hjælp af virtual reality

Julie Dalgaard Guldager

Elections and political communication in the Nordic countries

David Nicolas Hopmann & Rune Karlsen

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