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Coordination of the Clinical Care Trajectories of Acutely Hospitalised Older People: A Qualitative Study on Healthcare Professionals Across Sectors

Maiken Hjuler Persson

Applying Explainable Outlier Detection: En Empirisk og Teoretisk Undersøgelse af Anvendelse af Explainable Outlier Detection

Jonas Herskind Sejr

Politics of Exclusion in Military Institutions

Vicky Karyoti

From insect to robot walking: A biorobotics investigation into network topology

Beck Strohmer

Cerebral energy metabolism during haemorrhagic shock and the concept of permissive hypotension

Rasmus Peter Jakobsen

Wear Particle Analysis in Oil Systems by Modelling and Interpretation of Optical Sensor Data

Kevin Krogsøe

Work stressors and performance: The role of cognitive appraisals

Renata Mellupe

Comorbidity and survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Emelie Rotbain

Role of Niemann Pick C2 protein and membrane contact sites in cholesterol export from endo-lysosomes

Alice Dupont Juhl

Extending the capabilities of Multi-Configurational short-range Density Functional Theory based methods

Erik Kjellgren

Assessment and experimental treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema with adipose-derived regenerative cells and lipotransfer

Mads Gustaf Jørgensen

Liddle syndrome

Jeff Granhøj

’Vildmandskurset’: Et naturbaseret rehabiliteringsforløb for mænd med mentale sundhedsproblemer og langvarige fysiske sygdomme

Simon Høegmark

System Identification of Parameter-Varying Aeroelastic Systems using Real-Time Operational Modal Analysis

Goran Jeličić

Parents´assessment of disability in their children: Assessment of disability

Niels Ove Illum

Contextual Factors in Rheumatology: A PhD Study within Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology

Sabrina Mai Nielsen

Seksuelle overgreb mod børn og unge - en antologi om forebyggelse og behandling

Kuno Sørensen, Maj Hansen, Mimi Strange, Siri Jonina Egede & Troels Græsholt-Knudsen

Analysis and Application of Model Predictive Control in Energy Systems

Tao Yang

Influence of physicians’ religiosity and spirituality on their clinical practice - an international comparative study

Alex Kappel Kørup

Clinical outcomes and measures of progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Ásta Theódorsdóttir

Occupational therapy for persons with chronic conditions: Effectiveness and process evaluation of the ABLE programme

Vita Hagelskjær

Det periodiske system er nøglen til den grønne omstilling

Ulla Gro Nielsen

Discussing resuscitation and levels of treatment with seriously ill and frail patients: Development and testing of a Danish POLST form

Lone Doris Tuesen

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