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Auditing Grey in a CRIS Environment

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
We define grey as information that is not peer reviewed scholarly publications. In the CRIS (Current Research Information System) domain Grey includes not only non-peer reviewed publications (typically technical papers) but also performance art, art artifacts, design documents, models (e.g. for engineering or architecture) and – increasingly importantly – research datasets. Recently national governments - inspired by the work of W3C on LOD (Linked Open Data in the context of the Semantic Web) – have...

Mobbeforskingas historie – forminga av eit forskingsfelt

Cecilie Boge
Abstract: Until the second half of the 1960s, children’s relations caught little attention among adults and science as such. This changed dramatically when the concept of “mobbing” was introduced around 1970. Today, “mobbing” or bullying, is an acknowledged problem in schools all over the world, and has spurred prevention programs and a successful field of research. Through studies of historical sources, such as research literature, newspapers and political documents from the early 1970s and onward,...

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  • 2019

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