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The future is unwritten. E-publishing in small nations of Europe: A comparative approach to policy frameworks and small business strategies

Anna Friederike Maria Elise Klamet
Digitisation, together with the spread of the internet, has initiated a transition phase in publishing. This transition not only affects the production process but also the way of communication, the product itself and its distribution. International corporations have entered the digital marketplace and transformed the whole publishing network. Research has shown from an industry perspective that digital disruption forces established firms to adapt in order to capitalise on new opportunities digital technologies offer and to...

An examination of the influences of telecommuting on employee satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviour in the information technology industry in Singapore

Hong Tat Neo
Telecommuting or telework has seen slow adoption over the years with some large corporations rescinding their support for this practice. While studies have linked telecommuting to favorable organizational outcomes such as employee satisfaction, organizational performance, reduced turnover intentions, higher employee commitment, some other studies have shown debatable outcomes. This thesis aims to study the influence of telecommuting support on employee satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviour in the IT industry in Singapore. Using sequential-mixed methods approach,...

Application of evolutionary machine learning in metamorphic malware analysis and detection

Kehinde Oluwatoyin Babaagba
In recent times, malware detection and analysis are becoming key issues. A dangerous class of malware is metamorphic malware which is capable of modifying its own code and hiding malicious instructions within normal program code. Current malware detectors are susceptible to metamorphic malware as they are pre-trained to recognize only predicted versions of code. However, if detectors could be trained on a larger set of data that included potential mutant variants, they could be more...

Perception and use of timber in construction: A case study of Ireland and the UK

Conan O’Ceallaigh, David Gil Moreno, Daniel Ridley-Ellis & Annette M. Harte

Resistance to change: Exploring Singapore blue-collar worker’s perceptions of organizational change management approaches in the semiconductor industry

Frederick Chee Sheng Lum
“Change” has never been as drastic as in 2020 compared to previous years. Technological advancements have always been a major driving force for changes in many high-tech companies. The escalating trade wars between the US & China, Hong Kong / China sovereignty and the Brexit have caused major disruption in the global markets and supply chains. The Covid-19 pandemic had become the latest catalyst in propelling technology adoption such as video conferencing, e-learning, contactless transactions,...

The impact of usability, social and organisational factors on students' use of learning management systems in Saudi tertiary education

Ahmed Ali M. Alshehri
Advances in e-learning have reshaped universities worldwide. Universities place great emphasis on technology-enhanced learning development and are investing significantly in information technology infrastructure. However, in spite of this effort and investment, it seems that instructors and students do not fully benefit from learning technology, and more often Learning Management Systems (LMSs) remain underutilized. This is evident in Saudi higher education where LMSs have recently been introduced. Understanding the factors affecting the use of LMSs and...

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