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Rural Or Underserved Practice Interest Among Doctor Of Physical Therapy Students. Do Clinical Education Experiences Change Opinions?

Brandon Godin, Trenton Poulson, Mac Neil Moresca & Tyler Satoshige

Restructuring of the Axon Initial Segment in Mouse Models of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Rachel Ali Rodriguez
Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) affect more than 36% of children in countries with low- and middle- incomes (Boivin, 2015; McCoy, 2016). Interestingly, these heterogeneous disorders share a high incidence of epileptic seizures, suggesting a shared pathology. Seizures result when neuronal firing activity becomes disturbed and neurons fire excessively or in unregulated patterns. A key site in the control of neuronal firing patterns is the axon initial segment (AIS), where the local density of proteins and the...

Reliability of the Lateral Reach Test in People with Unilateral Transfemoral Amputations

Stephen Hill, Samantha Leonard & Elizabeth Vianey Trujillo

Evaluating the impacts of water conservation policies on water demand, availability and outdoor water use in the Las Vegas Valley

Kamal Qaiser
The Las Vegas Valley, located in the arid Southern Nevada region, with a growing population, limited water resources, and a prolonged drought, faces a challenge in meeting its future water needs. Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), the main water management agency in the Valley, is focusing on water conservation to reduce water demand. Current water use is 945 lpcd (250 gpcd) which SNWA aims to reduce to 752 lpcd (199 gpcd) by 2035. Presently the...

Evaluating point-of-sale buying decisions: Understanding why consumers purchase timeshares

Lisa Y. Thomas
The timeshare industry, also known as vacation ownership, is the fastest growing segment of the hospitality industry with sales totaling $9.7 billion in 2008 (ARDA, 2010). The typical timeshare sales process is a 90-120 minute sales presentation conducted by a timeshare sales representative to customers. At the end of the sales presentation, the customers are given the option to either purchase a timeshare unit at a discounted price with first-day incentives or to purchase at...

Ready for Life - An evaluation: Factors relating to truancy and promising practices

Clayton Nichols, Shenita Harper, Maria Thomas, Mikaela Louve & Christina Vela
Truancy has been linked to serious delinquent activity in youth and to significant negative behavior and characteristics in adults. Truancy is one of the most common factors leading to dropout and students not meeting graduation standards. Nevada has arguably the highest high school dropout rate in the nation. This evaluation was prepared for Ready for Life: A movement created by Nevada Public Education Foundation (NPEF), to connect youth to school and work by age 25,...

City of Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department revenue policy and user fee analysis

Karla Fritchman, Jayne Harkins & Cheryl Rodriguez
Recreation user fees and facility rental fees provide sources of revenue for the City that comes directly from the beneficiary of the service instead of from the general fund. The term user fee will be used in this analysis and will refer to all types of fees and use charges paid by participants using recreation services or facilities. There were four objectives for this analysis. The first was to determine if any Parks and Recreation...

Shakespeare adapting Chaucer: \"Myn auctour shal I folwen, if I konne\"

Scott A. Hollifield
Geoffrey Chaucer's distinctively English spins on such genres as dream vision, fabliau and Breton lai, as well as his liberal citation of authorities in Troilus and Criseyde, offered early modern English poets the license to mingle sources and authorities within their work, rather than bend their writing to fit the format. Few authors took such productive advantage of Chaucerian permissiveness as William Shakespeare, whose narrative poems defer to Chaucer's distinctively English authority with a regularity...

The Effects of cultural experience and subdivision on tapping to slow tempi

Sangeeta Ullal
Our ability to accurately synchronize with rhythmic patterns is constrained by two factors: temporal length and interval structure. By using strategies such as subdivision, we can improve synchronization accuracy at slow tempos, but our ability to utilize subdivisions is constrained by the nature of interval ratios contained in culture-specific subdivision types. Western music falls within a restricted temporal range and its metrical subdivisions contain simple ratios, but Indian music violates these constraints. The present study...

Wind flow modeling for wind energy analysis of the Nellis Dunes area in Nevada

Upendra Rangegowda
A wind energy analysis of the Nellis Dunes area in Nevada was conducted. A DEM file which contains the elevation data was used to generate the surface model and to create a 3-D mesh of the region. Local meteorological tower data collected for a period of one year was used to generate the diagnostic initial wind fields. Upper level wind fields were created using a surface boundary layer technique along with linear interpolation of the...

Neutron flux and energy characterization of a plutonium-beryllium isotopic neutron source by Monte Carlo simulation with verification by neutron activation analysis

Zachary R. Harvey
The purpose of this research was to characterize the neutron energy distribution and flux emitted from the UNLV plutonium-beryllium source, serial number MRC-N-W PuBe 453. This was accomplished through the use of the MCNPX/5 Monte-Carlo particle transport code to simulate radiation interactions within the physical environment of the source and its surroundings. The moderating drum currently containing the source as well as all of the sampling ports were accurately modeled in MCNPX/5. This geometry was...

1983: The most dangerous year

Andrew R. Garland
A series of otherwise unrelated events culminated to make 1983 the most dangerous year the world has ever known, with the United States and the Soviet Union even closer to war than during the much more well-known events of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The crisis of 1983 arose from a sequence of accidents, misunderstandings, and mistakes. From highly publicized events such as President Ronald Reaganā€˜s application of morality to foreign policy to the Soviet...

A Phenomenological Study on the Leadership Development of African American Women Executives in Academia and Business

Deanna Rachelle Davis
The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the intersectionality of race and gender for African American women through their lived experiences of how they developed into leaders. This research study was designed to determine how the intersection of race and gender identities contributed to the elements of leadership development as perceived by eight African American female executives in academia and business. The researcher sought to explore strategies future leaders might utilize to...

School Leadership Readiness: Traditional vs. Online Administrative Preparation

Jose Delfin
According to the National Center of Educational Statistics (2006-2007) report, 92% of two and four-year Title IV degree-granting postsecondary institutions offered distance education courses due to students' demand for flexible scheduling. That same report cited that 82% of those institutions were seeking to increase student enrollment via distance education. There is little empirical research that pertain to the topic of degrees earned through online, or hybrid methods that have any bearing on job preparedness for...

Clark County outreach assistance to the chronically homeless

Sandy von Wolffradt, Kirk Medina & Tony Vibabul
The COACH program was created through a Social Security Administration (SSA) grant provided to assist eligible chronically homeless individuals apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. On April 1, 2004, the SSA released $6.6 million in "HOPE" awards to 34 organizations, including Clark County Social Services (CCSS) who received $450,000 over three years. Later in 2004, they released additional funding to include seven more organizations in the program. In total,...

A Study on Employee Turnover in Shanghai's Fine Dining Restaurants

Yang Liu

A Study on Employee Engagement Program in Full Service Hotel

You Han

Second language inner voice and identity

Brandon Kenji Shigematsu
This study investigates the phenomena of second language (L2, hereafter) inner voice for three Japanese-American English bilinguals who had long-term exposure to the L2 in naturalistic contexts, that is, by living and/or working or studying in the U.S. American English learners of L2 Japanese were included in the study as well, although only one of them had naturalistic exposure, the other having traveled to Japan in addition to being married to a Japanese national. Data...

Multiform segregation in the context of the urban crises in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, 1930 - 1980

Colin M. FitzGerald
Multiform segregation in the context of the urban crises was a complex socio-historical phenomenon. The primary focus of this study addresses racial segregation in at least three basic societal areas: housing, employment, and education. Through the spatial separation of multiple ethnoracial groups such as African Americans and Mexican Americans, multiform segregation precipitated the urban crises. In the 50-year period this study covers, Las Vegas and Los Angeles sustained a two-tiered class system according to the...

Pre-service elementary science teaching self-efficacy and teaching practices: A mixed-methods, dual-phase, embedded case study

Cheryl Ramirez Sangueza
This mixed-method, dual-phase, embedded-case study employed the Social Cognitive Theory and the construct of self-efficacy to examine the contributors to science teaching self-efficacy and science teaching practices across different levels of efficacy in six pre-service elementary teachers during their science methods course and student teaching experiences. Data sources included the Science Teaching Efficacy Belief Instrument (STEBI-B) for pre-service teachers, questionnaires, journals, reflections, student teaching lesson observations, and lesson debriefing notes. Results from the STEBI-B show...

Evaluation of a 3-dimensional inertial tracking system for quantifying human movement

David T. DeLion
The purpose of this study was to evaluate an inertial tracking unit (ITU) by comparing it to an optical tracking system. The ITU was attached to a bowling ball along with reflective markers for the optical system. Each trial started with the ball at rest on a pedestal the ball was then hung from a steel cable 10 feet long and set in motion in an elliptical pattern for approximately 25 seconds. The ball was...

The Effect of self-efficacy manipulation on the efficiency, rate of perceived exertion, and affective state of runners

Isabelle Stoate
Objectives: To determine the effect of self-efficacy manipulation on the movement efficiency, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and affective state of runners while running on the treadmill at a constant submaximal pace. Methods: 20 trained male and female runners were randomly assigned to experimental (self-efficacy manipulation) and control groups. Participants first filled out a pre self-efficacy questionnaire and the positive affect negative affect schedule (PANAS), and then completed a 20 minute run on the treadmill...

Urban corruption policy analysis

Michael Buttars, John Devaney, Jared Gerber & Kevin Sansom
Corruption has been an issue in municipal government since the inception of government. The purpose of this research and paper is to explore the topic of urban corruption in the United States a sit pertains to city development. A review of the literature on this topic shows that this has been a neglected area of research in public administration. The literature review contained in this paper will look at both the research that has been...

Urban sustainability through green building

Andrea Anzalone, Virginia Sawyer & Robert Woolsey
This analysis is presented on urban sustainability through the use of "green building" in the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. This paper discusses the current practices used by the City of Las Vegas and compares them to the top 5 sustainable cities throughout the United States (as identified by the U.S. Green Building Council). Through comparison of nationwide initiatives and policies, this paper outlines recommendations the City of Las Vegas can adopt to increase their...

Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher Supervision

Rebecca Minnear-Peplinski
"The purpose of this study was twofold: to determine the extent to which professional and bureaucratic approaches are used in schools around the country and to describe to what extent the elements of instructional supervision, professional development, and evaluation are used to supervise teachers. Survey research was used to ascertain the use of these methods. Data collected indicated that professionalism, instructional supervision, and professional development techniques were the dominant approaches to supervision as indicated by...

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