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Stone-Stacking as a Looming Threat to Rock-Dwelling Biodiversity

Ricardo Rocha, Paulo A. V. Borges, Pedro Cardoso, Mirza Dikari Kusrini, Jose Luis Martin-Esquivel, Dilia Menezes, Mario Mota-Ferreira, Sara F. Nunes, Ines Orfao, Catarina Serra-Goncalves, Manuela Sim-Sim, Pedro Sepulveda, Dinarte Teixeira & Anna Traveset
This letter to the editor describes the surge of “photo-friendly” stacks of stones as an emerging tourism-associated threat to rock-dwelling biodiversity.

Young children’s agency in their digital media use in the sociocultural contexts of homes: a case study from Finland

Kristiina Kumpulainen, Heidi Sairanen & Alexandra Nordström
This socioculturally framed case study investigates the agency of young children aged 2 years old during their digital media use in their homes in Finland. The study has two objectives: (a) to portray children’s use of digital media in homes and (b) to identify how, if at all, children’s agency manifests itself in their digitally mediated activities in the home context. The case study data were collected by means of the “Day in the Life”...

The moving border of tacit and explicit knowledge in e-Learning: Use and production of information and knowledge in technical university education, case study

Anna-Kaarina Kairamo
In this paper, the electronic information and knowledge created within a context of a course is approached by analysing two case study courses. The Finnish context of the university education is first outlined briefly. Approaches to learning resources are reusability and course components. The two case studies are a series of courses of energy engineering and environmental protection, and a programming course. The courses were developed in different department cultural context and circumstances, which are...

Silicon Valley och makten över medierna

Carl-Gustav Lindén

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