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Llanos de Mojos, Bolivien. Die Wiederentdeckung des »Mound Velarde«. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

Heiko Prümers & Carla Jaimes Betancourt
More than 100 years ago swedish ethnologist Erland Nordenskiöld pioneered in the archaeology of the bolivian amazon lowlands. At Mound Velarde, a prehispanic settlement located on the land of the Estancia San Miguelito, he made the first stratigraphic observations in Bolivia. A detailed report of his work was published in 1913 leaving one thing open: the exact location of the site. In October 2019, surveys carried out in the region using LIDAR (Light detection and...

Elephantine, Ägypten. Neues zu Lebenswirklichkeiten (Projekt »Realities of Life«) im späten Mittleren Reich am ersten Nilkatarakt. Weitere Forschungsergebnisse der Jahre 2019 und 2020

Johanna Sigl
Within the Middle Kingdom living quarters of the town of Elephantine, the German Archaeological Institute Cairo is focusing in the scope of the project »Realities of Life« on all kinds of finds down to the smallest samples to gain insight into daily life on the island around 1800 BCE. The study of ash deposits and fireplaces in House 169 has recently been especially rewarding. Evidence for food production, waste management and animal keeping during the...

Aureae litterae

Walter Trillmich
Madrider Mitteilungen, 54 (2013)

Phönizische Gräber in Ayamonte (Huelva, Spanien) : ein Vorbericht

Elisabet García Teyssandier & Dirce Marzoli
Madrider Mitteilungen, 54 (2013)

Olympia, Griechenland. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2018 bis zum Frühjahr 2020

Reinhard Senff
During the time from 2018 until spring 2020 except for a sondage in the southwest corner of the courtyard in the Leonidaion (cf. report of Christa Schauer, Claudia Mächler, Stefan Distler) at Olympia no excavations were carried out. The excavations in the frame of the research project concerning the ancient Agora have preliminarily been suspended, as in 2016 and 2017 only Late Antique structures and two wells of the Classical Period had been found. The...

Rom, Italien. Die Villa von Sette Bassi. Geomagnetische Untersuchungen 2018

Rainer Komp
In the course of the project to renew the investigation of the Villa of Sette Bassi in Rome the unit for Cultural Heritage and Site Management of the German Archaeological Institute conducted a one week field campaign in order to survey the site using a multi-sensor magnetometry system. The terrain offers complex conditions due to the volcanic rock bed resulting from the Vulcano Laziale and historic contaminations (Fig. 1). Details of the central substructions in...

Teheran, Iran. Das Projekt TehranDigital der Außenstelle Teheran: ›Nur‹ Digitalisierung?

Judith Thomalsky
Since 2015 is the archive of the Tehran Branch »under digitalization«. Approx. 50.000 documents are already settled in our database and linked to iDAI.objects/Arachne. Beside the online-access of comprehensive 100 years of archaeological documentation in Iran that is stored in our archive and photograph collection, one major concern is the consolidation of our data with the different archives of the Iranian cultural heritage institutions which again provides important and innovative perspectives for future archaeological research...

Olympia, Griechenland. Magna Graecia, Italien. Die Architektur der Schatzhäuser von Olympia und ihre Provenienz aus dem griechischen Westen

Markus Wolf
Since June 2018 the Treasuries of the Archaic and early Classical period at Olympia in Southern Greece were explored. The new study is based on the unpublished works of the Researcher Klaus Herrmann, who died in 2015, with the intention to prepare all the material and informations for a final publication. For this reason a new general plan of all the foundations and new drawings of series of architectural elements not yet recorded as well...

Wirtschaft und Umwelt früher Bauern in Thrakien. Archäozoologische Studien an Fundmaterialien aus Drama (Bulgarien) und Kırklareli-Aşağı Pınar (Türkei)

Norbert Benecke
Der Band präsentiert die Ergebnisse archäozoologischer Untersuchungen an großen Tierknocheninventaren aus zwei prähistorischen Siedlungen in Thrakien, Drama (Bezirk Jambol) und Kırklareli-Aşağı Pınar (Türkisch-Thrakien). Mit dem Schwerpunkt auf dem Zeitraum Mittelneolithikum bis späte Kupferzeit werden Aspekte wie die Zusammensetzung der Tierbestände, die Nutzungsschwerpunkte bei Rind, Schaf, Ziege und Schwein, das Niveau der Tierzucht sowie Art und Umfang von Jagd, Fischfang und Sammelwirtschaft untersucht. Ein besonderes Augenmerk gilt daneben der Rekonstruktion der Umweltverhältnisse sowie anthropogenen Einflüssen auf...

Miszelle zu ausgewählten Metallbarren aus unterwasserarchäologischen Kontexten entlang der Ostküste der Iberischen Halbinsel

Marcus Heinrich Hermanns & Ramon. Julià
Madrider Mitteilungen, 57 (2016)

Zur Deutung der Friesdarstellungen auf den Diademen von Moñes

Thomas G. Schattner
Madrider Mitteilungen, 56 (2015)

Das Hokkaido Universum. Buch und Film

Mayke Wagner & Pavel E. Tarasov
Mitmach- und Entdeckerbücher zur ostasiatischen Archäologie 3

Landschaftsarchäologie am DAI. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2018 und 2019

Christoph Rummel, Erdmute Schultze & Isabel Hohle
Within the DAI, landscape archaeology is part of many scientific projects. The aim of the working group for landscape archaeology at the German Archaeological Institute (LAAD) is to provide a platform of exchange between these projects, in order to discuss different approaches and to communicate information about current and newly developing methods of investigation. In 2018 and 2019, two workshops addressed »landscape archaeology and exploitation of resources«. These included the presentation of the results of...

Rome, Italy. The collection of Roman statuary in the Villa Wolkonsky, the British (and former German) ambassador‘s seat in Rome, made available online on iDAI.objects/Arachne

Ralf Bockmann & Raffaella Bucolo
The Villa Wolkonsky is a former aristocratic residence in the centre of Rome built in the early 19th century, with a storied and important, but for a long time not easily accessible collection of antiquities. The collection has recently been systematically restored for better preservation and presentation on the premises of the residence, which today serves the British ambassador to Italy. After the restoration was completed, the Photo Library of the German Archaeological Institute at...

Gaoping, China. Die Konstruktion der Mittleren Buddha-Halle des Chongming-Klosters im Kreis Gaoping, Provinz Shanxi. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2018 bis 2020

Mayke Wagner, Xiaocheng Chen, Klaus Mechelke, Thekla Schulz-Brize, Patrick Wertmann & Shipan Zhao
The Middle Buddha Hall of Chongming Monastery in Gaoping County, Shanxi Province is an existing wooden construction from the early period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and predates the treatise on architecture Yingzao Fashi. Its unusual main components of the dougong and the roof construction are a continuation of the style from the Tang Dynasty, which provides valuable examples for the study of the development of wooden structure in China. In the summer of 2018,...

Heidelberg, Deutschland / Uruk, Irak. Uruk-Warka-Sammlung des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts an der Universität Heidelberg. Konservierungsarbeiten der Jahre 2019 und 2020

Margarete Van Ess
The Uruk-Warka Collection of the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute, curated at the University of Heidelberg, holds those finds that were awarded to the German Warka Expedition between 1954 and 1969 by the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage as part of the division of finds. Between 2019 and 2020, a large number of pottery vessels, terracotta figurines, some clay sealings and several clay tablets received conservation treatment in order to minimize...

Selinunt, Italien. Selinunt. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

Ortwin Dally, Jon Albers, Heike Bücherl, Sophie Helas, Agnes Henning, Frédéric Mège, Arnaud Coutelas, Alf Lindroos & Jesper Olsen
The report contains the results of various research and excavation activities of the DAI Rome and its cooperation partners in Selinunt from the year 2019. The third and final campaign took place in the Agora, work continued on temples A and O, floor examinations were carried out in various houses on the Acropolis, a new DFG project was started in the east port, and in the Baglio Florio of the Parco Archeologico di Selinunte at...

Pamir-Gebirge, Tadschikistan. Tadschikisch-Deutsche Pamir Expedition. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

Daniel Steiniger & Kristina Junker
During late summer 2019, archaeological sites and museums in Tajikistan were visited to study prehistoric gemstones and metal artefacts using portable XRF. Besides objects made of gold, silver, lead and copper alloys, jewelry of lapis lazuli and turquoise were examined to establish a geochemical fingerprint. This will help to pinpoint the raw material sources of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age metal and stone trade in Central Asia and beyond. During field surveys in the Pamirs high-altitude...

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