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Speculative Futures for Mindful Meat Consumption and Production

Alexandra Kenefick

Price Discovery in Canadian and U.S. 10-Year Government Bond Markets

Bryan Campbell & Scott Hendry
This paper presents some new results on the price discovery process in both the Canadian and U.S. 10-year Government bond markets using high-frequency data not previously analyzed. Using techniques introduced by Hasbrouck (1995) and Gonzalo-Granger (1995), we look at the relative information content of cash and futures prices in the market for Canadian Government bonds using futures market data from the Montreal Exchange and OTC cash market data reflecting the inter-dealer market covered by CanPx....

Multi-Modality Breast MRI Segmentation Using nn-UNet for Preoperative Planning of Robotic Surgery Navigation

Motaz Alqaoud, John Plemmons, Eric Feliberti, Kaipa, Siqin Dong, Gabor Fichtinger, Yimming Xiao & Michel Audette
Segmentation of the chest region and breast tissues is essential for surgery planning and navigation. This paper proposes the foundation for preoperative segmentation based on two cascaded architectures of deep neural networks (DNN) based on the state-of-the-art nnU-Net. Additionally, this study introduces a polyvinyl alcohol cryogel (PVA-C) breast phantom based on the segmentation of the DNN automated approach, enabling the experiments of navigation system for robotic breast surgery. Multi-modality breast MRI datasets of T2W and...

Introduction : The Body is the Place Where Pilgrimage Happens

Sara Terreault

Pilgrimage, Existence, and Psychic Distress: An Exploration of the Bodily and Psychic Phenomenon of Pilgrimage

Christine Jamieson
In ‘Pilgrimage, Existence, and Psychic Distress,’ Christine Jamieson draws on the work of psychoanalyst and linguist Julia Kristeva, tracking the haunting desire for healing and liberation inherent in pilgrimage as it touches the deep and irresolutely corporeal experience of what it means to be human.

Peregrinatio: a Never-Ending Pilgrimage to an Unspecified End

Bernice Lamb-Senechal

Fundamentals of Health and Physical Activity

Kerri Z. Delaney & Leslie Barker
An introductory open textbook that covers the basic and contemporary issues of health and physical activity.

The Promise and Peril of Walking Indigenous Territorial Recognitions carried out by Settlers

Ken Wilson & Matthew R. Anderson

Price Discovery in Canadian Government Bond Futures and Spot Markets

Christopher Chung, Bryan Campbell & Scott Hendry
In this paper we look at the relative information content of cash and futures prices for Canadian Government bonds. We follow the information-share approaches introduced by Hasbrouck (1995) and Harris et al (1995), applying the techniques in Gonzalo-Granger (1995), to evaluate the relative contributions of trading in the cash and futures markets to the price discovery process. Both approaches estimate a vector error correction model that permits the separation of long-run price movements from short-run...

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