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Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks: Shades of Grey

Joseph Lura
Geologic field trip guidebooks contain valuable information useful for both professional geologists and the general public, yet they exhibit various “shades of grey” when attempting to identify and access copies. They are produced by various groups, including governments, professional societies and associations, commercial publishers, and others. Each group presents different levels of difficulty in identifying and accessing related guidebooks. Research indicates that there are significant indexing gaps for guidebooks from trips held in North America,...

Teaching and Learning about Grey Literature

Lynne Rudasill

Measuring Reuse of Institutionally-Hosted Grey Literature

Ayla Kenfield, Elizabeth Kelly, Caroline Muglia, Genya O'Gara, Santi Thompson & Elizabeth Woolcott
Grey literature is often hosted in digital libraries such as institutional repositories (IR) and managed by digital librarians who are tasked with proving the value of these collections. Newly developed multimedia COUNTER standards for IRs help guide collection and analysis of standardized use data but lack qualitative or storytelling measures that can add much needed nuance to assessment. Content reuse, or how often and in what ways digital library materials are utilized and re-purposed, can...

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