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Journal Review Time

Philip Cohen

Pro-Democratic but Not Anti-Authoritarian? Understanding Ambivalent Attitudes Towards Democracy and Authoritarianism

Calvert Jones
Abstract. Does a preference for democracy imply a rejection of autocratic forms of government? An affirmative answer is intuitive, and much canonical work on regimes and popular support suggests a bipolar meaning structure. Yet, in terms of the structure of public attitudes, the assumption of bipolarity has not been systematically tested. To address this gap, we present broad-based evidence from the World Values Survey (WVS) showing that attitudes toward regimes may be more complex than...

Sexual Orientation Disclosure - Part 2

Jennifer Wessel
We are examining the effect of sexual orientation disclosure when sexual orientation is known on perceptions of trust, stress reactions, and perceptions of leadership potential/ effectiveness. Hypothesis 1: Participants partnered with a gay confederate who does not disclose her sexual orientation will trust her less than a gay confederate who does disclose her sexual orientation or a straight confederate (i.e., control condition). Hypothesis 2: Participants partnered with a gay confederate who does not disclose her...

Overlap in neural representations of conceptual and perceptual aspects of fear learning among children with social reticence

Dana Glenn, Kalina Michalska, Megan Peters, Daniel Pine & Nathan Fox


Alison Robey & Michael Dougherty

Relation of experience and EEG connectivity between motor and visual areas of the brain during observation of action

Haerin Chung, Marc Colomer, Virginia Salo, Marlene Meyer, Nathan Fox & Amanda Woodward
Prior findings indicate functional EEG connectivity (as indexed by inter-channel phase coherence in the alpha (6-9Hz)) frequency range) between motor and visual areas during observation of grasping action in infancy. Furthermore, an association was found between motor competence and greater motor-visual connectivity during action anticipation relative to global levels of whole-brain connectivity. Pointing gestures share a similar kinematic form, but conveys a different intent from grasping action, i.e. convey communicative information. The current proposal asks...

One person households

Philip Cohen
analysis of international census data to visualize the rise of one-person households.

Choosing Psychological Science for Public Consumption

Emma Choplin, Natalie Charamut & hide okuno
An introduction and examples on how to assess the public’s needs and then how to fulfill them by disseminating open-access psychological science in an attractive and digestible form so that it can reach the most people without any barriers of use.


Hannah Kim, Caroline Vincent, Logan Smith, Emma Choplin, Eric Youngstrom, Ishan Thaker, Breiana Sisk, Lillian Pitts, Phoebe Rodda, Abigail Fleri & Natalie Charamut

Getting More From Existing Tools: Sleep Problems on GBI and ASEBA Associated With Child Mood Disorders

Joshua Langfus, Yen-Ling Chen, Robert Findling, Jessica Janos, Eric Youngstrom & Jennifer Youngstrom

Anxiety trajectories during the COVID-19 pandemic in young adults: Examining associations with adolescent threat and cognitive control processing using fMRI

Simone Haller, Annie Jeong, Anita Harrewijn, Selin Zeytinoglu, Santiago Morales, Elise Cardinale, Nicole Lorenzo, Joel Stoddard, Daniel Pine, Nathan Fox & Melissa Brotman
The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in recent history with profound public health impact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has emphasized the stress and anxiety the pandemic has caused for young people. Previous fMRI work on stressful life events such as the pandemic has largely focused on examining the impact of stress on brain function and has almost exclusively relied on measures of brain function collected after stress. Thus, little is...

Intrahost-diversity of influenza A virus in upper and lower respiratory tract derived samples from a college community

Nicolae Sapoval, Todd Treangen & Donald Milton

749. EBAP study

Alberto Stefana, Eric Youngstrom, Rachael Kang & Sophia Sang

Study 2 - Test Individual Differences

Alison Robey & Michael Dougherty

Student Posters

Eric Youngstrom, Thu-Mai Christian, Amanda Gooch, Natalie Charamut, Emma Choplin, hide okuno, Elizabeth Wilson & John Miller

Creative Problem Solving and More

Mitchell Koff & David Martinez

Data Repository

Donald Milton, Filbert Hong & Jianyu Lai

Belief updating and information search

Michael Dougherty & David Illingworth

Study 2 - Test Individual Differences

Alison Robey & Michael Dougherty

Gender Stereotyping in Evaluations of Kamala Harris Part 2

Heather Hicks, Jennifer Merolla & William Bishop
This experiment tests how certain stereotypes in the news media influence evaluations of Kamala Harris.


Michael Dougherty

Truth be told: Cognitive moderators of selective sharing of fact-checks on social media

Tiago Ventura, Ernesto Calvo & Flavia Batista Da Silva

The Use of Telemedicine for Treating Sepsis Patients: A Scoping Review

Kevin Tu, Cole Wymore, Nedelina Tchangalova & Nicholas Mohr
A scoping review of the literature on telesepsis

Study 2 - Test Individual Differences

Alison Robey & Michael Dougherty

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