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“Step up and Do It”: Fraternity and Sorority Members’ Beliefs About Citizenship

Amie Jackson & Susan V. Iverson

Differences in Self-Awareness Related Measures Among Culturally Based Fraternity, Social Fraternity, and Non-Affiliated College Men

Tricia R. Shalka & Susan Robb Jones

Modeling the Learning of the Person Case Constraint

Adam Liter & Naomi H. Feldman

Scaling realistic fire scenarios

James G. Quintiere
A review is made of work on scale modeling in fire and presented from the experience of the author. Primarily, scale modeling in air is discussed but there is a brief discussion of a scale model with salt and fresh water for smoke movement. A complete set of dimensionless groups is presented for fire, then it is illustrated how selections were made for the partial scaling of specific fire scenarios. Studies have been motivated by...

Asian American Women’s Perspectives on Historically White Sorority Life: A Critical Race Theory and Cultural Capital Analysis

Julie J. Park

Modeling Conventionalization and Predictability within MWEs at the Brain Level

Shohini Bhattasali, Murielle Popa-Fabre, Christophe Pallier & John Hale

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