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An attempt to nuance the understanding of professional reports in archaeology

Lisa Börjesson
Professional (i.e. extra-academic) contract archaeology is an internationally widespread practice contributing significantly to the archaeology literature. However, professional knowledge production in archaeology, and most notably the professional report genre, is at times described as problematic. The problem descriptions are ambiguous and can be grouped under at least three different topics: concerns for content quality and practical accessibility, concerns for the comparably low degree of analytical and theoretical synthesizing in reports and concerns for lack of...

Public bureaucracies

Tine Ustad Figenschou, Magnus Fredriksson, Kristoffer Kolltveit & Josef Pallas

What's in a Span? Evaluating the Creativity of a Span-Based Neural Constituency Parser

Daniel Dakota & Sandra Kübler

Lobbying in Scandinavia

Øyvind Ihlen, Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz & PerOla Öberg

What Peer-review Experiences Can Offer To Early Career Scientists And To The Scientific Community

Gwenaëlle Gremion, Mathieu Casado, Kelsey Aho, Jilda Alicia Caccavo, Nicolas Champollion, Emily Choy, Sarah L. Connors, Rahul Dey, Alfonso Fernandez, Gerlis Fugmann, Juan Höfer, Shridhar Jawak, Martine Lizotte, Sarah Maes, Kyle Mayers, Katja Mintenbeck, Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada, Prashant H. Pandit, Elvira Poloczanska, Paul Rosenbaum, Elisa Seyboth, Sarah Shakil & Maud van Soest

Existence of a solution to Hartree-Fock equations with decreasing magnetic field

Mattias Enstedt & Michael Melgaard

Practices of friendship and therapeutic writing in the German civic enlightenment

Andreas Rydberg
The eighteenth century has long been acknowledged as the century of friendship. More recently, scholars have drawn attention to the emergence of a civic ideal of authentic, intimate and sensible friendship in the mid-eighteenth century. In this article I further explore this context by focusing on two key actors: the theologian Samuel Gotthold Lange and the philosopher Georg Friedrich Meier. While earlier studies have primarily analyzed the civic ideal of friendship as a broad cultural...

Non-existence of a minimizer to the Hartree-Fock functional

Michael Melgaard & Mattias Enstedt

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