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Relocating dreams on the conceptual map: how the analysis of sleep and dreaming challenges our taxonomy of mental states. An interview with Jennifer Windt.

Jennifer Windt, Alessio Bucci & Raphaël Millière
In this interview, Jennifer Windt discusses the importance of studying dreams to understand consciousness, how theories of dreaming have evolved over time, how neuroimaging has influenced the way in which we think about dreams, how we might redefine the taxonomy of conscious phenomena occurring during sleep, the role of first-person reports in dream research, her own Immersive Spatiotemporal Hallucination (ISTH) model of dreaming, as well as challenges for future research.

Musical Authenticity as ‘Being True to the Moment’

Alessandro Bertinetto
In this paper I argue that the specific musical authenticity of improvisation in different kinds of music (especially, but not only, in Jazz and Free improvisation practices) consists of what I call ‘being true to the moment’ and that since the artistic success of every musical performance requires performers’ attentiveness and responsiveness to the moment of the performance, improvisational authenticity is the epitome of musical authenticity. I proceed as follows. Firstly I present Peter Kivy’s...

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