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Data: Is it Grey, Maligned or Malignant?

Julia Gelfand & Daniel Tsang
Cancers, growths, past events, social issues, conditions, and trends are each proverbially described as on a spectrum from maligned to malignant and scientists, physicians, journalists, commentators, politicians and other specialists offer opinions and commentary on what frames the answer to this question of the title. This paper explores not just the color and tone of data, but attempts to resolve what characterizes whether data is maligned or malignant. Hues of greyness distinguish the perils of...

Library as Publisher: Convergence of New Forms and Roles of Textual and Non-Textual Grey Literature in Digital Scholarship

Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin

Sexuality Leveraged Through Diversity: Recognizing LGBT+ Communities

Anthony Lin & Julia Gelfand

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