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Grey Literature : Plausible Applications for Distance Education Practices

Julia Gelfand
With distance education among the most dynamic elements in post-secondary education today and with changes in emerging instruction technologies breaking frontiers, new interpretations of copyright and creative site licensing of information, grey literature has an equally new potential for use in these structures. The "Innovation Diffusion" common in distance education is a parallel structure to developments in electronic publishing and alternative ways to distribute and treat grey literature. Connectivity remains the major challenge as distance...

Every Quantifier Isn't the Same: Informativity Matters for Ambiguity Resolution in Quantifier-Negation Sentences

Noa Attali, Gregory Scontras & Lisa S. Pearl

Teaching and Exposing Grey Literature: What the Information Profession Needs to Know

Julia Gelfand
GL takes on new meanings with publishers and individuals creating new products and releasing information in different ways. With several choices of release usually available in different formats, the difficulty once associated with publishing GL and the enormous expenses predicted for a relatively low volume, electronic publishing via html and pdf has created new models and opportunities. Information access in the global economy forces the information professional to be better aware of a wider spectrum...

Adoption of a New Payment Method: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Jasmina Arifovic, John Duffy & Janet Hua Jiang
We model the introduction of a new payment method, e.g., e-money, that competes with an existing payment method, e.g., cash. The new payment method involves relatively lower per-transaction costs for both buyers and sellers, but sellers must pay a fixed fee to accept the new payment method. As a result of the network effects, our model admits two symmetric pure strategy Nash equilibria. In one equilibrium, the new payment method is not adopted and all...

Grey literature in new packages: implications from the transition to electronic publishing

Julia Gelfand
In the past three years the phenomena of the emergence and development of the worldwide web (www) has captured all elements of society and created a forum for GL as never before. The range of information now mounted on web sites ceases to amaze noone. We have seen computer systems, especially knowledge-based systems used in various ways to support knowledge work in the most creative ways while challenging how grounded they are in traditional literature....

De ida y vuelta: Myriam Moscona entre el pasado búlgaro-sefardí y el presente mexicano

Jacobo Sefamí
pp. 155-165 This article studies the Sephardic sphere in the work of Myriam Moscona (Mexico City, 1955). It begins with an overview of this writer’s works, and then concentrates on two of her fundamental books on the subject: Tela de sevoya (2012) and Ansina (2015). The idea of displacement or wandering is explored not only as a family motive but also as the engine that nurtures the various explorations that Moscona has carried out throughout...

Academic libraries and collection development implications for grey literature

Julia Gelfand
The proliferation of grey literature (GL) in all subject areas poses great challenges, concerns and responsibilities for libraries. This paper examines the major issues most germane to the acquisition and collection development aspects of grey literature and providing access to it in library collections. With increasing academic and scholarly value placed in the grey literature and it being an original and primary source for information, many collection development policies are beginning to include grey literature...

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