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Jason Matthews & Joe N. Caudell
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Preliminary Results of Patterns of 2019 Thermal Stress and Coral Bleaching Across the Hawaiian Archipelago

Morgan Winston, Courtney S. Couch, Brittany Huntington, Bernardo Vargas-Ángel, Rhonda R. Suka, Thomas Oliver, Ariel Halperin, Andrew Elisha Gray, Kaylyn McCoy, Mollie Asbury, Hannah Barkley, Jamison M. Gove, Nikki Smith, Lindsey Kramer, Julia Rose, Eric Conklin, Nadeira Sukhraj & James Morioka
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center administrative report H ; 20-04

Evaluation of the Impacts of Radio-Marking Devices on Feral Horses and Burros in a Captive Setting

Kathryn A. Schoenecker, Sarah R. B. King & Gail H. Collins
Radio-collars and other radio-marking devices have been invaluable tools for wildlife managers for >40 years. These marking devices have improved our understanding of wildlife spatial ecology and demographic parameters and provided new data facilitating model development for species conservation and management. Although these tools have been used on virtually all North American ungulates, their deployment on feral horses (Equus ferus caballus) or burros (E. asinus) has been limited. To determine if radio-collars and radio-tags could...

Project Report NOAA Ship Hi‘ialakai, Project HA-15-01, Leg 1

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PIFSC project report ; Project HA-15-01

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