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Humor para aprender Matemática: Tareas matemáticas para reír y aprender

Luís Menezes, Pablo Flores, Floriano Viseu, Helena Gomes, António Ribeiro, Ana P. Martins & Mónica Guitart

Humor in mathematics teaching: tasks for the classroom

Luís Menezes, Helena Gomes, António Ribeiro, Ana Patrícia Martins, Pablo Flores, Floriano Viseu, Ana Maria Oliveira, João Paulo Balula & Verónique Delplancq

Cultural Tourism's Impacts on Rural Landscapes: The Opportunities and Challenges and how these can be addressed in the 1999 Cultural Tourism Charter Review

Fergus Tyler Maclaren, Cecilia Martinez Yang & Ivan Henares

The accessibility to doctoral theses in Spain: A political change and a reconsidering of its nature

Isabel de Torres Ramírez & Dolores Ayuso-García
The term Grey Literature was cained in the XIX century in USA, thanks to the literature reports [Ramos de Carvalho, 2001]. In 1978, after the attempt to define Grey Literature (from now GL) identifying it with the non conventional one, the attending ones to the York Seminary –not without reticence- were forced to make an index of the documents that could be integrated in it. However, nowadays we have to take into account that communication...

Humour in mathematics teaching: tasks for the classroom

Luís Menezes, Helena Gomes, António Ribeiro, Ana P. Martins, Pablo Flores, Floriano Viseu, Ana M. Oliveira, Isabel A. Matos, João P. Balula & Véronique Delplancq

Magnesium and calcium isotope fractionation during microbial dolomite formation

Michael Tatzel , Adina Paytan , Samantha Carter , Daniel A. Frick , Francisca Martinez-Ruiz , Zach A. DiLoreto , Maria Dittrich , Tomaso R. R. Bontognali & Mónica Sanchez-Román
Microbial mediation is considered an important process for the formation of primary dolomite at ambient temperature. Yet, no structural, mineralogical, chemical or isotopic means exist to discern this mode of dolomite formation from secondary dolomite. To explore the utility of metal isotopes in allowing this distinction we characterize magnesium and calcium stable isotope ratios in primary (proto)dolomites from a modern hypersaline environment. Samples from the Khor Al-Adaid sabkhas in Qatar show consistent isotopic differences of...

Maite Méndez Baiges (ed.), “Arte escrita. Texto, imagen y género en el arte contemporáneo”

José Luis Plaza Chillón

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