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Cost-benefit Analysis Rules for the Foodservice System

Amit Sharma

The Complexity of Multiparty Negotiations: Wading into the Muck

Barbara Gray

Mine Maps as Grey Literature

Linda Musser
Mine maps are extremely useful resources for determining regional and local hydrogeologic conditions as well as mineral resources and reserves. Users include mining companies, property owners concerned about risk factors related to mining activities, government inspectors, engineers and planners. Hundreds of thousands of mine maps exist yet how many are collected or cataloged by libraries or archives? This paper examines the characteristics of mine maps, how they are published, their value, and describes some efforts...

Visual-Based Social Norms, Distance-Related Human–Wildlife Interactions, and Viewing Devices in Parks and Protected Areas

Stephanie Freeman, Zachary D. Miller & B. Derrick Taff
Distance-related human–wildlife conflict presents a serious challenge in parks and protected areas across the world. Finding ways to alleviate distance-related human–wildlife conflict is hampered by both the difficulty of studying human–wildlife interactions in the field as well as the dearth of existing methodological tools. The purpose of this study is to investigate factors of group size, distance from bison (Bison bison), and use of wildlife viewing equipment on visitor proximity preferences in Yellowstone National Park...

Factors Impacting Food Away from Home (FAFH) Spending in the United States: A Macroeconomic Perspective

Michael S. Lin, Inhaeng N. Jung & Yidan Huang

F&B Performance in the United States Hotel Industry

, &

Investigating the Impact of Racial Diversity in Decision‐making Groups: The Moderating Role of Relationship Conflict

Brian Manata

International Transportation Literature : An Analysis of Citation Patterns, Availability and Research Implications for the Transportation Community

Bonnie A. Osif
Attention to infrastructure issues has increased in recent years. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) and its reauthorization in the Transportation Efficiency Act of 1998 (TEA 21) have focused stronger attention on the need to encourage innovation, identify and facilitate partnerships, identify core research and provide assessment criteria. This has resulted in increased awareness that information is key to accomplishing these goals. The importance of international materials is now seen as critical...

The Incorporation of Moral-Development Language for Machine-Learning Companion Robots

Patrick Lee Plaisance & Joe Cruz
Among the ongoing debates over ethical implications of artificial-intelligence development and applications, AI morality, and the nature of autonomous agency for robots, how to think about the moral assumptions implicit in machine-learning capacities for so-called companion robots is arguably an urgent one. This project links the development of machine-learning algorithmic design with moral-development theory language. It argues that robotic algorithmic responses should incorporate language linked to higher-order moral reasoning, reflecting notions of universal respect, community...

Note from Special Issue Guest Editors and Invited Contributors

Amit Sharma, Bendegul Okumus & Seoki Lee

Tractable Term-Structure Models and the Zero Lower Bound

Bruno Feunou, Jean-Sébastien Fontaine, Anh Le & Christian Lundblad
We greatly expand the space of tractable term-structure models. We consider one example that combines positive yields with rich volatility and correlation dynamics. Bond prices are expressed in closed form and estimation is straightforward. We find that the early stages of a recession have distinct effects on yield volatility. Upon entering a recession when yields are far from the lower bound, (i) the volatility term structure becomes flatter, (ii) the level and slope of yields...

WP3 Sviluppo di procedure automatiche per l’integrazione nelle sale operative di misure, modelli predittivi e prodotti di ricerca dell’INGV - Utilizzo preliminare del failure forecast method sui dati GPS di spostamento orizzontale registrati nella caldera

Andrea Bevilacqua, Abani Patra, Bruce E. Pitman, Marcus Bursik, Prospero De Martino, Flora Giudicepietro, Giovanni Macedonio, Stefano Vitale, Franco Flandoli, Barry Voight & Augusto Neri
La caldera dei Campi Flegrei è un campo vulcanico che ha prodotto almeno 70 eruzioni negli ultimi 15,000 anni [Smith et al., 2011; Bevilacqua et al., 2016]. Episodi di lento sollevamento e abbassamento del terreno, chiamati bradisismo, caratterizzano la dinamica recente del sistema [Acocella et al., 2014; Bevilacqua et al., 2020]. Negli ultimi decenni ci sono state due crisi bradisismiche, nel 1969/1972 e nel 1982/1984, con un sollevamento di 1.70 m e 1.85 m, rispettivamente....

Lactational performance, rumen fermentation and enteric methane emission of dairy cows fed high-amylase corn silage.

S.F. Cueva, H.A. Stefenoni, A. Melgar, S.E. Räisänen, C.F.A. Lage, D.E. Wasson, M.E. Fetter & A.N. Hristov
The current study investigated the effect of a high-amylase corn silage on lactational performance, enteric methane (CH4) emission, and rumen fermentation of lactating dairy cows. Following a 2-wk covariate period, 48 Holstein cows were blocked based on parity, days-in-milk, milk yield (MY), and CH4 emission. Cows were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 treatments in an 8-wk randomized complete block design experiment: (1) control corn silage (CON) from an isogenic corn without a-amylase trait and...

Effects of the macroalga Asparagopsis taxiformis and oregano leaves on methane emission, rumen fermentation, and lactational performance of dairy cows

H.A. Stefenoni, S.E. Räisänen, S.F. Cueva, D.E. Wasson, C.F.A. Lage, A. Melgar, M.E. Fetter, P. Smith, M. Hennessy, B. Vecchiarelli, J. Bender, D. Pitta, C.L. Cantrell, C. Yarish & A.N. Hristov
Asparagopsis taxiformis (AT) is a source of multiple halogenated compounds and, in a limited number of studies, has been shown to decrease enteric CH4 production in vitro and in vivo. Similarly, oregano has also been suggested as a potential CH4 mitigating agent. This study consisted of 2 in vitro and 2 in vivo experiments. Experiment 1 (Exp. 1) was aimed at establishing the effect of AT on total gas production and CH4 emission in vitro....

Impacts of COVID-19 on the U.S. Restaurant Industry from the Global Perspective

Seoki Lee, Hyoungju Song, Michael S. Lin & Amit Sharma

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