1,488 Works

Appointing Main Contractors for Construction Work in the Republic of Ireland. – An Overview.

Tony Cunningham

Look after the risks, ask the right questions – and know how to get out

Lorcan Sirr

World Heritage in a Changing Climate; the Potential for a Global Laboratory

Caithleen Daly

The Role of Digitisation in the Strategic Planning Process of Irish Quantity Surveying(QS) Practices

Michael Adesi, Roisin Murphy & Dermot Kehily

NAMA versus Nationalization – How to Deal with the Banks’ Toxic Loans?

Thomas Power

An Appraisal of the National Transport Authority Corporate Structure

David O'Connor

Protection of DVR against short circuit faults at the load side

Iurie Axente

Analytical ISE calculation and optimum control system design

Tony Kealy & Aidan O'Dwyer

Plasma Functionalised Liquids: From Bench to Prototype for Safe Fresh Food Preservation

Uta Schnabel

Performance improvement using simple PID controller tuning formulae

Aidan O'Dwyer

Using structured P2P overlay networks to build content sensitive communities

Paul Stacey

Evidence for Orbital Public Transport Corridors in the Greater Dublin Area

David O'Connor

Design of a wireless system for patient-hospital communciation and result validation in point of care testing

John McGrory

Discrete-time velocity-based multiple model networks

Ruiyao Gao, Aidan O'Dwyer, Seamus McLoone & Eugene Coyle

An approach to teaching PID controller tuning

Aidan O'Dwyer

Medical Rehabilitation Robotics

David Kennedy, Philip Deering & James Conlon

Modelling and control of a suspension system for vehicle applications

Padraig Dowds & Aidan O'Dwyer

Distance,Time and Terms in First Story Detection

Fei Wang

Learning styles of first year Level 7 electrical and mechanical engineering students at DIT

Aidan O'Dwyer

Comparative study of two techniques for determining critical frequency response characteristics

Niall O'Connor

Finding common ground for citizen empowerment in the smart city

John D. Kelleher & Aphra Kerr

No Landlord Exodus but Still the Same old Eviction Problems

Lorcan Sirr
There has been a lot of discussion this year about concerns that landlords are fleeing the rental market in the face of rent freezes and difficulties in making a profit — but are they? First, it is important to note that it is not the number of landlords in a market that is relevant, it’s the number of tenancies, which is a measure of the size of the sector. The sector has actually expanded in...

A Comparative Investigation of Industry, Academics' and Students' Perceptions on Essential Sustainability Knowledge, Competencies and Skills

Lloyd Scott
Design and construction educational programmes offered throughout the world play a vital role in sustainability education by producing professionals knowledgeable and competent in sustainable practices. It is extremely important to align the sustainability knowledge of the graduates to the industry expectations. This paper compares industry expectations about essential sustainability knowledge with both academics and students perceptions of requisite knowledge about sustainability. A three stage mixed research approach was adopted for the study. Essential sustainability knowledge...

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