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Finetuning Pre-Trained Language Models for Sentiment Classification of COVID19 Tweets

Arjun Dussa

An Exploration of how Gardaí Perceive Whistleblowing in An Garda Síochána.

Aodhan Healy

Doolin: History and Memories

Kevin M. Griffin, Kevin Griffin & Brendan J. Griffin

Evaluating the Learning Objectives of a Construction-Focused Study Abroad Course in Ireland

James Jenkins

Proceedings of Arcom Doctoral Workshop Research Methodology

Lloyd Scott
Editorial Welcome to this special doctoral workshop on Research Methodology which forms part of what is now a well-established support mechanism for researchers in the discipline of the Built Environment and more particularly construction management. The ARCOM doctoral series, around now for some seventeen years, has addressed many of the diverse research areas that PhD researchers in the discipline have chosen to focus on in their doctoral journey. This doctoral workshop has as an aim...

Looking After the Best Interests of Dublin Must be Top Priority

Lorcan Sirr

Quantity Surveying Professional Apprenticeships: a Paragon for the Supply of Talent in the Irish Construction Industry

Eoghan Ó Murchadha & Roisin Murphy

5 songs of solace written in moments of darkness

Glennon Mike

Pineapple Poetry - Studying Literature through a Food Studies Lens

Anke Klitzing

A Survey of Four Contemporary Sound Artists

Mark Garry

Planning Ahead Takes the Pain Out of Growing Old

Lorcan Sirr

Risk Management in Motorway PPP Projects: Empirical-based Guidelines

Nunzia Carbonara

A Meaningful Housing Policy Would Deal with Defautling Landlords and At-Risk Tenants

Lorcan Sirr

Harmonic distortion caused by EV battery chargers in the distribution systems network and its remedy

Malabika Basu, Kevin Gaughan & Eugene Coyle
An effective way to minimise harmonic pollution in power systems is by careful design of the equipment connected to them. It is important for designers of equipment associated with emerging technologies to be aware of the potential impact of their designs on power system quality. One such upcoming technology is electric vehicle (EV) battery charging which may contribute to high harmonic distortion in the power system during the charging period. The literature notes total harmonic...

Combining capacitor/inductor and idling asynchronous motor in design of a system for balance of a large two-phase industrial load over three phases

Eugene Coyle, M. Farrell & W.J. Campbell
This paper describes the design and implementation of a new solution to power quality problems associated with large unbalanced nonlinear loads at fine glass furnace production utilities. Such furnaces use two-phase electricity for reasons of enhanced temperature control and in order to maintain consistency of glass viscosity. A significant risk of power failure is introduced due to this requirement. The furnace load is also nonlinear in nature, due to temperature control by electronic power switching....

NNP “Nowhere Near Perfect”

Thomas Power

A Survey of Electronic Purchasing Practice in Ireland: a Perspective for the Irish Construction Industry

Alan V. Hore

Creating a Digital SME Community in the Irish Construction Industry

Alan V. Hore

The Future Scenario of Creating a Digital SME Community in the Irish Construction Industry

Alan V. Hore

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