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New Building Regulations

Ruairi Hayden

Walking Code

Conor McGarrigle

Private Rented Sector in Urgent Need of Reform

Lorcan Sirr

Efficiency Gains to be Won Through the Introduction of Electronic Tendering in the Construction Industry

Alan V. Hore

The Acquisition of Knowledge and Expertise in Construction: Understanding Construction Professionals

Lloyd Scott & Sittimont Kanjanabootra

Feedback dynamics in the academic and industrial environment.

David Kennedy & Dermot McGarthy

The Limits of the Recipe

Anke Klitzing

Tax Treatment Encourages Residential Investment

Thomas Power

Global Macroeconomic Trends

Thomas Power

We Need a More Professional Rental Market

Lorcan Sirr

Dark Solitons of the Qiao's Hierarchy

Rossen Ivanov
We obtain a class of soliton solutions of the integrable hierarchy which has been put forward in a series of works by Z. Qiao. The soliton solutions are in the class of real functions approaching constant value fast enough at infinity, the so-called 'dark solitons'.

Medical Rehabilitation Robotics

David Kennedy, Philip Deering & James Conlon

Discrete-time velocity-based multiple model networks

Ruiyao Gao, Aidan O'Dwyer, Seamus McLoone & Eugene Coyle

BIM in Ireland 2019: a Study of BIM Maturity and Diffusion in Ireland

Barry McAuley, Alan Hore & Roger West

3D Growth Substrates in Mammalian Cell Culture in Vitro, their Effects on Cellular Function and Response

Mahmoud Gargotti
Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems have gained increasing interest in drug discovery and tissue engineering due to a number of advantages in providing more physiologically relevant information and potentially more predictive data for in vivo tests. Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins have been developed over in recent years to simulate a natural microenvironment for cells cultured in vitro. Conventional cell culture or 2D cell culture form monolayers of cells on a solid surface, which is typically...

Essays in Energy Economics and Policy

Michael Chesser
The world is currently going through an ‘Energy Transition’ and it is changing how our economies, culture and society operate. The research presented in this thesis emanates from large scale changes and is investigated through three distinct research papers, with separate but interlinked themes. Research paper 1 (Chapter 2) profiles households that have adopted of micro renewable energy systems (micro-RES) and examines whether micro-RES installations have impacted energy consumption based on data from the Irish...

Multivariate Statistical Methodologies used in In-vitro Raman Spectroscopy: Simulations and Applications for Drug and Nanoparticle Interactions

Mark Edward Keating
Raman spectroscopy is a growing technology in the fields of in-vitro drug and nanoparticle screening. The label free capability provided by vibrational spectroscopy, as well as the ability of the technique to probe the chemical nature of samples, makes it a good candidate for use in these fields. Crucial to the progress of these methods is the development and validation of robust and accurate multivariate statistical analysis protocols. In this thesis, both established and novel...

Hamiltonian Approach to the Modeling of Internal Geophysical Waves with Vorticity

Alan Compelli
We examine a simplified model of internal geophysical waves in a rotational 2-dimensional water-wave system, under the influence of Coriolis forces and with gravitationally induced waves. The system consists of a lower medium, bound underneath by an impermeable flat bed, and an upper lid. The 2 media have a free common interface. Both media have constant density and constant (non-zero) vorticity. By examining the governing equations of the system we calculate the Hamiltonian of the...


Vladimir Gerdjikov
We are analyzing several types of dynamical systems which are both integrable and important for physical applications. The first type are the so-called peakon systems that appear in the singular solutions of the Camassa-Holm equation describing special types of water waves. The second type are Toda chain systems, that describe molecule interactions. Their complexifications model soliton interactions in the adiabatic approximation. We analyze the algebraic aspects of the Toda chains and describe their real Hamiltonian...

Mechanisms Driving Digital New Venture Creation & Performance: An Insider Action Research Study of Pure Digital Entrepreneurship in EdTech

Kisito Futonge Nzembayie
Digitisation has ushered in a new era of value creation where cross border data flows generate more economic value than traditional flows of goods. The powerful new combination of digital and traditional forms of innovation has seen several new industries branded with a ‘tech’ suffix. In the education technology sector (EdTech), which is the industry context of this research, digitisation is driving double-digit growth into a projected $240 billion industry by 2021. Yet, despite its...

Stewardship of International BIM Programmes: Lessons for Ireland

Barry McAuley, Alan Hore, Roger West & Shiyao Kuang Kuang
The support by central government of national Building Information Modelling (BIM) programmes is common throughout the developed world today. To further understand how the different international governments have supported their BIM programmes the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) research team in Ireland recently completed a comprehensive Global BIM Study to help inform the National BIM Council (NBC) of Ireland in developing a Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland’s Construction Sector. This paper details the findings...

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