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Rent Certainty is not Rent Control

Tom Dunne

Proactive Planning Will Make Most of Regional Differences

Lorcan Sirr

Improving Access to Housing for People With Disabilities.

Myles Keaveney

Six Reasons Why the Property Market will be Slow to Recover

Lorcan Sirr

Aligning BIM and Lean Methodologies within Capital Works Management Framework in Ireland

Barry McAuley

Public / Private BIM: An Irish Perspective

Barry McAuley

Mortgage Clampdown Propsosals will have Serious Knock-on Effects

Lorcan Sirr

Educational Programmes for Spatial Information Sciences in the Technological University of Dublin

William Prendergast

How supply chains and logistics get goods from A to B

Declan Allen
What was the last item you purchased? Did you ever think of how it arrived in the shop? Regardless of what you purchased, logistics and the management of supply chains is what got that item to the shop. Logistics and the management of supply chains is a very diverse sector. It is the invisible glue that keeps economies and society functioning and ensures that products get to where they need to be at the right...

Fit for Renting:an Investigation into Space Standards of Irish Housing

Jim Roche

Promoting Cycling and Health In a Disadvantaged Area Of North East Dublin City

David O'Connor

Live in the Sticks if you Want but the Cost of Services will Soar

Lorcan Sirr

PID controller tuning of networked computer based control systems

Aidan O'Dwyer

We Need a Coherent Policy to Guide Housing in Ireland

Lorcan Sirr

Problem Based Learning: A Case Study from Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Delaney & Ger Nagle

Learning Theories and Higher Education

Francis Ashworth, Gabriel Brennan, Kathy Egan, Ron Hamilton & Olalla S√°enz

Development of a Friction Testing Apparatus for Demoulding Force Prediction

Kevin Delaney, David Kennedy & G. Bissacco

Closed loop identification of a first order plus dead-time process model under PI control

Tony Kealy & Aidan O'Dwyer

Learning from Learning Groups

MIke Murphy, S.M. Chance, Gavin Duffy & Brian Bowe

Detection of Pathological HFO Using Supervised Machine Learning and iEEG Data

Isabel L. Sicardi Rosell

Compliance a Central Issue for Any New REA in Construction Sector

Ruairi Hayden

Exploitation of Surface Engineering Technology Research

David Kennedy

Treating Water Contamination using Ultraviolet Radiation to Control Cryptosporidium and E.Coli

Michael O'Hehir, David Kennedy & Thomas Dunphy

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