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A Numerical Method for a Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Interior Layer Problem Using an Approximate Layer Location

Jason Quinn
A class of nonlinear singularly perturbed interior layer problems is examined in this paper. Solutions exhibit an interior layer at an a priori unknown location. A numerical method is presented that uses a piecewise uniform mesh refined around approximations to the first two terms of the asymptotic expansion of the interior layer location. The first term in the expansion is used exactly in the construction of the approximation which restricts the range of problem data...

On Projection-Invariant Subgroups of Abelian P-Groups

Brendan Goldsmith

De-Colonising the Western Gaze: The Portrait as a Multi-Sensory Cultural Practice

Angelika Boeck
This art practice-based thesis addresses the ocularcentric approach inherent in Western representations of ‘otherness’ with a view to expanding notions of the ‘portrait’ as a culturally specific practice. Drawing on a selection of projects conducted over two decades across diverse cultural contexts, together with written publications, the thesis explores possible ways to identify and theorise alternative methodological and analytical frameworks through which the Other can be represented. Turning the gaze upon the artist/researcher in performative...

The Generation of Novel Metal-Folate- Phenanthroline Complexes and Phenanthroline-Folate Conjugates with Potential as Chemotherapeutic Agents

Aisling Crowley
The folate receptor (FR) was identified in 1986 and has been established as a ‘molecular Trojan Horse’ target for the uptake of folate-conjugated organic molecules into cells. The FR is overexpressed in many malignancies, including those of the ovary, uterus, breast, cervix, and prostate, yet it is reportedly under-expressed in normal healthy cells. This difference in expression and the high affinity/specificity of folate towards the folate receptor presents a promising drug delivery system. The aim...

Synthesis and Novel Applications of Cerium Dioxide

Rafaela Cristina de Carvalho
Cerium dioxide nanoparticles (NPs) were synthesised using a novel precipitation procedure and their function explored in a range of applications. The impact of different factors on CeO2 NPs synthesis including temperature and reactant concentration were evaluated experimentally and optimised. The resulting nanoparticles (with an average size of 35 nm) was then characterised by a range of physical and spectroscopic techniques including dynamic light scattering, scanning electron microscopy in conjunction with energy dispersive spectrometry, X-ray diffractometry,Brunauer–Emmett–Teller...

How Epistemic Justice Can Inform Gender Equality in a Technological University

Yvonne Galligan & Sarah Clavero

New Technologies and New Spaces: Opportunities for Innovative Educational Environments

Gene Carolan, Cathal Curran & Alan McCormack

Why Working From Home Is Good For You (And Everyone Else)

Maebh Coleman

Why Commemorating The Enemy Is So Contentious

Siobhan Doyle

Identifying Online Sexual Predators Using Support Vector Machine

Yifan Li
A two-stage classification model is built in the research for online sexual predator identification. The first stage identifies the suspicious conversations that have predator participants. The second stage identifies the predators in suspicious conversations. Support vector machines are used with word and character n-grams, combined with behavioural features of the authors to train the final classifier. The unbalanced dataset is downsampled to test the performance of re-balancing an unbalanced dataset. An age group classification model...

Brain Disease Detection From EEGS: Comparing Spiking and Recurrent Neural Networks for Non-stationary Time Series Classification

Hristo Stoev
Modeling non-stationary time series data is a difficult problem area in AI, due to the fact that the statistical properties of the data change as the time series progresses. This complicates the classification of non-stationary time series, which is a method used in the detection of brain diseases from EEGs. Various techniques have been developed in the field of deep learning for tackling this problem, with recurrent neural networks (RNN) approaches utilising Long short-term memory...

Refractive Index Sensor Based on a Silica Microsphere Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator

Arun Mallik, Qiang wu, Gerald Farrell & Yuliya Semenova

Building Information Modelling in Ireland 2017

Barry McAuley & Alan Hore
BIM is perhaps the most topical issue in construction throughout the world at present, as it is associated with solving so many of the present concerns in our industry. Our lack of housing, shortage of skilled workers, poor document management, overrunning project budgets and sustainability challenges are just a few of the challenges that BIM promises to assist in solving. The increasing importance of “digitisation” to modern construction and engineering businesses is becoming more apparent...

A Numerical Acoustic Fluid-structure Simulation of Therapeutic Ultrasound Angioplasty

Graham Gavin, Finbar Dolan, M.S J Hashmi & Garrett McGuinness
INTRODUCTION Therapeutic ultrasound angioplasty is the delivery of high amplitude ultrasonic displacements to the distal-tip of small diameter wire waveguides with the goal of disrupting atherosclerotic plaques. This is a minimally invasive procedure that may have potential' in the treatment of complicated chronic total occlusions. The disruption of plaque is due to direct contact ablation and also cavitation, pressure waves and acoustic streaming in the fluid surrounding the vibrating waveguide distal-tip [1]. Cavitation appears to...

A Numerical Acoustic Fluid-structure Model of a Therapeutic Ultrasound Angioplasty Device

Graham Gavin, M.S. J Hashmi, Finbar Dolan & Garrett McGuinness

Design Issues for Therapeutic Ultrasound Angioplasty Waveguides

Graham Gavin, Declan Noone & Garrett McGuinness
Therapeutic ultrasound angioplasty is a new minimally invasive cardiovascular procedure for disrupting atherosclerotic lesions. Mechanical energy is transmitted in the form of ultrasound waves via long, flexible wire waveguides navigated to the lesion site through the vascular system. The underpinning principle of this technology is that plaque may be disrupted through a combination of direct contact ablation, pressure waves, cavitation and acoustic streaming, which all depend on the amplitude and frequency of displacements at the...

The Identification of Key Economic and Property Variables that Impact on Prime Office Rents: a Study of Seven European Cities

Aoife Reilly
he aim of this dissertation is to identify and assess the impact of macroeconomic and property variables on prime office rental levels. Data from seven diverse European cities was gathered from 2000 to 2014 and statistical analysis using econometric modelling was undertaken. The results unveil a number of relationships between the explanatory variables and prime office rents. In particular, the results highlight movements in the office vacancy rate and GDP as important variables impacting change...

Low-Cost Housing is Possible Only if we Prioritise Value for Money

Lorcan Sirr
Assessing value for money is nowstandard practice for government departments and agencies. These bodies, including the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor- General, evaluate the economy and efficiency with which state bodies acquire, use and dispose of resources. This is a positive step in a state system that isn’t very keen on post-hoc evaluation. Since 2009, the Department of the Taoiseach has insisted that all legislation be subject to a regulatory impact assessment—to identify likely...

Can’t Buy, Don’t Want to Rent? The Catalans have a Third Option

Lorcan Sirr
Creativity is generally lacking in Irish policymaking, and this is as evident in housing, as it is in other areas. There is a reversion to the mean in times of crisis, where the usual methods, which have often failed, otherwise we wouldn’t have a crisis, are returned to. Einstein had something to say about this, and it wasn’t complimentary. We’re seeing it once again in efforts to get the building industry off its behind by...

To Tackle the Housing Crisis, we Need to Talk About Ownership

Lorcan Sirr
The rights and obligations that go with property ownership are important issues in any country trying to control its housing stock, resolve a housing crisis or create a functioning system. The concept of ownership is not clear cut: there is common ownership, as seen on the pampas and prairies, and in the outback; shared ownership, in India and China; temporal ownership, in medieval France and now Catalonia; and subservient ownership, where the Earth belongs only...

Don’t Try to Inflate House Prices for the Benefit of the Banks

Lorcan Sirr
When it comes to housing, the constant comparisons with the “peak prices” of 2007 make me wonder whether we’re about to lose the plot again. Perpetual benchmarking against an irrational peak suggests those destructive prices are a target we should aim to achieve, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

How Failings in Policy Making Give us Plenty to Worry About

Lorcan Sirr
Journalist Mick Clifford recently questioned the will and ability of any new government to solve the housing crisis. It’s a legitimate question as governments get caught between the needs of the electorate—more and cheaper housing—and those of the economy, and in particular the banks—higher house prices to pass European Central Bank stress tests.

Want to end Rental Bias? Start Building More Social Housing.

Lorcan Sirr
When the rent supplement was introduced in 1977 for people in financial need within the private rented sector, the intention was that it would be temporary. Almost 40 years on, it is stillwith us.

The Production of High Quality Video for E-Learning

Eugene McGovern
As video capture, editing and transmission capabilities become more accessible, video is increasingly being considered when developing e-learning content. However, the skills required for video production are not commonly part of many e-learning developers backgrounds. This paper presents the experiences of academics from the spatial information sciences when developing high quality video content for an on-line e-learning module in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Video comprises one element of the module and is designed to,...

In Situ Thermal Transmittance of Case Studies in Dublin.

Cormac Flood
Thermal transmittance (U-values) of exterior walls represent a source of uncertainty when estimating the energy performance of dwellings. It has been noted in research that the standard calculation methodology for thermal transmittance should be improved. Subsequently, hygrothermal analysis has been used as an accurate building design tool due to its incorporation of climate specific effects on construction assemblies such as moisture retention and release. In-situ measurement of thermal transmittance could also be an effective tool...

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