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Public Private Partnership (PPP): “Sustainability in the context of PPP Educational building Projects

Renuka Rajput
This PhD research focuses on and examines the relationship between PPP procurement and sustainability and further aims to establish whether PPP projects can be sustainable with regards to social, enviornmnetal and economic sustainability. The scope of the research is primarily confined to the implementation of construction related sustainability practices within PPPs. It introduces various PPP concepts and critiques the underlying principles for the utilisation of PPP in education sector. This discussion leads to the identification...

An Examination of the Smote and Other Smote-based Techniques That Use Synthetic Data to Oversample the Minority Class in the Context of Credit-Card Fraud Classification

Eduardo Parkinson de Castro
This research project seeks to investigate some of the different sampling techniques that generate and use synthetic data to oversample the minority class as a means of handling the imbalanced distribution between non-fraudulent (majority class) and fraudulent (minority class) classes in a credit-card fraud dataset. The purpose of the research project is to assess the effectiveness of these techniques in the context of fraud detection which is a highly imbalanced and cost-sensitive dataset. Machine learning...

Students as Partners? Exploring Student Union Engagement in the Creation of Technological Universities in Ireland

Sharon Feeney, Deirdre Lillis & Lynn Ramsey

The Battle Between Fast Fashion and Sustainable Fashion

Dee Duffy

Analysis of assessment strategies used in a Level 7, Year 1 engineering subject

Aidan O'Dwyer
This contribution critically analyses the assessment strategies used on the core Electrical Systems subject in the first year of a three-year, Level 7, degree programme in Electrical Engineering at Dublin Institute of Technology. An evidence-based approach is taken, by analyzing the assessment data in detail.

No Landlord Exodus but Still the Same old Eviction Problems

Lorcan Sirr
There has been a lot of discussion this year about concerns that landlords are fleeing the rental market in the face of rent freezes and difficulties in making a profit — but are they? First, it is important to note that it is not the number of landlords in a market that is relevant, it’s the number of tenancies, which is a measure of the size of the sector. The sector has actually expanded in...

The Production of High-Quality Video for E-Learning

Eugene McGovern
As video capture, editing and transmission capabilities become more accessible, video is increasingly being considered when developing e-learning content. However, the skills required for video production are not commonly part of many e-learning developers backgrounds. This paper presents the experiences of academics from the spatial information sciences when developing high quality video content for an on-line e-learning module in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Video comprises one element of the module and is designed to,...

Environment Department Doesn’t Have a Clue on Housing

Lorcan Sirr
Over the past two years Sherlock Holmes’s evil foe Professor Moriarty has been wandering the corridors of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, wreaking sublime havoc and leaving several reputation-damaging debacles in his wake. The damage has been so bad that in late 2014 an internal review was carried out. Released to RTE under freedom of information laws, the report was critical of the housing capabilities and activities of the department. Given...

Help-to-buy Scheme is Detached From How we Really Live

Lorcan Sirr
The government’s help-tobuy scheme, announced in the budget, was rightfully criticised by many people. Various ministers seemed a little surprised, if not a bit tetchy, that fewpeople had rowed in behind their latest genius wheeze. In research carried out by Davy stockbrokers and the property website myhome.ie, even firsttime buyers did not expect a helpto- buy scheme (people are not too easily schmoozed these days). Two other things flew under the radar when the proposal...

Our Reliance on Family for Housing Support Won’t last Forever

Lorcan Sirr
History is more important than geography in explaining our relationship with housing. We have a funny relationship with housing in Ireland, one that goes beyond the usual explanation of our land and property obsession being a post-colonial hang-up. Given our location at the northwest edge of Europe, it would be logical to assume Ireland would have a similar approach to housing as Germany, France and the Netherlands. We are different from our regional neighbours, however,...

Trades and Apprenticeships Skills Survey: the Employers Perspective

Eoghan Ó Murchadha & Roisin Murphy

Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past

Tom Dunne

What Do The Daily Numbers Tell Us About The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Elizabeth Hunter

Appointing Main Contractors for Construction Work in the Republic of Ireland. – An Overview.

Tony Cunningham

Payment Arrangements in the Irish Construction Industry - An Overview

Tony Cunningham

Want to end Rental Bias? Start Building More Social Housing.

Lorcan Sirr
When the rent supplement was introduced in 1977 for people in financial need within the private rented sector, the intention was that it would be temporary. Almost 40 years on, it is stillwith us.

Strategic Management in Irish Construction Professional Service Firms: A Comparative Study Across Professions

Oluwasegun Seriki & Roisin Murphy
The Irish construction industry has undergone substantial change in the past decade. Following a deep, lengthy recession the improving outlook of the construction sector makes the inquiry into strategy within the firms both timely and appropriate. Determining how construction organizations successfully adapt in a highly turbulent industry is critical to ensure survival in a highly cyclical industry sector. Strategizing in construction professional service firms (CPSFs) is not well documented, and there is little understanding of...

Let’s Look to UK to Solve Problems of our Ageing Population

Lorcan Sirr
Europe is going grey, very grey. In 1800 no country had a life expectancy beyond age 40, but by 2050 one in three people in Europe will be over 60. By then, one in 10 will be over 80—nearly 500,000 people in Ireland. The ageing population will bring its own problems, caused mainly by health, income and government support. Denmark spends about €5,000 a year on social protection in old age; Latvia, Romania and Croatia...

Ubiquitous UAV's

Eugene McGovern
This article reviews the legislation governing the use of UAV's in Ireland in 2014.

The Future Looks Precarious for New Breed of Long-Term Renters

Lorcan Sirr
It is becoming increasingly evident across Europe and Ireland that there may be a generation of people who will never own their own home. This is not necessarily down to direct housing issues such as affordability or supply—there are broader forces at work here. These people have no predictability in their lives and no security. They are a large and growing social class. Yet they are relatively powerless and are at the mercy of forces...

State Must play to Crowd on Renting or Face the Consequences

Lorcan Sirr
In 1895, the French polymath Gustave Le Bon published his seminal work, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, on the behaviour and danger of crowds. For decades after, Le Bon’s theories influenced generations of politicians and their policies. Le Bon was influential at a time of rapid urbanisation, social upheaval and worker organisation. Social order was under threat and it was feared that “the masses” might break with patriarchy, social order and religion.

Stumbling Block of Social Housing Stalls O’Devaney Gardens

Lorcan Sirr
Last week, Dublin city council (DCC) resolved a dispute with its own councillors over the regeneration of O’Devaney Gardens, a council estate behind Arbour Hill in Dublin. Named after Bishop O’Devaney, who was hanged at Arbour Hill in 1612 as a friend of Tyrone rebel chief Hugh O’Neill, O’Devaney Gardens is a 1950s corporation-built estate of 300 flats in 12 (originally 13) blocks.

To Solve Housing Crisis, we Must get over our Problem With Cities

Lorcan Sirr
Housing is a many-headed beast with elements of technology, planning, finance, sociology and of course, politics. At its core, however, it is a simple thing: buildings for people and this is why it’s crucial to keep an eye on our population statistics. Preliminary results fromthe recent census are throwing up some interesting figures, all of which have implications for where we should be focusing our efforts to build housing. The location of our empty houses...

Cost Control During the Pre-Contract Stage of a Building Project – An Introduction

Tony Cunningham
One of the most important tasks carried out by quantity surveyors (QS) involves providing advice to clients and design team colleagues to enable the design to be finalised within the approved budget. This financial management process is referred to as cost control. Cost control seeks to deliver a high degree of cost certainty during the various stages of the building project in order that the project can be completed within budget. Successful projects are those...

Detection of Microcracks During Bone Cutting Using Acoustic Emission Techniques

Ashkan Safari, Ger Reilly & Brendan McCormack
Surgeons may use a number of cutting instruments such as osteotomes and chisels to cut bone during operative procedures. The initial loading of cortical bone during the cutting process results in the formation of microcracks in the vicinity of the cutting zone with main crack propagation to failure occurring with continued loading; microcracking acts as a stimulus for main crack formation and has also been shown to occur during the propagation of the main crack....

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