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Building Regulations are in a Terrible State, but I Have a Solution

Lorcan Sirr
Inspection of buildings by the state during construction and on completion has led to a huge gap in Ireland’s building history. An almost total lack of state inspection—and, since 1990, a reliance on self-regulation —has contributed to situations such as those at Priory Hall in Dublin and Millfield Manor in Kildare.

Help-to-buy Scheme is Detached From How we Really Live

Lorcan Sirr
The government’s help-tobuy scheme, announced in the budget, was rightfully criticised by many people. Various ministers seemed a little surprised, if not a bit tetchy, that fewpeople had rowed in behind their latest genius wheeze. In research carried out by Davy stockbrokers and the property website myhome.ie, even firsttime buyers did not expect a helpto- buy scheme (people are not too easily schmoozed these days). Two other things flew under the radar when the proposal...

Synthetic Data Generation Using Wasserstein Conditional Gans With Gradient Penalty (WCGANS-GP)

Manhar Singh Walia

Going Digital: Academic Libraries’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Allison Kavanagh

Trades and Apprenticeships Skills Survey: the Employers Perspective

Eoghan Ó Murchadha & Roisin Murphy

BIM Innovation Capability Programme: an Irish BIM Study

Barry McAuley

Appointing Main Contractors for Construction Work in the Republic of Ireland. – An Overview.

Tony Cunningham

Payment Arrangements in the Irish Construction Industry - An Overview

Tony Cunningham

Realising Electronic Tendering in the Irish Construction Industry

Alan V. Hore

Integration of HBIM and 3D GIS for Digital Heritage Modelling

Conor Dore

Engaging Student's LearningThrough a Blended Learning Environment

Andrew Stuart

An approach to teaching PID controller tuning

Aidan O'Dwyer

Medical Rehabilitation Robotics

David Kennedy, Philip Deering & James Conlon

Modelling and control of a suspension system for vehicle applications

Padraig Dowds & Aidan O'Dwyer

Look after the risks, ask the right questions – and know how to get out

Lorcan Sirr

Protection of DVR against short circuit faults at the load side

Iurie Axente

New Building Regulations

Ruairi Hayden

Analysis and Evaluation of the Dynamic Performance of SMA Actuators for Prosthetic Hand Design

Kevin O'Toole

Design of a wireless system for patient-hospital communciation and result validation in point of care testing

John McGrory

Learning styles of first year Level 7 electrical and mechanical engineering students at DIT

Aidan O'Dwyer

Distance,Time and Terms in First Story Detection

Fei Wang

Rating requirements of a unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) for voltage ride through capability enhancement

N. G. Jayanti

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