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What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Delivery Of The First Building On The Grangegorman Campus Using Building Information Management (BIM)? help

Pat O'Sullivan & Avril Behan
There is an acceptance that BIM, via data management, can be integrated with FM to reduce costs during the Operations and Maintenance stage of a project. However, what has not been documented is the ‘on the ground’ reality which can be reviewed as a lessons learnt exercise to improve the implementation of BIM FM for future projects. This case study sets out to explore the realities of a client’s adoption of BIM based upon the...

We Need a Coherent Policy to Guide Housing in Ireland

Lorcan Sirr

Ultrasonic Angioplasty: Assessing the Risk of Arterial Perforation

Mark Wylie, Garrett McGuinness & Graham Gavin

Improving Access to Housing for People With Disabilities.

Myles Keaveney

Speech-adaptive time-scale modification for computer assisted language learning

Olivia Donnellan, Elmar Jung & Eugene Coyle
In traditional foreign language learning programmes students are offered a tutor model characterised by slow, deliberate speech. This is insufficient to prepare them to cope with native, colloquial speech. By applying a timescale modification (TSM) algorithm to natural-speed, native speech, students have access to a more desirable, natural speech corpus which permits them to practise essential listening skills in a more focussed manner. This paper presents a method which allows slowing down speech without compromising...

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Should Musicians Care About It?

Arun Rao

The Strategy Process of Irish Quantity Surveying Firms Operating within a Turbulent Business Environment

Michael Adesi

Merging Creative Design and CAD Learning Activities in a Product Design Programme

Pearl O'Rourke

Anatomy of a Strike: Waterford Glass 1990

Lorcan Sirr

A comparison of techniques for time delay estimation

Aidan O'Dwyer

Using controller tuning formulae to improve performance

Aidan O'Dwyer

Using controller tuning formulae to improve performance

Aidan O'Dwyer

Housebuilding & BIM

Diarmuid Curtain

DIT-Topcon Internship Experience

Audrey Martin

PI and PID controller tuning rules: an overview and personal perspective

Aidan O'Dwyer

Learning from Learning Groups

MIke Murphy, S.M. Chance, Gavin Duffy & Brian Bowe

Room for Improvement in Kelly’s End-of-Term Report Card

Lorcan Sirr
As the new government is formed, history may not be kind to Alan Kelly and his tenure as minister for the environment. Many will argue he has presided over a department that has made housing and development more difficult, not less, and that he has put the interests of lobby groups before consumers. Most recently, he has annexed local government by giving his department the power to set planning policy by diktat with no reference...

Land Value Taxation: Persuasive Theory but Practically Difficult

Tom Dunne

Recent Demographic Growth in Ireland: Implications for Future Spatial Planning and Housing Provision.

Brian Hughes

ARM4:a Working Guide:Section A:General Rules

Tony Cunningham

How John Williams Created Star Wars' Iconic Sound

Daragh Black Hynes

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