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Multi-Spectral Visual Crop Assessment Under Limited Data Constraints

Patricia O'Byrne, Patrick Jackman & Damon Berry

Using Computer Vision to Create a 3D Representation of a Snooker Table for Televised Competition Broadcasting

Hao Guo & Brian Mac Namee

Empowering Agents within Virtual Environments

Alan Martin, Brian Duffy, Gregory O'Hare, Bianca Schoen-Phelan & John Bradley

Defining the Range of B2B E-Commerce Formats

Susan McKeever

ECUE: a spam filter that uses machine learning to track concept drift

Sarah Jane Delany, Padraig Cunningham & Barry Smyth

The Nexus Explored: a Generalised Model of Learning Styles

Damian Gordon & Gordon Bull

Ecotoxicological research at DIT

Maria Davoren, Colm O'Dowd & Sharon Ni Shuilleabhain

Virtual Personal Assistants in a Pervasive Computing World

John Bradley, Brian R. Duffy, Gregory O'Hare, Alan Martin & Bianca Schoen-Phelan

Creating the human resources for technology: the case of Ireland and the specific role of DIT.

Brendan Goldsmith

Level 8 Module Food Sector Sustainability

Julie Dunne, Cormac McMahon, Catherine Barry-Ryan, Graham O'Neill & Fintan Moran

Simple Practices to Facilitate the Flow of Valuable Tacit Knowledge During Biopharmaceutical Technology Transfer: a Case Study

Martin Lipa, Paige Kane & Anne Greene

Vibrational Coupling in Conjugated π Systems with a view to Optimization of Fluorescence Yield through Phonon Confinement

Luke O'Neill, Patrick Lynch, Mary McNamara & Hugh Byrne

A Survey Report on the Current State of Quality Risk Management (QRM) and Knowledge Management (KM) Integration

Technological University Dublin Martin Lipa, Kevin O'Donnell & Anne Greene

Gathering Datasets for Activity Identification

Lorcan Coyle, Juan Ye, Susan McKeever, Stephen Knox, Mathew Staelber, Simon Dobson & Paddy Nixon

Overview of the recent FDA Process Validation Guidance for Medicinal Product Development and Manufacture

Nuala Calnan

SwitchOnSTEM.ie Resources to Support Higher Education Engagement Activities

Julie Dunne, Ciaran O'Leary & Cathy McFadden

A Novel Telescopic Boom Deployment System for Use in Upper Atmosphere Research

Mark Wylie, Paul Duffy, Dinesh Vather, Johnalan Keegan & Stephen Curran

Tight Lower Bound for the Sparse Travelling Salesman Problem

Fredrick Mtenzi

Food in Tourism and the Role of the Artisan Food Producer in Ireland: A Phenomenological Study

Rebecca O'Flynn

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