371 Works

Enabling access to Irish traditional music on a PDA

Bryan Duggan

The Nonlinear Amplification of Magnetic Fields by Cosmic Rays at Supernova Remnant Shocks

Brian Reville, Peter Duffy & Stephen O'Sullivan

Referring Expression Generation Challenge 2008 DIT System Descriptions (DIT-FBI, DIT-TVAS, DIT-CBSR, DIT-RBR, DIT-FBI-CBSR, DIT-TVAS-RBR)

John Kelleher & Brian Mac Namee

Feature based and feature free textual CBR: a comparison in spam filtering

Sarah Jane Delany & Derek Bridge

Robustness and Prediction Accuracy of Machine Learning for Objective Visual Quality Assessment

Andrew Hines, Paul Kendrick, Adriaan Barri, Manish Narwaria & Judith Redi

Challenges Experienced by Medical Device Software Organisations while following a Plan-driven SDLC

Martin McHugh & Fergal McCaffery, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Development Of New Functional Food Applications Of Edible Irish Seaweed

Sabrina Cox

Topology in Composite Spatial Terms

John Kelleher & Robert Ross

Universal Design, Education and Technology

Ciaran O'Leary & Damian Gordon

Situated Immersive Gaming Environments for Irish Language Learning

Naoise Collins

Experiences teaching website engagibility to computer science students.

Pan Liqiang, Bryan Duggan & Ronan Fitzpatrick

Generalized Moonshine and Orbifold Constructions

Michael Tuite & Rossen Ivanov

The AMPHERE Algorithm: Area Masking with the PERformance Equation

Bianca Schoen-Phelan, Gregory O'Hare, Brian Duffy, Alan Martin & John Bradley

Software quality revisited

Ronan Fitzpatrick

Interrupting The Propaganda Supply Chain

Kyle Hamilton, Bojan Bojic & Luca Longo

Bluetooth Assassin: A Location-Based Game For Mobile Devices

Miao Wang & Brian Mac Namee

Serious Gordon: Using Serious Games to Teach Food Safety in the Kitchen.

Brian Mac Namee, Pauline Rooney, Patrick Lindstrom, Andrew Ritchie, Frances Boylan & Greg Burke

Manev Potential and General Relativity

Rossen Ivanov & Emil Prodanov

Engaging the Academic Heartland:a Key Factor in the Effectiveness of Strategic Planning and Self Study Programs

Deirdre Lillis

Preaching to the Converted?:Knowledge-Based Management of Higher Education Institutes.

Deirdre Lillis

Food Analysis Module Descriptor with SDGs Embedded

Julie Dunne

Relativistic Particle Acceleration in Tangled Magnetic Fields

Stephen O'Sullivan, Brian Reville & Andrew Taylor

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