55 Works

Managing moisture - the key to healthy internal wall insulation retrofits of solid walls

Joseph Little & Benat Arregi

Market Segmentation of Wine in Ireland: Are We Fostering a Desirable Consumption Culture?

Enea Bent

John McGahern: From the Local to the Universal

Eamon Maher

Post-COVID Wedding Trends: Insights from Irish Wedding Planners

Rachelle O'Brien

The history and work of the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE) (2001-2008)

Elizabeth Dunphy & Máire Mhic Mhathúna

Minding the Gap: Computing Ethics and the Political Economy of Big Tech

Ioannis Stavrakakis, Damian Gordon, Paul John Gibson, Dympna O'Sullivan & Anna Becevel

Towards A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Pedestrian Analysis

Anil Kunchala, Mélanie Bouroche & Bianca Schoen-Phelan

“Be a Pattern for the World”: The Development of a Dark Patterns Detection Tool to Prevent Online User Loss

Jordan Donnelly, Alan Dowley, Yunpeng Liu, Yufei Su, Quanwei Sun, Lan Zeng, Andrea Curley, Damian Gordon, Paul Kelly, Dympna O'Sullivan & Anna Becevel

A Computational Model of Trust Based on Dynamic Interaction in the Stack Overflow Community

Patrick O'Neill

Long-Term Durability of Rooftop Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Chibuisi Chinasaokwu Okorieimoh

Technological University Dublin's Pathway to Embedding Sustainability in Food Degrees, NEMOS and Beyond

Julie Dunne, Catherine Barry-Ryan & Cormac McMahon

Professional Childminding in Ireland: Ecocultural Perspectives

Miriam O'Regan

What Impact is Occupancy Behavior having on the Energy Performance Gap of a cohort of A rated Dwellings?

Karl McGarry

Long-term trajectories of community integration: identification, characterization, and prediction using inpatient rehabilitation variables

Alejandro Garcia-Rudolph, Joan Sauri, Katryna Cisek, John D. Kelleher, Vince Istvan Madai, Dietmar Frey, Eloy Opisso, Josep María Tormos & Montserrat Bernabeu
Community integration (CI) is often regarded as the foundation of rehabilitation endeavors after stroke; nevertheless, few studies have investigated the relationship between inpatient rehabilitation (clinical and demographic) variables and long-term CI. To identify novel classes of patients having similar temporal patterns in CI and relate them to baseline features. Retrospective observational cohort study analyzing (n = 287) adult patients with stroke admitted to rehabilitation between 2003 and 2018, including baseline Functional Independence Measure (FIM) at...

Engaging with the Local: Shift in Visitor Profile at [World] Heritage Sites

Catherine Gorman

Dialogue Policies for Confusion Mitigation in Situated HRI

Na Li & Robert Ross

Consumer Reactions to Alcohol Advertising Health Warnings in Ireland: An Experimental Research Study

Vania Filipova

Reflections on Co-Creating, Developing and Evaluating Virtual Reality Fieldtrips (VRF): the student’s perspective

Catherine Gorman, Jennifer Stewart & Louise Bellew

An Approach to Mapping the Development of Professional Skills in a Structural Engineering Programme

Patrick Crean, Dervilla Niall, Una Beagon, Aimee Byrne, Darren Carthy, Caitríona de Paor & Louise Lynch

Simulation-based Scenario Mapping Model to investigate Post-Brexit Implications on the Irish Beef Export Sector: A Case Study

Amr Mahfouz & Rishi Choudhary

Identity Term Sampling for Measuring Gender Bias in Training Data

Nasim Sobhani & Sarah Jane Delany

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