75 Works

Unpublished Sources on Iris Murdoch: A Guide

Gary Browning

The rhino horn and ivory trade: 1980-2020

Lucy Vigne

Excessive Presences: An Ethnography of Experiences of Crisis in the Italian Asylum System

Francesca Morra

Beyond Painting: Carlo Crivelli’s Celestial Fictions

Amanda Hilliam

Bank Ownership and Lending Behaviour

Zamon Haldarov

Spatial Pattern of Chinese Package Tours to the UK and Northern Ireland and Their Implication on Tourist Congestion

Kate Mingjie Ji, Jonathan Reynold & Zhihao Chen
The document provides an excutive summary of our research project funded by the British Acadamy (2019-2021). It also serves as a reference to the seminar we delivered on 14 Sep 2021 to the industry and the research community.

Volume 19, Issue 2

The Appointment and Removal of the Head of Government of the Kiribati Republic

Peter W Edge, Jennifer Corrin & Claire de Than
This report examines the unique arrangements for the appointment and removal of the President of the Pacific state of Kiribati, in the context of political, historical and social factors. It outlines the potential for similar mechanisms to be introduced in the Isle of Man, while remaining aware of the significance of the constitutional, geographical and cultural differences between the two jurisdictions. The report concludes that the dual effect of a vote of no confidence in...


Elaine Cox

Team leadership development through coaching: A case study of skippers in a round-the-world sailing race

Sue Fontannaz & Elaine Cox

An Urban Design Method for Rehabilitating Historic cities in Iran: The Case of Shiraz Historic Fabric

Mohammad Javad Seddighi

Choices, Choices, Choices: The Nature of Children’s Agency Within a Forest School Context

Tracey Martin-Millward

Conservation of vervets, Africa’s most ubiquitous primates

Aoife Healy

Opera avanti a Dio! Religion and Opera in Liberal Italy from Unification to the First World War

Andrew James Holden

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