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Making testing simpler: our new approach to test accounts

Robin Dasler
DataCite Blog

Taking discoverability to the next level: datasets with DataCite DOIs can now be found through Google Dataset Search

Helena Cousijn, Patricia Cruse & Martin Fenner
DataCite Blog

What you told us: the DataCite member survey

Helena Cousijn
As a membership organization, our members are our most important source of information. We try to stay in touch with all our members, look for them at conferences, and take all input seriously. However, to date we hadn’t gathered structured feedback...

DataCite to Dublin Core Mapping v4.4.

On the occasion of the release of v4.4 of the DataCite Metadata Schema its Metadata Working Group has updated the mapping to Dublin Core. This replaces the mapping in the Appendix of the DataCite-MetadataKernel v2.1. The mapping can be used to convert records described following version 4.4 of the DataCite Metadata Schema into records that comply with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Schema.

Test prefix 10.5072 retiring June 1

Robin Dasler
At the end of last year, we made significant changes to how testing works for our Members and Clients. We re-introduced a completely separate test system and did away with testing within the production account. We think these changes will ultimately...

Kelly joins DataCite as Technical Community Manager

Kelly Stathis

Welcome Cody

Cody Ross

Call for nominations: join a DataCite steering or working group!

Helena Cousijn, Sarala Wimalaratne & Kelly Stathis
DataCite is a membership and community organization and we encourage involvement from people that share our vision. To help guide and support our growth and ongoing development, DataCite has two Steering Groups—the Services and Technology Steering Group (STSG) and the Community Engagement Steering Group (CESG) —and a Metadata Working Group (WG). These groups provide a venue for participation by interested community members and help us with priority setting and identify strategies related to our services,...

The pitfalls of traditional workflows – with a silver lining

Zefan Zheng & Xiaoli Chen
Implementing FAIR Workflows: A Proof of Concept Study in the Field of Consciousness is a 3-year project funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. In this project, DataCite works with a number of partners on providing an exemplar workflow that can be used by researchers to implement FAIR practices throughout their research lifecycle. In this monthly blog series, the different project participants will share perspectives on FAIR practices and recommendations. In this first blog post,...

DataCite Member Meeting 2022 Recap

Paul Vierkant
“Seeing the people behind the email addresses and hearing a bit of the big picture as well as the detail and demo.” was the response by a DataCite Member when asked what he liked about theDataCite training sessions at this year’s DataCite Member Meeting. This year, we shared insights and news with our members and the broader community in six open sessions and two training sessions that ran throughout the day. A total of 334...

Wellcome Trust and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Partners with DataCite to Build the Open Global Data Citation CorpusWellcome Trust and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Partners with DataCite

Paul Vierkant
Amsterdam – 17 January 2023 – DataCite is pleased to announce that The Wellcome Trust has awarded funds to build the Open Global Data Citation Corpus to dramatically transform the data citation landscape. The corpus will store asserted data citations from a diverse set of sources and can be used by any community stakeholder.

We'll be rocking your world again at PIDapalooza 2020

Helena Cousijn, Maria Gould, Ginny Hendricks & Alice Meadows
The official countdown to PIDapalooza 2020 begins here! It's 162 days to go until our flame-lighting opening ceremony at the fabulous Belem Cultural Center in Lisbon, Portugal. Your friendly neighborhood PIDapalooza Planning Committee—Helena Cousijn...

Make Data Count: Building a System to Support Recognition of Data as a First Class Research Output

Laura Rueda
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has made a 2-year, $747K award to the California Digital Library, DataCite and DataONE to support collection of usage and citation metrics for data objects. Building on pilot work, this award will result in the launch...

Mysteries in Reference Lists

Martin Fenner
On Tuesday the journal PLOS ONE celebrated its 10th anniversary (see blog post by PLOS ONE Editor-in-Chief Jörg Heber and blog post by PLOS ONE Managing Editor Iratxe Puebla and PLOS Advocacy Director Catriona MacCallum). PLOS ONE (and PLOS) have changed...

DataCite Profiles and ORCID Auto-Update webinar

Laura Rueda
Last Monday, DataCite organized the first in a series of t webinars were we will be sharing our latest developments, new services, collaborations with different organizations and best practices to get the most out of persistent identifiers and data...

Announcing Data-Level Metrics in DataCite Labs

Martin Fenner
Last week Jennifer Lin shared information on the Making Data Count (MDC) project on this blog. MDC is a project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) to design and develop metrics that track and measure data use – data-level metrics

Announcing the Organization Identifier Project: a Way Forward

Martin Fenner
The scholarly research community has come to depend on a series of open identifier and metadata infrastructure systems to great success. Content identifiers (through DataCite and Crossref) and contributor identifiers (through ORCID) have become foundational...

Explaining the DataCite/ORCID Auto-update

Martin Fenner
This Monday ORCID, CrossRef and DataCite announced (ORCID post, CrossRef post, DataCite post) the new auto-update service that automatically pushes metadata to ORCID when an ORCID identifier is found in newly registered DOI names. This is the first...

Launching the DataCite Status Page

Martin Fenner
As a provider of crucial scholarly infrastructure, it is critical that DataCite not only provides a reliable service, but also properly communicates problems. The best way to do this is via a central status page, a best practice used by many organizations...

EZID DOI Service is Evolving

Patricia Cruse, Michael Witt & Joan Starr
The California Digital Library (CDL) and Purdue University are adopting a new strategic direction for their EZID digital object identifier (DOI) services to support DataCite’s long-term sustainability and to improve DOI services for the broader community...

Fabrica Now Supports Even More Metadata

Robin Dasler
Today, DataCite is very pleased to announce a major update to the DOI Fabrica form. With this update, you can now add metadata for every possible property in the entire DataCite Metadata Schema. While it was always possible to add all of the required...

ORCID DE 2 - Konsolidierung der ORCID-Informationsinfrastruktur in Deutschland

Roland Bertelmann, Patricia Cruse, Elisabeth Niggemann, Dirk Pieper & Irina Sens
This document is a shortened version of the project proposal.

Vision 2020

Matt Buys
A new year, a new decade. Since our founding in 2009, DataCite has collaborated closely with the research community to expand our services, increase our membership, and promote an open culture of data sharing. As a global leader in the field of research data, we embrace the opportunity to further develop and promote the research infrastructure of the future by engaging with our members, taking a multidisciplinary approach to research data, and cultivating the technical...

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