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Local Workforce Development, Federally Legislated Purposes, and a Systemigram: A Mixed-Methods Study

Tracey A. Regenold
The public system of workforce development has existed for over 45 years, yet there are still issues with adequate skill-building, training, and employment for the vulnerable populations the system is mandated to serve. This study first used a modified Delphi method to survey a sample of executive directors and board members of local workforce development areas regarding the proper systems design needed to fulfill the purposes of current federal legislation. Subsequently using a visual representation...

Missed School Days: A Correlational Study Between Children with Asthma and Presence of School Nurses

Shea Brodeu, Caitlyn O’Connor, Rebekah Synowietz, Carrie Carson, Olubukola Goboze & Cierra Patterson
Currently, there is a lack of research on the relationship between full-time nurse presence in schools and absenteeism among school-aged children with asthma. The purpose of this paper is to determine the correlation between the amount of time school-aged children are absent and the amount of time a school nurse is absent. A nonexperimental quantitative descriptive correlational study will be conducted with 14 randomly selected participating schools in the Chesapeake public school district. Each school...

Research Proposal: The Effects of Therapeutic Interventions on Illicit Drug Abuse Among Homeless Adolescents

Alice Baillio, Meghan Stanley, Sarah Kroupa, Rania Ajaj & Paige Rabidoux
Aim: To compare case management versus community-based therapy on illicit drug abuse among homeless adolescents Background: Homeless adolescents are at high risk for illicit drug abuse. Methods: • A quasi-experimental, multiple baseline time series design • 52 sessions over a 12-month period • Baseline assessment and survey on demographics • Follow-up: closed-ended questionnaire (every four months) Analysis: Repeated ANOVA test and dependent t-test Limitations: Lack of recent evidence-based research, a small sample size, self-report data,...

Moderator Effect of Financial Aid on Predictors of Community College Graduation Rate

Richard Wilt
This study examined the resource allocation decisions community colleges make in order to gain insight into the relationship of those decisions to graduation rate and whether those relationships were influenced by the percentage of students at the college receiving financial aid. Much of the literature on persistence and graduation rate in higher education is based on student characteristics such as SAT scores, high school GPA, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, or on college selectivity. This study...

Electroimmunoassay a New Competitive Protein Binding Assay Using Antibody Selective Electrodes

George Raymond Connell
The purpose of this study was to utilize concept of antibody selective electrodes to develop a new competitive protein binding assay. This is a new concept and potentially important analytical technique because it combines the advantage of RIA (sensitivity and selectivity) with advantages of electrical assays (speed and low cost).

Design of Efficient Algorithms Through Minimization of Data Transfers

Yong Mo Chong
This thesis explores the time optimal implementation of computational graphs on a finite register machine. The implementation fully exploits the machine architecture, especially, the number of registers. The derived algorithms allow one to obtain time efficient implementations of a given graph in machines with a known number of registers. These optimization procedures are applied to digital signal processing graphs. It is shown that the regular structure of these graphs allows one to identify computational kernels...

The Impact of Computer-Assisted Sight Word Instruction on the Reading Skills of Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities

Colleen Frances Wood-Fields
There is a paucity of research identifying instructional methods that promote the reading development of students with significant intellectual disabilities (ID). This research study employed a single subject, multiple baseline design to evaluate the effects of computer-assisted sight word instruction employing constant time delay (CTD) procedures with incidental phonics and comprehension stimuli on the reading skill development of six elementary students with moderate ID and expressive language impairments. Study results suggest that the seven week...

Impact of Noise and Working Memory on Speech Processing in Adults With and Without ADHD

Anne M. P. Michalek
Auditory processing of speech is influenced by internal (i.e., attention, working memory) and external factors (i.e., background noise, visual information). This study examined the interplay among these factors in individuals with and without ADHD. All participants completed a listening in noise task, two working memory capacity tasks, and two short-term memory tasks. The listening in noise task had both an auditory and an audiovisual condition. Participants included 38 young adults between the ages of 18-35...

Competencies Required of Human Resource Professionals in the Government Contracting Industry

Dawn Denise Boyer
The purpose of this study was to determine if a unique set of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) were required of Human Resource Practitioners (HRPs) in federal-level Government Contracting Companies (GCC) in the United States. Study results identified additional sets of HR-related KSAs to perform with minimum competency within a government-contracting environment. The results of this study can assist in creation and development of training or education curriculum for HRPs interested in or currently working...

Influence of Learner Factors on Soldier Attitude Toward Army Serious Gaming

Mitchell L. Bonnett
This study determined the influence of the learner factors on Soldier attitudes toward the use of serious gaming for U.S. Army training and leader development. It extended Selwyn's work (Selwyn, 1997a, 1997b, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2013; Selwyn, Gorard, Furlong, & Madden, 2003) identifying or measuring attitude toward using a technology and Bonanno and Kommers (2008) work extending Selwyn's work to measure the influence of learner factors on those attitude components toward the use of Army...

Reducing Intrinsic Cognitive Load in Complex Learning Such as Flight Training That Involves Both Cognitive and Psychomotor Tasks

Adil Aslan
Flying an aircraft requires processing or considering great number of inputs and an ability to link these data to a massive amount of information in order to interpret them. As a result, flight training imposes a high intrinsic cognitive load. The focus of this research was to investigate the effect of decreasing intrinsic cognitive load for complex tasks such as flight training that involves both cognitive and psychomotor tasks. Participants ( n = 38) completed...

Effect of Psychological Capital on Elementary Teacher Stress and Workplace Affect

Scott Stephen Casad
Calling upon principles of positive psychology, the quantitative study used structural equation modeling (SEM) to explore the relationships between teacher psychological capital (PsyCap), role ambiguity, role conflict, role overload, workplace stress, job satisfaction, job commitment, and intention to quit. Valid and reliable instruments from the literature were incorporated into a 64-item survey and distributed to 830 third through fifth grade teachers at seven northern Virginia school districts. In total, 225 complete responses were received. SEM...

Analysis of Student Perceptions of the Psychosocial Learning Environment in Online and Face-to-Face Career and Technical Education Courses

Diane L. Carver
Career and technical education (CTE) courses offered online are becoming more common in secondary schools. Recognizing the adaptability of CTE courses and designing curricula to offer online learners the same experience as face-to-face learners is challenging for education professionals and requires analyses of both environments. A lack of empirical studies makes it important to conduct research on online learning environments from the perspectives of high school students. This study analyzes student perceptions of the psychosocial...

Factors That Influence Learning Satisfaction Delivered by Video Streaming Technology

Daniel Stephen Keenan
In 2005, over 100,000 e-Learning courses were offered in over half of all U.S. postsecondary education institutions with nearly 90% of all community colleges and four year institutions offering online education. Streaming video is commonplace across the internet offering seamless video and sound anywhere connectivity is available effectively making any location a learning environment. The problem investigated in this study was to determine factors that affect the learning satisfaction of students that video streamed courses....

Signaling Instructional Video for Mathematics

Kimberly W. Milner
Video provides an increasingly valuable medium for delivery of instruction in a growing number of content areas. Growth of online instructional applications has been prompted by expansion of the Internet and video streaming technology, adding to the need for design practices that produce more effective and efficient instructional videos. This study examined the use of signaling for multimedia to reduce cognitive overload and increase mental effort when learning mathematical concepts and procedures from instructional video....

Components Needed for the Design of a Sustainable Career and Technical Education Program

Vann Mizzelle Lassiter
As education has changed to meet the needs of society and has been shaped by the enactment of new laws, various aspects included under the massive umbrella of education have also changed to maintain momentum One such educational program is career and technical education (CTE). Changes to CTE have been made to continually meet the needs of all involved. The purpose of this study was to identify components needed for the design of a sustainable...

Preferred Instructional Design Strategies for Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers of Integrated STEM Education

Amanda Shackleford Roberts
The purpose of this study was to identify the preferred instructional design strategies for the preparation of pre-service teachers who will deliver integrated STEM lessons. The research objectives were threefold and included identifying a preferred definition of integrated STEM education, developing its purpose statement, and creating a list of instructional design strategies that could be used for designing, planning, delivering, and assessing integrated STEM instruction. The Delphi method was selected as the optimum approach for...

Improving Argumentation Through Goal Instructions in Asynchronous Online Discussions

Yekaterina Prudchenko
Argumentation incorporated into class discussions can improve students' problem solving skills and enhance their epistemic and conceptual understanding. Research indicates students sometimes need scaffolding such as goal instructions to improve their argumentation skills. This study examined the effectiveness of different types of goal instructions on participants' argumentation achievement. In particular, the study compared the effects of minimal, moderate, substantial, and no goal instructions in asynchronous online discussions on participants' argumentation achievement, as measured by development,...

Effectiveness of the Combat Operational Stress Control Training Program: Expectations of the U.S. Marine Corps

Marek M. Sipko
This study evaluated the effectiveness of the U.S. Marine Corps combat operational stress preventive training program to determine whether the program meets the training effectiveness criteria of the Marine Corps. This evaluation entailed both qualitative and quantitative inquiries to answer the subject matter research questions. The participants consisted of active duty and reserve Marines on active duty. For the purposes of the quantitative analysis, the researcher obtained a random sample of 480 Marines. Additionally, the...

The Effects of Student Engagement on Retention: Comparing Male Undergraduate STEM Majors to Non-STEM Majors

Tourgee D. Simpson Jr.
Researchers suggest certain benchmarks of student engagement (i.e., student-faculty interaction, level of academic challenge, enriching educational experiences, active and collaborative learning, and supportive campus environment) positively influence student success. This study investigated the relationship between student engagement and the retention of male, full-time undergraduate students in STEM majors by comparing male, full-time undergraduate students in select science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors to male, full-time undergraduate students in non-STEM majors to identify best practices...

Impact of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment and the Re-Enlistment Intention of Virginia Army National Guard Soldiers

Kervin Gregory Sider
A key component to the success of the Army National Guard (ARNG) is the retention of its soldiers. The ARNG must maintain enough soldiers to accomplish their mission of supporting the active duty Army. Leadership is one of the important factors that influence soldiers' level of job satisfaction and organizational commitment and ultimately their intention to remain or leave the ARNG. This research study sought to determine the impact of transformational leadership on job satisfaction,...

The Effects of Group Size on Student Learning, Student Contributions, \Mental Effort, and Group Outcomes for Middle-Aged Adults Working in an Ill-Structured Problem-Solving Environment

Gary Lee Roemmich
Group work has become increasingly important within adult education as educators strive to present students with problems and processes that they encounter in their professional lives. In many work environments, individuals are expected to function as a part of a team to solve complex problems. Consequently, there has been a shift towards teaching students how to solve problems as part of a group rather than individually. An important question becomes "What size group maximizes students...

In Search for Instructional Techniques to Maximize the Use of Germane Cognitive Resources: A Case of Teaching Complex Tasks in Physics

The purpose of this study was to introduce an instructional technique for teaching complex tasks in physics, test its effectiveness and efficiency, and understand cognitive processes taking place in learners' minds while they are exposed to this technique. The study was based primarily on cognitive load theory (CLT). CLT determines the amount of total cognitive load imposed on a learner by a learning task as combined intrinsic (invested in comprehending task complexity) and extraneous (wasteful)...

A Program Evaluation of Supplemental Instruction for Developmental Mathematics at a Community College in Virginia

Marilyn Lawson Peacock
With the current emphasis on accountability and the importance of math skills in our present economy, the success of developmental mathematics students at community colleges is critical. How to improve the success of these developmental students has become the impetus for many educational initiatives. One educational innovation in tutoring, called supplemental instruction, has been successfully applied to high-risk courses which are defined to have a failure rate in excess of 30%. Mid-Atlantic Community College, in...

Professional Identity and Pedagogical Discontentment in High School Science Teachers Participating in a Professional Development Institute

Stephanie J. Hathcock
Although science teachers regularly participate in PD experiences involving reform-based practices, even our best teachers struggle to change their teaching practices to coincide with these pedagogics, and when they do change, it occurs at differential rates. The aim of this study was to better understand teachers' self-systems by analyzing their experiences in a PD institute program through the lens of professional identity. This multiple case study involved five high school science teachers participating in a...

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