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Effect of an Adaptive Thinking Training Methodology on Critical Thinking Disposition Using Human Patient Simulators: A Catalyst for Preparing Advanced Nursing Students

Robert Joseph Fitkin Jr.
Critical thinking decision making is the foundation for effective, safe, nursing practice. Nurses have to assess patient issues rapidly regardless of whether it is emotional, psychological, or physical, and then sort through "rapid fire" questions resulting in invisible sorting, discerning, and drawing of conclusions. Doing this "invisible sorting" well requires practice. Nursing education provides practice through preceptors or scenarios-driven human patient simulators to practice critical thinking. This study examines Adaptive Thinking Training Methodology with simulation...

Where is the Learning in Smaller Learning Communities? Academic Press, Social Support for Learning, and Academic Engagement in Smaller Learning Community Classrooms

Christopher Michael Fischer
The extent to which Academic Press and strong social relationships impact Academic Engagement in smaller learning communities (SLCs) situated in large comprehensive urban high schools was investigated. Data were collected through classroom observations, student questionnaires and focus groups with teachers and analyzed using descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), and content analysis of focus interview transcripts. Findings from the survey data confirm those found in much of the existing literature, namely that students experiencing...

The Effect of Individual or Group Guidelines on the Calibration Accuracy of High School Biology Students

Camilla C Walck
The effect of individual or group guidelines on the calibration accuracy of high school biology students was investigated. The study was conducted with 102 International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program biology students in a public school setting. The study was carried out over three testing occasions. Students worked in group or individual settings with and without calibration guidelines. Four intact classes were randomly assigned to one of four conditions: groups calibrating without guidelines; groups calibrating with...

Perspectives of International Students Performing Service-Learning in the United States: A Case study With Amizade

Suzanne Beth Unger
Past research has demonstrated consequences of service-learning and impacts of service-learning experiences on students and community members in domestic and international settings. Researchers have this topic in developing countries; however, few have studied international students' perspectives on doing service-learning in a developed country. This qualitative study aims to determine how students recognize their lives, and lives of community members in need are impacted as a result of their Amizade Global Service-Learning program in the United...

The Experiences of Secondary Social Studies Teachers With Historical Thinking Skills

Denise Lorraine Trombino
In this descriptive, mixed methods study, the researcher investigated secondary social studies teachers' college course experiences with and classroom use of historical thinking skills (HTS). Questionnaires were distributed to 160 teachers in a large public school system in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Forty percent of the questionnaires were returned. From the 40%, a purposeful sample was created. Observations, interviews, and analysis of instructional documents were used to gather data from the purposeful...

How “Struggling” Readers Engage in Literacy Events in Middle School Science: An Analysis of Interactions in Literacy Events

Kristin Cartwright Palmer
This study examined opportunities for participation and learning for "struggling" readers in a sixth grade science classroom. Literacy practices, language differences, activity structures, and the social and cultural identities and associated practices and everyday funds of knowledge of both "struggling" and nonstruggling readers in one sixth grade science classroom were documented and analyzed using a qualitative research design. Over sixteen hours of audio and video recordings as well as numerous student work samples were transcribed...

The Impact of Developmental Mathematics Courses and Age, Gender, and Race and Ethnicity on Persistence and Academic Performance in Virginia Community Colleges

James Dael Wolfle
This research study examined the 2006 cohort of First-Time-in-College students from all 23 community colleges in Virginia. The goal was to examine the persistence of these students to the fall 2007 semester and the success of these students in their first college-level mathematics course. The main predictor variable was whether the first mathematics course taken was a developmental or college-level course. Other main predictor variables examined were the age, gender, and race and ethnicity of...

Understanding Fourth Graders' Decline in Reading Motivation from Students' and Teachers' Perspectives

Christine A. Hebert
Previous research by Chall and Jacobs (2003) documented the phenomena of the fourth grade slump, a period in which students switch from learning to read to reading to learn and the subsequent loss of motivation to read. The purpose of this research is to present a phenomenological qualitative study of whether a sample of fourth grade students, low-achieving readers and average achieving readers, exhibited a loss in their motivation to read. Students' responses to a...

Caste, Desire, and the Representation of the Gendered Other in U. R. Ananthamurthy's “Samskara,” “Ghatashraddha,” and “Akkayya”

Krishna Manavalli
U.R. Ananthamurthy is an important Kannada writer who is situated in the navya (modern) literary movement that emerged in Karnataka in the post-independence South Indian context. This modern writer's works provide crucial insights into the postcolonial tensions of tradition-modernity, which figure importantly in modern Kannada literature. They engage with the issues of caste and gender in terms of the conflict between tradition and progress in the modern South Indian cultural discourse. Ananthamurthy's novel Samskara written...

Using Feature Extraction From Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Pathological Image Analysis and Its Visual Interpretability

Wei-Wen Hsu
This dissertation presents a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system using deep learning approaches for lesion detection and classification on whole-slide images (WSIs) with breast cancer. The deep features being distinguishing in classification from the convolutional neural networks (CNN) are demonstrated in this study to provide comprehensive interpretability for the proposed CAD system using the domain knowledge in pathology. In the experiment, a total of 186 slides of WSIs were collected and classified into three categories: Non-Carcinoma,...

Exploring the Lived Experiences of Career Oriented Military Spouses Pursuing Education for Career Advancement

Melody D. Agbisit
In the United States, the number of dual career couples has been increasing due to economic and personal growth needs (Pixley, 2009). Furthermore, more careers are requiring specialized education than before (O'Neill & Thomson, 2013). However, there is a limited understanding of the trailing career oriented military spouse as a student population (Gleiman & Swearengen, 2012). This phenomenological qualitative study aimed to explore the lived experiences of 11 military spouses pursuing education to advance their...

Nutrient Controls Over Cyanobacterial Synthesis of the Neurotoxin β-N-Methylamino-L-Alanine (BMAA) and Its Potential Accumulation in the Blue Crab (Callinectes Sapidus)

Madeline M. Hummel
Cyanobacteria are known to produce a variety of toxins that negatively impact both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. One putative neurotoxic compound is the non-protein amino acid β-N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), which has epidemiological linkages to the development of several human neurological diseases. Three cyanobacterial species thought to produce BMAA —Microcystis aeruginosa, Synechococcus bacillaris, and Nostoc sp. —were grown in nutrient replete cultures to examine its synthesis and cellular distribution over a growth cycle. Production of BMAA was...

The Messy Nuclear Landscape: Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping to Explore Plausible Nuclear Disarmament Scenarios

Ryan M. Nixon
Nuclear weapons are seemingly permanent fixtures in international relations. Although nuclear abolitionists and actors within the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have taken significant steps towards designing a world without nuclear weapons, the longstanding realist logic that suggests nuclear disarmament is nonviable has born more fruit. On the other hand, some proponents of realism have suggested global nuclear disarmament is feasible, given that certain international instabilities are stabilized and that...

Networkings Role in the Informal Learning of Elementary Principals

Joshua J. Ringling
Formal learning is an important aspect for school principals in the era of federal and state accountability. These formal learning opportunities provide the conditions for leadership development and personal growth. Although formal learning has been a consistent focus of educational leadership research, informal learning has not. The purpose of this study was to use qualitative case study methodology to gain a better understanding of in depth Social Networking amongst school principals with varying levels of...

Globalization, Culture, and Online Learning: An Exploration of the Sociocultural Perspectives of Indian Students Participating in U.S.-Based Online Courses

Mitsue S. Shiokawa
This study correlates the impacts of globalization on higher education and the generation of online learning programs offered to global audiences. Concomitantly, it examines the sociocultural experiences of international students participating in United States based online courses. Of specific interest is the socialized culture of learning students from India bring with them into an online learning course, and how that socialized culture is negotiated through strategies of acculturation alongside the student’s perceived American culture of...

In Hot Water: Thermal Acclimation is Insufficient to Save Corals in the Anthropocene

Harmony Alise Martel
Scleractinian corals are animal partners in exquisite symbioses with a suite of algal, microbial, fungal and viral associates comprising miniature ecosystems collectively referred to as a holobiont. In recent decades, ocean warming has jeopardized the delicate balance of the very symbioses that have enabled coral survival. Thermal stress causes a reduction of algal symbionts, a phenomenon referred to as ‘coral bleaching’ that represents dysbiosis in the holobiont and often leads to mortality. Current thermal acclimation...

The Effects of Automation Transparency and Reliability on Task Shedding and Operator Trust

William Everett Lehman
Because automation use is common in many domains, understanding how to design it to optimize human-automation system performance is vital. Well-calibrated trust ensures good performance when using imperfect automation. Two factors that may jointly affect trust calibration are automation transparency and perceived reliability. Transparency information that explains automated processes and analyses to the operator may help the operator choose appropriate times to shed task control to automation. Because operator trust is positively correlated with automation...

Conceptualization of Faculty Work Motivation: Overcoming the Impasse

Julie Nikolaeva Thompson
The work motivation literature is at an impasse. At the same time, changing economic and social conditions necessitate an ongoing transformation for how organizations motivate their workforce. Although changes in the nature of work have captured the attention of researchers, calls for more research to further develop work motivation theory have largely gone unnoticed. The scarcity of new theoretical research contributes to a lack of contextual understanding in work motivation. As such, organizational leaders continue...

Adding Soul to the Message: Applying African American Jeremiad Rhetoric as Culturally Competent Health Communication Online

Wilbert Francisco LaVeist
This study examines whether online health communications targeting African Americans could be more effective by structuring the message in the format of African American jeremiad rhetoric, a culturally unique version of the American jeremiad literary form. Health disparities (also known as health inequality) persist among African Americans despite increased health knowledge, improved communication practices, and access to health facts online. The problem is systemic, and thus a predictable outcome that requires change in societal structures...

Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Lagrangian Control: Improving Freeway Bottleneck Throughput Via Variable Speed Limit

Reza Vatani Nezafat
Connected vehicles (CVs) will enable new applications to improve traffic flow. The focus of this dissertation is to investigate how reinforcement learning (RL) control for the variable speed limit (VSL) through CVs can be generalized to improve traffic flow at different freeway bottlenecks. Three different bottlenecks are investigated: A sag curve, where the gradient changes from negative to positive values causes a reduction in the roadway capacity and congestion; a lane reduction, where three lanes...

Operation Bumpy Road: The Role of Admiral Arleigh Burke and the U.S. Navy in the Bay of Pigs Invasion

John P. Madden
The Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961 was a political and military fiasco. President John F. Kennedy inherited the plan when he took office in January 1961. Even though there was a low probability of success, Kennedy still approved the operation. Because of the failure at the Bay of Pigs Kennedy lost faith in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Admiral Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO),...

Spire and Tower: The History, Architecture and Art of Two Norfolk, Virginia Churches

Judith L. Smith
While St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church and Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church are dissimilar in origin, religious practices, and architectural style, when taken together, their periods of construction in their respective revival styles span and define an important era in Norfolk, Virginia's urban history. Original research in the sparse records of several Catholic parishes identifies the previously known name of the architect of St. Mary's church. The study also offers additional information...

The Adams Image in American History

Mary Helen McCoy
John Adams was an American Revolutionary leader, political theorist, diplomat, constitutionalist, vice-president, and president. His historical image, however, has not been consistent with his importance in American history. Controversial throughout his lifetime, the Adams image, since his death has been at times obscure, often negative, and seldom positive. Adams had a fear of posterity's perception of his life. Until recent years this fear was confirmed by his historical treatment. This thesis considers the divergence in...

Operator Strategies Under Varying Conditions of Workload

Ruth Justine Arnegard
The present study attempted to operationally define and measure strategic behavior in a complex multiple task environment. The Multi-Attribute Task battery was developed to simulate various aspects of flight and consisted of an auditory communication task, monitoring tasks, a tracking task, a resource management task which allowed a wide range of responding patterns, and a scheduling window which allowed operators to predict changes in workload. This battery was validated for its sensitivity to strategic behavior...

Animal-Word and Sound Test: An Auditory Cognitive Interference Effect

Jason L. Parker
This study presented a method in which the Stroop Color Word Test can be adapted to an auditory form. This auditory test used a series of animal words, animal sounds and word-sound combinations. This "Animal-Word-and-Sound test" contained three subtests. The test tasks were to repeat a list of words, identify a list of animal sounds, and to identify the sound in a combined animal word-sound pairings (Both the animal's name and sound are presented simultaneously)....

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