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Las Vegas: Utopia of Escape for Everyman

Alison Cowand Napier
Rising from the surrounding Mojave Desert, Las Vegas has served as an oasis for those seeking an escape from their daily existence since the middle of the 20th century. Each year, over fifty million people visit the city, making it second only to Mecca with the number of travelers it receives. The majority of Americans can recognize the city's silhouette, and one in two has visited Las Vegas, making it the number one destination for...

Curing and Flow of Thermosetting Resins for Composite Materials Pultrusion

Howard L. Price Jr.
Fibrous composite materials for mechanical and structural applications often are expensive due to high labor costs. One economical way of making composites is pultrusion, a manufacturing process in which resin-impregnated fibers are pulled at a constant speed through a heated die which shapes the resin-fiber mass and cures the resin. Most of the work which has been done on the process has been of an empirical nature, with limited understanding of the process principles. Most...

Defensin in the Ticks Dermacentor variabilis and Ixodes scapularis

Shane Michael Ceraul
This dissertation presents the identification, molecular structure and expression of defensin, an antimicrobial peptide, in the ticks, Dermacentor variabilis and Ixodes scapularis. A 624 bp cDNA molecule for defensin was cloned and sequenced from hemocytes, fat body and midgut of unstimulated D. variabilis ticks. Defensin peptide was detected only in the hemocyte lysates. These results suggest that the defensin from D. variabilis is synthesized and stored in the hemocytes, although the role of other tissues...

Circulation of the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Implications for Biological Production

Maria Andrea Piñones Valenzuela
The western Antarctic Peninsula (wAP) continental shelf is characterized by large persistent populations of Antarctic krill ( Enphausia superba) and by regions of enhanced concentrations of marine mammals and other predators (hot spots). This study focused on understanding the role of ocean circulation in providing retention/connectivity of wAP Antarctic krill populations and in maintaining biological hot spot regions. Numerical Lagrangian particle tracking simulations obtained from the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) configured for the wAP...

Methods for the Comparison of Timing Behavior Applied to the Pink Salmon Fisheries of Prince William Sound, Alaska

Louis J. Rugolo
Harvest control in salmonid fisheries was examined as a problem in the formulation of regulations which restrict time and area of fishing. An ability to rigorously define and compare the form of the progression of migration across time and between harvest areas was judged fundamental to objective harvest decisions. Identification and evaluation of statistical methods appropriate to the comparison of empirical migratory time densities was performed. The development of the measure of central tendency (mean...

Control and Mechanism Interaction for Ground-Based Testing of Space Structures

Li-Farn Yang
In the ground-based validation testing, the adverse effect of terrestrial conditions such as a gravitational force interferes with the dynamic behavior of space structures. A suspension system is developed to assess the structural characteristics in a simulated zero-gravity environment. Using a mechanisms approach, the synthesis of a noncircular disk with a torsional spring at its rotational axis is designed to counteract the gravitational force of test structures during the testing. The multibody dynamics of a...

Wind-Induced Exchange in Semi-Enclosed Basins

Rosario Sanay
The wind-induced circulation over laterally varying bathymetry was investigated in homogeneous and in stratified systems using the three-dimensional Regional Ocean Model (ROMS). For homogeneous systems, the focus was to describe the influence of the earth's rotation on the lateral distribution of the flow with particular emphasis on the transverse circulation. Along-basin wind-stress with no rotation caused a circulation dominated by an axially symmetric transverse structure consisting of downwind flow over the shoals and upwind flow...

Deep Cellular Recurrent Neural Architecture for Efficient Multidimensional Time-Series Data Processing

Lasitha S. Vidyaratne
Efficient processing of time series data is a fundamental yet challenging problem in pattern recognition. Though recent developments in machine learning and deep learning have enabled remarkable improvements in processing large scale datasets in many application domains, most are designed and regulated to handle inputs that are static in time. Many real-world data, such as in biomedical, surveillance and security, financial, manufacturing and engineering applications, are rarely static in time, and demand models able to...

Factors Associated with Tobacco Smoking Among Saudi College Students: A Systematic Review

Saad A. Alotaibi & Praveen Durgampudi
Introduction: There has been an increase in tobacco smoking among Saudi college students in recent years. However, no study has examined, with a systematic approach, the extent to which specific factors are associated with tobacco smoking among this population. Methods: PubMed, ProQuest, CINAHL, and Web of Science were utilized to retrieve studies addressing risk factors associated with tobacco smoking among Saudi college students between 2010 and 2019. After confirming their eligibility criteria, studies were imported...

Relationships Between Injury-Related Fear, Balance Self-Efficacy, and Dynamic Balance Performance in Those With Chronic Ankle Instability

Ashley M. B. Suttmiller, Kelly Johnson & Ryan S. McCann
Interactions between sensory-perceptual and motor-behavioral impairments in individuals with chronic ankle instability (CAI) are important for successful assessment and treatment of CAI. One of the most consistently reported motor-behavioral impairments is poor reach performance in a dynamic balance task. Injury-related fear is recognized as an important sensory-perceptual impairment, and those with injury-related fears may engage in protective movement strategies found to be associated with reach deficits. Injury-related fear may also impact one’s perception of ability,...

Two Essays on Consumer Envy

Murong Miao
Consumer envy, which is a two-faceted emotion (benign versus malicious), could change consumer behavior in different ways. Although research on envy is abundant in the psychology field, little attention has been paid to envy in marketing research. This dissertation composes of two essays. Based on Social Comparison Theory (SCT), these two essays examine the envy mechanism in driving consumer behavior using different contexts (social media behavior and counterfeit luxury consumption). Essay one examines the relationship...

Exploring the Influence of Maternity Leave on Maternal Child Bonding

Amber Wilson, Kathie Zimbro & Carolyn Rutledge
PROBLEM: Approximately half of the women of child-bearing age are eligible for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, taking unpaid maternity leave may place a significant financial burden on any family. Lack of maternity leave, or shorter durations of maternity leave is listed as a significant barrier to breastfeeding, yet there have been no changes implemented to improve that since FMLA was signed into action in 1993. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to...

Numerical Modeling of Shoreline Response to Storm Tides and Sea Level Rise

Akash Sahu
In this study, an integrated hydrodynamic, wave, and sediment transport modeling approach is developed for predicting the spatiotemporal variation of erosion of a sandy shoreline due to storm surge, wave action, tidal variations, and relative sea level rise (RSLR). The study site is located at the northern most portion of the city of Norfolk, Virginia, and it is of importance to the city, both in terms of tourism and for the protection that it provides...

Numerical Modeling and Field Investigation of Nearshore Nonlinear Wave Propagation

Elham Sharifineyestani
First, a phase-resolving frequency-domain wave model that solves nonlinear wave-wave interactions is improved to account for wave dissipation and modulations over viscoelastic mud layer. Model results show satisfactory agreement with laboratory measurements. The model is then used to investigate the combined effect of mud viscoelasticity and nonlinear wave-wave interactions on surface wave evolution using cnoidal and random wave simulations. In general, qualitative measures such as shape of cnoidal waves or pattern of variation in Hrms...

Around Her Table: A Digital Community Archive Featuring Azorean-American Women in New England

Suzanne Lyn Parenti Sink
Around Her Table is a born-digital dissertation dedicated to collecting, preserving, and validating the Azorean-American woman’s immigrant experience and cultural identity through the transformative power of participatory archives. The site address is www.aroundhertable.org. The digital exhibit features the oral histories and artifacts related to the domestic sphere of six Azorean-American families, with particular emphasis on artifacts related to the kitchen, hand-worked textiles, and religious practices. Driving the urgency for the creation of new archival records...

Two Essays on the Effects of Organization Capital on Firm Behavior

Andrew Root
A growing stream of finance literature involves measuring the effects of organization capital (“OC”) on investment decisions, financial policy, and firm value. Li, Qui & Shen (2018) use the exogenous event of a merger or acquisition to determine whether high OC acquirers perform better. We extend the OC literature by considering economic policy uncertainty (“PU”)(Baker, Bloom & Davis, 2016), which is also exogenous to the firm, to determine the effect of OC on firms in...

The Evolution of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Tropical Pacific Climate Across the Last Deglaciation

Ryan Hunter Glaubke
The El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the largest interannual component of Earth’s climate system, capable of exerting significant influence over global climate patterns that affect communities around the globe. Nevertheless, a comprehensive understanding of the ENSO system and its relationship to tropical Pacific climate dynamics remains unclear. Although new paleoceanographic proxies have shown promise in in their ability to constrain past ENSO change, little is known about how ENSO varied in response to...

The Factors That Are Related to Native American Community College Students' Intent to Persist

Garnet Laureen Williams
More than half of Native American higher education students choose community colleges as their institution of choice. However, when compared with other ethnic groups, Native American/Alaska Natives (NA/AN) students earn the second-lowest number of associate degrees and the lowest number of bachelor's degrees. Despite this substantive gap, few studies have explored the factors related to Native American community college students' intent to persist. With the projected population surge of NA/AN residents over the next 15...

The Impact of Dual Enrollment Participation on Degree Attainment

Peggy Anne Westcott
Dual enrollment programs continue to grow in the United States; however, little empirical research examines the relationship between this high school experience and future college success and degree attainment. This study examines degree attainment for first-time beginning students who began their postsecondary education at a Virginia Community College during the fall semester, 2002. It follows those students for six years across all institutions attended, comparing degree attainment for two identified groups; students with dual enrollment...

Using Two Formats of a Social Story to Increase the Social-Communication Skills of Three Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nicole A. Anthony
An alternating treatment design was used to compare the effects of two interventions on the initiations and on-topic responses of three adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. The interventions were participant specific social stories on an iPad and in paper format, both of which occurred in an after-school setting. Results indicated two participants increased the number of initiations and on-topic responses during gaming sessions over baseline levels. In addition, all three children generalized targeted skills to...

Enhancing Apprentice Training Through Supervision of Work Experience

J. Scott Christman
To remain globally competitive, U.S. companies need to consider new strategies for developing a workforce. The apprenticeship model has been identified as a viable solution for companies to invest. The problem of this study was to determine if an apprenticeship experience was enhanced by the type of supervision given during the work-related component of a program. To aid current and potential companies offering apprenticeship programs, this study identified a population of apprentices (N = 877),...

Scalable Parallel Delaunay Image-to-Mesh Conversion for Shared and Distributed Memory Architectures

Daming Feng
Mesh generation is an essential component for many engineering applications. The ability to generate meshes in parallel is critical for the scalability of the entire Finite Element Method (FEM) pipeline. However, parallel mesh generation applications belong to the broader class of adaptive and irregular problems, and are among the most complex, challenging, and labor intensive to develop and maintain. In this thesis, we summarize several years of the progress that we made in a novel...

Instructional Alignment of Workplace Readiness Skills in Career and Technical Education

Sarah Jane Martin
The United States faces a skills shortage that goes beyond academic and technical skills. Employers report entry-level workers lack the necessary "soft" skills, also referred to as workplace readiness skills, needed for success in the workforce; thus, calling on educational institutions to make improvements in high school curriculum in order to address the skills gap. The intent of this dissertation was to examine high school marketing education teachers' knowledge of workplace readiness skills and whether...

Employment of Command and Control Systems Within the U.S. Marine Corps

Aaron B. Lang
The purpose of this study was to identify potential barriers to the effective employment of command and control (C2) systems to enhance warfighter readiness. Five research hypotheses guided this study, which addressed the perception of the effective employment of Marine Corps C2 systems based on demographic characteristics, which included: organization, occupational field, experience, rank, and recent deployment experience. The population of the study included Active and Reserve Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) and Officers that now...

Current Barriers to Dental Care of Virginia Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Sfair Alkhthami
Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the barriers to accessing professional dental care for Virginia children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a mechanism for evaluating dental hygiene curricula. Methods: Data was collected via Qualtrics® from caregivers of one or more children with ASD who were part of Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater (FACT). The survey was distributed through FACT to all 200 members (N=200) via an email link, and a...

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