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Cyber-Assets at Risk (Car): Monetary Impact of Personally Identifiable Information Data Breaches on Companies

Omer Ilker Poyraz
Cyber-systems provide convenience, ubiquity, economic advantage, and higher efficiency to both individuals and organizations. However, vulnerabilities of the cyber domain also offer malicious actors with the opportunities to compromise the most sensitive information. Recent cybersecurity incidents show that a group of hackers can cause a massive data breach, resulting in companies losing competitive advantage, reputation, and money. Governments have since taken some actions in protecting individuals and companies from such crime by authorizing federal agencies...

Investigating a Multimodal Approach to Clinical Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease

Sean M. Flannery
An estimated 5.8 million Americans suffer from dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease (AD), with that number projected to grow to 13.8 million by mid-century (Alzheimer’s Association, 2019). Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) describes the stage between normal cognitive decline that comes with aging and a dementia diagnosis (Peterson, 1999). Due to a lack of a cure or particularly effective treatment, a major goal of treatment is to focus on improving quality of life (Budson & Solomon,...

Predictors of Dental Students’ Behavioral Intention Use of Teledentistry: An Application of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (Utaut) Model

Jafar Hassan Alabdullah
Shortages of dental professionals and access barriers to dental care are challenges to improving oral health and decreasing the burden of dental diseases. There are more than 57 million individuals in the U.S. who live in dental health professional shortage areas (DHPSA). The U.S. DHPSA areas need 9,951 dental practitioners to overcome the obstacles to oral care access. Due to dental care needs for these populations, it is imperative to find a new method to...

Towards Dynamic Vehicular Clouds

Aida Ghazizadeh
Motivated by the success of the conventional cloud computing, Vehicular Clouds were introduced as a group of vehicles whose corporate computing, sensing, communication, and physical resources can be coordinated and dynamically allocated to authorized users. One of the attributes that set Vehicular Clouds apart from conventional clouds is resource volatility. As vehicles enter and leave the cloud, new computing resources become available while others depart, creating a volatile environment where the task of reasoning about...

Comparison of Two Separation Methods for Biological Particles: Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) and Sucrose Density Gradients

Cody E. Garrison
Sucrose gradient centrifugation and Field-flow fractionation (FFF) are two different particle separation methods that overcome the problems of similar size microorganisms clumping together during standard filtration methods. FFF separates particles based on size and density via the parabolic velocity profile of laminar flow in a ribbon-like channel. The sucrose method separates particles via centrifugation in a density gradient. Both techniques worked well in separating eukaryotic from prokaryotic microbes, with the preferred method depending on the...

Effectiveness of Interactive, Collaborative vs. Traditional, Lecture-Based Educational Interventions for Adolescents in Low-Income Areas to Increase Knowledge Regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections

Nelan Tagra, Maia Jimenez, Christina Benedicto, Christopher Tucker, Gerrard Norman, Charmein Harris & Stephanie Green
Aim: To assess whether teens who live in low-income areas who participate in interactive, collaborative sexually transmitted infections (STI) prevention education will have a significant increase in learning outcomes in comparison to students who participate in a traditional, lecture-based approach. Background: More STIs are reported each year. Among those infected, young people are of the highest incidence at 50% of new STIs in the US annually. High STI incidence is an unintended health outcome as...

Climate Change and Infrastructural Damage

Macey VanSavage
With the assistance of ENGL 231C students at Old Dominion University, Dr. Daniel Richards and Mrs. Megan McKittrick led this study testing the usability of Climate Central’s Risk Finder tool. The study was conducted as a client-based, service learning project for a Technical and Scientific writing course, serving client Dan Rizza at Climate Central, a nonprofit research organization. The study serves as a way for local collegiate students to be able to gain knowledge about...

How Do Personal Connections Play a Role in Risk Perception of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise?

Katelyn Sheeley
The threat of sea level rise is unknown to many coastal residents living in the United States, including Virginians. Climate Central, a nonprofit research-based organization, has created the Risk Finder tool to help inform the public about the potential dangers posed by sea level rise. Risk Finder is an interactive, online mapping tool intended to inform residents of useful data concerning sea level rise. Dr. Daniel Richards and Mrs. Megan Mckittrick from Old Dominion University...

A Novel Non-Enzymatic Glucose Biofuel Cell with Mobile Glucose Sensing

Ankit Baingane
Herein, we report a novel non-enzymatic glucose biofuel cell with mobile glucose sensing. We characterized the power generation and biosensing capabilities in presence of glucose analyte. This system was developed using a non-enzymatic glucose biofuel cell consisting of colloidal platinum coated gold microwire (Au-co-Pt) employed as an anode and the cathode which was constructed using a Gas diffusion electrode (GDE) with a platinum catalyst. The non-enzymatic glucose biofuel cell produced a maximum open circuit voltage...

Internationalization: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Faculty Who Have Led a Short-Term Educational Abroad Program

Rodin M. Ndandula
Over the years, internationalization efforts in higher education institutions have been driven predominantly by the growing demands of the globalized world. Short-term education abroad programs have emerged as a popular strategy for attaining internationalization. Faculty at many institutions are instrumental to this process as they often are the leaders of these education abroad experiences. While considerable research exists on student experiences in education abroad, few studies have focused on the experiences of other members of...

The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Training on Teachers’ Self-Regulated Learning, Self-Efficacy for Teaching, and Perceived Instructional Effectiveness in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments

Melissa Quackenbush
The effects of training on teachers’ self-regulated learning (SRL), self-efficacy for teaching, and perceived instructional effectiveness in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environments were investigated. Participants were 80 K-12 teachers who had recently transitioned to teaching in a CSCL environment when schools closed in response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. The researcher also explored how teachers use SRL skills in their learning and instruction. Training consisted of weekly collaborative meetings addressing pedagogy and technology connections. Participants...

MementoMap: A Web Archive Profiling Framework for Efficient Memento Routing

Sawood Alam
With the proliferation of public web archives, it is becoming more important to better profile their contents, both to understand their immense holdings as well as to support routing of requests in Memento aggregators. A memento is a past version of a web page and a Memento aggregator is a tool or service that aggregates mementos from many different web archives. To save resources, the Memento aggregator should only poll the archives that are likely...

Air Pollution and Outdoor Recreation on Urban Trails: A Case Study of the Elizabeth River Trail, Norfolk, VA

James E. McCann
Poor air quality represents a significant health risk, especially when recreating outdoors in urban parks and trails. It is important for managers of urban parks and trail to understand how potential visitors’ perceptions of air quality and health risks and benefits may affect visitation. The goal of this study was to investigate temporal variance in air quality along the Elizabeth River Trail, an urban trail located in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as trail users’ perceptions...

Climate Change Games as Boundary Objects: Fostering Dialogic Communication within Stakeholder Engagement

Megan L. McKittrick
Rising waters and the increasing devastation of flood events make coastal resilience a significant issue in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, particularly in the city of Norfolk. Enhancing resilience requires ongoing stakeholder engagement designed to invite dialogue while encouraging cross-jurisdictional collaboration and comprehensive problem-solving. Climate change games have been employed to support these endeavors. This dissertation provides a response to the following research questions: 1) What is the origin of the climate change game...

Preserving the Pyramid of STI Using Buckets

Michael Nelson & Kurt Maly
Buckets are an aggregative, intelligent construct for publishing in digital libraries (DLs). The product of research projects is information. This information is often instantiated in several forms, differentiated by semantic types (report, software, video, datasets, etc.). A given semantic type can be further differentiated by syntactic representations as well (PostScript version, PDF version, Word version, etc.). Although the information was created together and subtle relationships can exist between them, different semantic instantiations are generally segregated...

Sociopolitical Crisis and the Rise of a Social Justice Superintendent in Charlottesville

Sara Lourdes Epperly
This qualitative case study examined one school superintendent’s handling of a sociopolitical crisis event over the course of its phased unfolding. A review of literature in the fields of both crisis management and social justice educational leadership supplied a conceptual lens for viewing the case. Key concepts from the crisis management literature included staged intervention, organizational learning, and transformative leadership. Key concepts from the literature of social justice educational leadership included criticality, inclusion, relationshipbuilding, and...

Disrupting Education: High School Principals’ Efforts to Lead Disruptive Innovation and the Influence of Isomorphic Mechanisms

Katie Cummings Catania
Students today require skills and dispositions different from those of the past. Despite ongoing efforts to initiate change in schools through reform efforts, little has changed within educational institutions. Current reform efforts do, however, create conditions for principals to lead disruptive innovation within their schools. Research is limited on innovation implementation in education and the various ways isomorphic forces may hinder or contribute to the design and adoption of disruptive innovations. The purpose of this...

Synthesis, Characterization, Spectroscopic, and Mesomorphic Studies of New Schiff Base Ligands and Titanium, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper Metal Centers

Raj K. Gurung
Transition metal complexes with Schiff base ligands offer a wide application in the field of development of catalysis and material. The straightforward synthesis allowed the structural modification and helped to optimize in various application of such complexes. Titanium-containing complexes have been reported to be important for their catalytic and material applications through the coordination of a tetradentate Schiff base ligand, viz. N, N’-ethylene bis(salicylideneiminate) dianion (salen). Studies reporting the characterization of achiral titanium(IV) salen complexes...

Global Conservation Status of Croaker and Drum (Family: Sciaenidae) and Role of the Maw Trade

Claire E. Gorman
Understanding threats and drivers of extinction risk is critical to conserving marine biodiversity. Although marine bony fishes are some of the most diverse and abundant vertebrates in the world, overexploitation is the major threat to these taxa. Species in the family Sciaenidae are important marine resources in many parts of the world, supporting small- and large-scale fisheries for consumption and the international maw (dried swimbladder) trade. Sciaenids exhibit a diverse array of life history characteristics,...

Development of Single Nanoparticle Optical Assays for Imaging Single Living Cells

William John Brownlow
Multi-drug resistance (MDR) has been reported in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes; the pathogenic gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa can extrude a variety of structurally and functionally diverse substrates via a number of membrane transport systems leading to MDR. We have developed a novel nanoparticle assay to characterize both the membrane transport system composed of the MexAB-OprM efflux pump and the membrane permeability induced by antibiotics. Gold (Au) and silver (Ag) nanoparticles were investigated for use as...

Copper and Cobalt Metal Conjugation Enhances Flaviviral Replication, and DENV/ZIKV Caused Thrombocytopenia Suppresses Integrin Signaling

Shovan Dutta
Vector control is a global concern, and effective strategies have been on the way. Among the many different strategies, insect repellents to protect us from blood-feeding arthropods are very common. Food processing or preservatives in food expose us to several chemicals associated with insect repellents, insecticides, and pesticides. Using metallic conjugation with plant extracts or essential oils has become a widespread strategy to increase their efficacy. But it is worth it to be aware that...

A Rivalry of Necessity: An Analysis of Mechanisms of Contention Between The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Aras Syahmanssuri
The 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution that extremely concerned the Saudis leaders culminated after the overthrow of a monarchical regime of the Iranian Shah and the power rise of a theocratic Shia government led by Ayatollah Khomeini. From the early days of this revolution, Khomeini raised a unique slogan, which was “exporting the revolution” to neighboring countries. Through targeting the Shia minority in neighboring countries, this slogan highly concerned the Gulf countries including the Kingdom of...

Sodium-Calcium Ratios in the Planktic Foraminifera Trilobatus Sacculifer as a Proxy for Sea Surface Salinity

Colton Steele Watkins
Recent culture and field studies have found a significant positive correlation between seawater salinity and the incorporation of sodium into foraminiferal calcite, suggesting a potential new proxy for reconstructing past changes in sea surface salinity (SSS) (Mezger et al., 2016 and Bertlich et al., 2018). In order to test the applicability of this new proxy in an open-ocean setting, Na/Ca ratios in the planktic foraminifera Trilobatus sacculifer (T. sacculifer Na/Ca) were measured from a suite...

Nanosecond Stimulation and Defibrillation of Langendorff-Perfused Rabbit Hearts

Johanna Neuber
The search for novel defibrillation methodologies focuses on minimizing deposition of energy to the heart, as this is an indicator for side effects including pain and tissue death. In this work, we investigate the effect of reducing the duration of the applied shocks from low milliseconds to the nanosecond range. 300 ns defibrillation was observed and confirmed to require lower energy than monophasic shocks by almost an order of magnitude with no tissue damage. Additionally,...

Finite Element Analysis Investigation of Hybrid Thin-Ply Composites for Improved Performance of Aerospace Structures

Alana M. Zahn
Commercial and private aircraft have a need for strong yet light materials in order to have the most ideal performance possible. This study looks at the use of thin-ply composite materials to improve the performance of aircraft structures by means of weight savings and/or strength increase when compared to laminates that are composed of exclusively standard-ply materials. In order to perform an investigation based solely on finite element analysis, validation efforts were performed using test...

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