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Drive Leg and Stride Leg Ground Reaction Forces Relationship to Medial Elbow Stress and Velocity in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers

Brett Smith
This study examines several different kinetic variables in relation to pitch velocity and elbow varus torque in collegiate baseball pitchers using force plates, an inertial measurement unit, and a radar unit. The purpose of this study is to investigate the kinetic variables being measured and their relationship to pitch velocity and loads being placed on the medial elbow. Twelve collegiate baseball pitchers participated in this study, which was approved by the IRB. Impulse of the...

Environmentally Related Urbanization and Violence Potential

Christina Bagaglio Slentz
In contrast to historical examples in which urban increase is accompanied by the pull factors of wealth and development, post-industrialized sub-Saharan African urbanization patterns are characterized by a lack of economic growth, confounding experts. Simultaneously, African conflict scholars have observed a major geographical shift in African conflict onset, moving out of rural regions and into urban centers. Recognizing the effects of increasing climate variability and threatened agricultural livelihoods, this study hypothesizes perceived economic advantage in...

Burnout, Self-Efficacy, and Coping Strategies Among College Faculty

Jordan M. Ball
Due to the changing college environment, university faculty are faced with a serious burden to support their university. University faculty are expected to satisfy numerous job demands, and these demands in turn lead to burnout, a chronic response to job stressors. Burnout is an essential component of occupational research as it relates to other negative outcomes, such as turnover and decreased performance. Because of this, it behooves both faculty and universities to employ methods that...

A Case Study on the Application and Implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports for Students with Emotional Disabilities in Alternative Education

Kira Candelier Marcari
Alternative educational settings are serving students with emotional disabilities (ED) at an increasing rate; however, there a paucity of research examining the effectiveness of these programs. A review of the existing literature targeting students with problematic behaviors, supports the use of a positive, preventative, proactive, and systematic approaches such as the three-tiered, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) framework. Although findings suggest that the PBIS framework is associated with favorable outcomes for students with ED...

Physical Education and Extracurricular Activity Participation of Autistic, Neurodivergent, Disabled Trans Adults

Steven Kelly Holland
Disabled trans students may be multiply marginalized and/or have reduced access to otherwise affirming gender identity- or disability-related spaces in educational contexts because of their intersectional identities. At present, a limited understanding of disabled trans students school experiences are known. This dissertation was constructed using a two-manuscript format. The purpose of the first study was to investigate the physical education experiences of disabled trans adults. The study was conducted from an interpretivist paradigm and used...

Standardizing America: Why it Should Be a Method of the Past

Samantha N. Jackson
This paper examines, critiques, and suggests improvements on the method of standardized testing in American schools. This paper discusses the history and development of standardized testing and its initial purpose and intentions. Additionally, the effects of standardized testing on students, teachers, and parents are evaluated, with special consideration on how high stakes testing adversely affects disadvantaged student groups such as children in minorities and low-income districts, bilingual students, and children with disabilities. The research suggests...

Defining Disciplinary Literacy in History

Christina Zendzian
History is the complement of several factors that intertwine with one another. Disciplinary literacy in history is complex because it requires the disciple to draw meaning from multiple aspects such as social, cultural, economic, and political. By understanding those factors can one become literate in history. This paper will discuss what it means to be literate in history while formulating an inquiry-based project for students.

The Development of Novel Carbohydrate-Based Gelators and Their Applications as Advanced Soft Materials

Joedian Morris
Low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) are attractive molecules that have been explored extensively due to their practical applications in many disciplines. These small molecules self-assemble forming solid-like gels via three-dimensional cross-linked networks with the solvent as the key component within the matrix. Carbohydrate-based LMWGs are small molecules that can form solid-like gels in water, organic solvents, and aqueous solutions. They have great potential to be utilized in different applications because carbohydrates are biocompatible and can...

Investigating Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of the Virginia Computer Science Standards of Learning: A Qualitative Multiple Case Study

Valerie Sledd Taylor
Computer science education is being recognized globally as necessary to better prepare students in all grade levels, K-12, for future success. As a result of this focus on computer science education in the United States and around the world, there is an increased demand for highly qualified teachers with content and pedagogical knowledge to successfully support student learning. As a result, there is a call to include and improve the computer science training offered to...

Application of a Blockchain Enabled Model in Disaster Aids Supply Network Resilience

Farinaz Sabz Ali Pour
The disaster area is a dynamic environment. The bottleneck in distributing the supplies may be from the damaged infrastructure or the unavailability of accurate information about the required amounts. The success of the disaster response network is based on collaboration, coordination, sovereignty, and equality in relief distribution. Therefore, a reliable dynamic communication system is required to facilitate the interactions, enhance the knowledge for the relief operation, prioritize, and coordinate the goods distribution. One of the...

MOVE: Mobile Observers Variants and Extensions

Ryan Florin
Traffic state estimation is a fundamental task of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Recent advances in sensor technology and emerging computer and vehicular communications paradigms have brought the task of estimating traffic state parameters in real-time within reach. This has led to the main research question of this thesis: Can a vehicle accurately estimate traffic parameters using onboard resources shared through CV technology in a lightweight manner without utilizing centralized or roadside infrastructure? In 1954 Wardrop and...

Injury-Related Fear in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability

Ashley Marie Brawford Suttmiller
About 40% of individuals who suffer a lateral ankle sprain develop chronic ankle instability (CAI). The mechanisms for developing CAI is believed to be multi-factorial, however, most literature has focused on the physical manifestations of the condition, leaving our understanding of psychological manifestations of the condition fairly unclear. Injury-related fear has been identified as a psychological factor that may be relevant to the condition, but our understanding is limited. Therefore, the purpose of this dissertation...

Examining the Use of Immersive Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training Education

Bailey Christine Jones
Clinical experiences are an essential aspect of athletic training education that offer students opportunities to practice their skills and engage in a variety of settings. The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) sets accreditation standards for athletic training programs to meet, including clinical education standards. In fall 2020, new standards took effect that include a few additions to the standards surrounding clinical education; these additions require programs to afford students opportunities to engage...

The Ideology of the Carceral State: Examining the Prison Through Film

Ryan Phillips
Mass incarceration began almost fifty years ago and has proliferated to the point that the United States is the world leader in incarceration. Much work has been done that examines the history and nature of mass incarceration and the carceral state. However, an area that has received far less attention is how people think about prisons. To address this gap, I ground my analysis in the works of Louis Althusser, Slavoj Zizek, and Mark Fisher...

Communicating with Muted Groups: The Case of Human Trafficking

Amy Matzke-Fawcett
The problem of human trafficking is global, affecting men and women, adults, and children, with exploitation of various forms including (but not limited to) sex work, hospitality and entertainment, labor, agriculture, soldiering, forced begging and organ removal. While it has been the focus of movies, news articles, documentaries, legislation and research, the discussion of the communication surrounding human trafficking is still in the formative stages. What is the messaging about human trafficking in legislation, both...

Two Essays on Corruption, FDI, and Digitalization

Mahdi Forghani Bajestani
Corruption is detrimental to both society and economy and is yet prevalent in many countries. Thus, research in this field is imperative to help alleviate the problem. Drawing on institutional theory and eclectic paradigm, this dissertation seeks to first, delineate the mechanisms through which corruption influences economic decision-making, and second, identify its root causes and tools for controlling it. This dissertation’s central research question is addressed in two essays. Essay 1 builds on insights from...

Deep Learning Approaches for Seagrass Detection in Multispectral Imagery

Kazi Aminul Islam
Seagrass forms the basis for critically important marine ecosystems. Seagrass is an important factor to balance marine ecological systems, and it is of great interest to monitor its distribution in different parts of the world. Remote sensing imagery is considered as an effective data modality based on which seagrass monitoring and quantification can be performed remotely. Traditionally, researchers utilized multispectral satellite images to map seagrass manually. Automatic machine learning techniques, especially deep learning algorithms, recently...

Computational Analysis of Type 3 Iodothyronine Deiodinase: Potential Inhibitors, Substrate Binding, and Dimer Structure

Eric Scott Marsan
Thyroid hormones (THs) in mammalian tissues are crucial for development and maintaining metabolic homeostasis. Iodothyronine deiodinases (Dios) remove iodines from THs by a selenocysteine (Sec) residue, which either activates or inactivates them. Halogen bonding (XB) has been proposed to describe the interaction between the Se and I atoms of the T4-Dio complex. Disruption of TH homeostasis by xenobiotics, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can cause deleterious effects on the endocrine...

Shipboard Lidar as a Tool for Remotely Measuring the Distribution and Bulk Characteristics of Marine Particles

Brian Leigh Brian Leigh
Light detection and ranging (lidar) can provide remote estimates of the vertical distribution of optical properties in the ocean, potentially revolutionizing our ability to characterize the spatial structure of upper ocean ecosystems. However, challenges associated with quantifying the relationship between lidar measurements and biogeochemical properties of interest have prevented its adoption for routinely mapping the vertical structure of marine ecosystems. To address this, we developed a shipboard oceanographic lidar that measures attenuation (α) and linear...

An Experimental Investigation into the Impact of Acute Stress on Alcohol Craving through Implicit Coping Motives

Douglas J. Glenn
Drinking to cope with negative emotions is associated with many negative alcohol-related outcomes such as increased alcohol use, drinking-related problems, and alcohol use disorders. An acute stressor is one example of a stimulus leading to negative emotions that an individual may wish to avoid. Research has shown that acute stress positively relates to drinking. Specifically, previous experimental studies have shown that individuals exposed to a stressor drink more alcohol and have stronger urges to drink...

Spatiotemporal Variations of Precipitation and Climate-Resilient Structure Design in Virginia

Xiaomin Yang
How to consider effects of climate change on the design and management of hydrology related infrastructure is crucial but remains a challenge for sustaining resilient society. To address this challenge, existing hydrologic design procedures may need to be revised and/or redeveloped to take into account the precipitation non-stationarity resulting from climate change. Using the state of Virginia as a testbed and advanced statistical techniques such as nonparametric test, spatial autocorrelation, linear regression, distribution fitting, and...

The Impact of a Crisis Intervention Team Program on Psychiatric Boarding

Kurtis Hooks
Psychiatric boarding is the phenomenon of housing individuals in emergency departments while awaiting access to mental health services in the community. The expansion of psychiatric boarding is attributed to continued deinstitutionalization and under-resourcing of mental health services. Psychiatric boarding is also associated with deleterious outcomes for individuals in need of access to behavioral health services, facilities. There is limited research on programmatic efforts to reduce psychiatric boarding as it pertains to Crisis Intervention Team programs...

Joint Linear and Nonlinear Computation with Data Encryption for Efficient Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning

Qiao Zhang
Deep Learning (DL) has shown unrivalled performance in many applications such as image classification, speech recognition, anomalous detection, and business analytics. While end users and enterprises own enormous data, DL talents and computing power are mostly gathered in technology giants having cloud servers. Thus, data owners, i.e., the clients, are motivated to outsource their data, along with computationally-intensive tasks, to the server in order to leverage the server’s abundant computation resources and DL talents for...

Estimating the Risk of Future Plastic Marine Debris Resulting from the Urban Coastal Built Environment

Kelly C. Jones
The growing urban built environment in the coastal zone poses an unknown risk to the marine biosphere as a source of marine debris. Plastic, since its introduction in the mid- 1900s, is now used in nearly all aspects of human life. Growth in human population and urbanization in coastal zones has resulted in the accumulation of large stocks of plastic in the coastal built environment, and these stocks are still growing exponentially. The coastal zone...

Space Charge Effects in Low Energy Magnetized Electron Beams

W. M. Sajini Anushika Kumari Wijethunga
Magnetized electron cooling of the ion beam is one of the major approaches towards obtaining the required high luminosity in the proposed Electron-Ion Collider (EIC). To increase the cooling efficiency, a bunched electron beam with a high bunch charge and high repetition rate is required. However, these features can combine to enhance the collective interactions, such as the space charge effect. A magnetized electron beam was successfully generated at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility...

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