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Detection of Unique Tumor-Associated Proteins in the Urine of Patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma by High Resolution Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

Robert David Lehman
A two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic technique was developed for the detection of unique tumor-associated proteins in urine of patients with transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the urinary bladder. This technique yielded high resolution of polypeptides in the urine of cancer patients. Urine was chosen as a source of tumor-associated components because the location of the tum or should release already solublized tum or substances in to the urine. Urinary proteins were concentrated and then analyzed...

Correlation Between Glutathione Peroxidase Activity and Selenium Concentrations in Both Plasma and Erythrocytes

Agatha Dudzai Munyanyi
Plasma and erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activities and selenium concentrations were determined for 38 apparently healthy female subjects. In addition, erythrocyte lead and plasma lead and iron concentrations were determined in each subject. Effects of age, smoking, vitamin and mineral supplementation, use of caffeinated beverages and oral contraceptives on glutathione peroxidase activity were determined and interelement relationships were investigated using the one tailed t-test and Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficients

Oral Health Care Services Available to Mentally Retarded Individuals in Public Residential Facilities

Marilynn Mattox
A growing awareness of the rights of institutionalized persons to receive comprehensive health care, including dentistry, has led to increased legislation in favor of handicapped individuals including the mentally retarded. Mentally retarded persons have a right to adequate health care, education, training rehabilitiation, and guidance that will enable them to develop their ability and maximum potential. Mental retardation has in the past been defined as a condition that exists solely within an individual; more recent...

The Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Hydrocarbons in Atmospheric Deposition From Stations Surrounding Lower Chesapeake Bay

David Benjamin Webber
Hydrocarbon concentrations were determined in bulk, wet, and dry deposition samples from urban and non-urban locations surrounding lower Chesapeake Bay. Mean hydrocarbon concentrations in bulk deposition samples were over three times greater at the urban station indicating a localized source. The major hydrocarbons present were n-alkanes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and the unresolved complex mixture (UCM). The PAH and the UCM were an indication of significant anthropogenic inputs while the odd/even distribution of the n-alkanes...

A Capacitance Wavestaff and Measurements of Wave Height Decay in the Surf Zone

David L. Timpy
A wavestaff system utilizing capacitance was developed to measure wave heights in the surf zone. Data were used to test the assumption that wave height decays linearly across the surf zone. The instrument system consisted of two wavestaffs and housing which contained the needed electronic circuits and a data recorder. Acceptable frequency response for waves of period greater than two seconds could not be obtained if sensor wires were greater than 0.35 mm in diameter....

The Effects of Function-Based Thinking on Teacher Selection of Interventions for Disruptive Student Behavior

Kimberly Yanek
Traditional approaches to addressing student misbehavior often involve the imposition of reactive and punitive consequences. Certain groups of students who engage in disruptive behavior experience a disproportionate amount of these punitive disciplinary responses. African American males are one such group. A growing body of research suggests that a need exists for more proactive and positive approaches to addressing student classroom misbehavior. One promising option is function-based thinking—a critical component of functional behavioral assessment. The present...

Establishing a Connection Between Quality of Life and Pre-Academic Instruction for Students with Profound Multiple Disabilities

Jonna L. Bobzien
The field of special education has begun to concentrate its efforts on developing objectives and procedural strategies that promote a positive quality of life for students with profound multiple disabilities, while determining which educational strategies are the most appropriate. A multi-element design was used to compare the effects of two educational conditions, pre-academic skills instruction and functional life skills instruction, on the quality of life indicators of four students with profound multiple disabilities. Results indicated...

Efficacy of Dual Enrollment in Rural Southwest Virginia

Karen Glass Carter
The intent of this dissertation was to determine if enrollment into a career and technical education dual enrollment program encouraged students to continue their education into postsecondary education and if workplace readiness skills were increased. This study completed a factorial analysis of student demographic and factorial data as associated with the enrollment of career and technical education dual enrollment in rural, southwest Virginia. Specifically, the study explored secondary students (N = 221) currently enrolled during...

Motivational and Persistence Factors for Military Spouses Earning a College Degree

Lisa A. Keenan
Projections estimated that nontraditional student enrollment in post-secondary education would increase by 19% as compared to traditional student enrollments of 10% from 2006 through 2017. Adult students were less likely to complete a college degree compared to traditional students, and drop-outs cost taxpayers billions of dollars in lost taxes. Military spouses were a sub-group of nontraditional students with unique challenges and stressors due to their military lifestyle. Limited research-based literature existed on military spouses enrolled...

Training Model for Incorporating Interactive Whiteboards Into the K-12 Classroom

Elizabeth G. Jamerson
School divisions have been implementing interactive whiteboards, as well as other instructional technologies, in ever-increasing numbers with the intent to improve student performance. The benefits of these technologies have been hotly debated, with some researchers claiming that interactive whiteboards improve student achievement, while others claim that the technologies have no effect on student progress. Other researchers concluded that interactive whiteboards are tools which can improve student achievement only if they are used effectively. Research has...

Employability Advantages of Marketing Education Industry Certification Examinations

Devon Ashley Elmore
Industry certification of workplace skills is emerging as a key educational movement for career and technical education programs. Many states are now integrating credentialing into their programs with the goal of preparing students with labor market advantages. However, there is little empirical evidence to support the notion that obtaining an industry certification provides students with employability advantages. As a result, the purpose of this study is to collect and analyze empirical data to determine whether...

Factors That Female Higher Education Faculty in Select Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fields Perceive as Being Influential to Their Success and Persistence in Their Chosen Professions

Phyllis Bernice Opare
The purpose of this study was to determine factors female higher education faculty in select science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields perceived as influential to their success and persistence in their chosen professions. Females are underrepresented in STEM professions including academia, despite the fact that female educational attainment in all fields have increased significantly. Four research questions were used to guide this study and they are: 1) What personal factors affect females' ability to...

Technology Education Teacher Supply and Demand in the United States

Johnny J. Moye
This research investigated the supply and demand of technology education teachers in each of the United States. The research goals guiding this study were to determine (1) the number of technology education teachers produced in the United States, (2) the number of technology education teachers employed in the United States public schools during the spring of 2009, (3) the number of vacant technology education teacher positions in United States public schools during the spring of...

Technological Literacy in K–12 Teacher Preparation: A Review of Course Requirements at Accredited Education Institutions

The goal of this study was to determine to what extent, technological literacy courses were required in K-12 teacher education. The study was limited to initial teacher education programs that are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and Teacher Education Accreditation Council. Out of 697 accredited programs in the United States, a random sample of 248 programs was created. A document review of the appropriate course catalogs for initial teacher preparation...

Training Effects of Adaptive Emotive Responses From Animated Agents in Simulated Environments

Enilda Jannet Romero-Hall
Humans are distinct from machines in their capacity to emote, stimulate, and express emotions. Because emotions play such an important role in human interactions, human-like agents used in pedagogical roles for simulation-based training should properly reflect emotions. Currently, research concerning the development of this type of agent focuses on basic agent interface characteristics, as well as character building qualities. However, human-like agents should provide emotion-like qualities that are clearly expressed, properly synchronized, and that simulate...

The Non-Cognitive Attributes of First-Year At-Risk Students Who Are Academically Successful and Retained at Old Dominion University

Tisha M. Paredes
With a decrease in state and federal funding, higher educational institutions need to focus on retaining students. However, student retention is a multifaceted problem that requires varied solutions. Traditional measures, or cognitive measures, of student success, such as pre-college knowledge (SAT and high school grade point average) have not explained how higher education institutions retained students, especially students who are considered at-risk. Since the nature of student retention is idiosyncratic, research needs to focus on...

School District Budgeting in the Era of Increased Accountability and No Child Left Behind: A Mixed Methods Case Study of School District Budgeting Processes and the Correlation to Student Achievement

Scott Alan Burckbuchler
School district budgeting decisions take on added significance in light of fulfilling the objectives of No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). If NCLB's goal of 100% student proficiency by 2014 is to be realized, school districts, as part of their improvement plans, need to focus on how to ensure that appropriate resources are available to fund proven instructional strategies which produce results. Budgeting merges resources and results. This study examines school district budgeting processes in...

Generational Differences Among Community College Students in Their Evaluation of Academic Cheating

Kathleen E. Wotring
Values development is an important part of the mission of community colleges, and upholding academic integrity is one way in which colleges advance this mission. Community colleges serve a multigenerational student body, more diverse than most four-year institutions of higher education, and different generational cohort groups hold different values and attitudes. The purpose of this study was to determine whether community college students varied by generation in their evaluation of academic activities as cheating, and...

The Influences of Interaction on the Satisfaction, Achievement, and Retention of Developmental Community College Students

Elizabeth Copeland Wilmer
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of social and academic interaction, demographic characteristics, social and academic adjustment, and learning communities on the satisfaction, achievement, and retention of developmental English community college students. The literature presented discusses the retention theories of Tinto, Astin, and Bean and their overlapping ideas on persistence. A common thread among these theories is the role of academic and social interaction on the personal development, satisfaction, achievement, and...

Effect of a Mindfulness Intervention on Community College Students' Writing Apprehension and Writing Performance

Megan E. Britt
This experimental study used a quantitative data collection strategy to examine whether a mindfulness intervention, a three-minute breathing exercise marked by focused attention on the sensations of breath, would affect writing anxiety and writing performance measures. The researcher compared Daly-Miller Writing Apprehension surveys and narrative writing samples from 277 students enrolled in a freshman composition course at a southeastern community college, half of whom practiced the mindful-breathing technique at class onset. Quantitative results revealed students...

The Impact of Design-Based Modeling Instruction on Seventh Graders' Spatial Abilities and Model-Based Argumentation

William J. McConnell
Due to the call of current science education reform for the integration of engineering practices within science classrooms, design-based instruction is receiving much attention in science education literature. Although some aspect of modeling is often included in well-known design-based instructional methods, it is not always a primary focus. The purpose of this study was to better understand how design-based instruction with an emphasis on scientific modeling might impact students' spatial abilities and their model-based argumentation...

An Appreciative Look: Examining the Development of Urban Youths' Civic Identity In and Out of the Social Studies Classroom

Wendy Elaine Scott
Current trends in the United States show a decline in voter participation and other forms of political engagement (Torney-Putra, Wilkenfeld, & Barber, 2008). There is further evidence to suggest that an understanding of civic knowledge and behaviors that represent civic participation is even more abysmal for urban students including students with low economic status and minority groups (Kahne, 2009; Torrey-Putra, 2001). However, traditional discourse around the gaps and deficits faced by urban students fail to...

The Effects of Cooperative Grouping Strategies and a Three-Level Evaluation Tool on Student Soft Skills Achievement and Satisfaction Within a Problem-Based Instructional Model in the Soft Sciences

Kelly Stoneman Rippard
In education, many academic majors can fall within one of two main concentrations: the hard or soft sciences. The hard sciences are defined as the natural sciences and include subjects such as Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology while the soft sciences are defined as the social sciences and include subjects such as English, Sociology, and Anthropology. While instructional approaches have been created to help instructors teach and students learn within each of the scientific areas, few...

Elementary Principals' Literacy Practices and Their Relationship to Student Achievement in Reading

Sandra Carper Cox
Principal behavior is under intense scrutiny, particularly in light of increased demands for higher and higher levels of student achievement. Reading achievement is the measure by which schools as well as principal leadership are judged. This study examined principals' literacy practices and their relationship to student achievement in reading. Measures used for analyses included a researcher-developed survey instrument, the Principal Quality Literacy Practices Survey, and results from the grade five Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)...

The Effects of Elaborative Interrogation and Summarization on Student Comprehension, Retention, and Satisfaction in Online, Self-Paced Instruction

Heather M. Brown
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of two elaboration strategies, elaborative interrogation questioning (EIQ) and summarization, on student comprehension, retention, and satisfaction in a self-paced online environment. There were four treatment groups: (a) Control (no treatment); (b) EIQ only; (c) Summarization only; and (d) EIQ and Summarization. Both undergraduate and graduate students (mean age = 25.84 years) volunteered and completed the study (N=191). Results revealed a significant interaction between strategy type...

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