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Global Language Variation in Online Writing Instructional Spaces: English as a Lingua Franca Among Global Participants in a Massive Open Online Course

Angela May Dadak
Two vectors of the internationalization of US higher education—online courses and student diversity—intersect at a point where a broad mix of culturally and linguistically diverse students enroll in online courses, including writing courses. This study applies an English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) lens to examine language in an online writing environment in order to understand how the participants use their linguistic resources to communicate in English across varieties and around the world. This study...

Two Essays on Negotiations Between Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors

Aydin Selim Oksoy
This dissertation has two essays examining negotiations between entrepreneurs and angel investors. In Essay 1, I study the dual roles of equity from the angel investor’s perspective, where the equity position sought in an embryonic firm creates two concerns. The first concern relates to the risks involved in generating returns from the initial capital investment. The second is a governance concern due to the challenges involved in managing future interactions between the firm and its...

The Impacts of Surface Gravity Waves on Buoyant Plume Dilution

Bruce William Husselbee
A common practice in coastal areas is to collect, treat and discharge fluids including treated wastewater, stormwater or power plant effluent to areas of lesser impact. The discharge of these fluids, conveyed through pipelines into coastal areas, continues to be an important human health and environmental concern. The fluid discharged from these pipelines is often buoyant which allows for dilution and dispersion into these ambient waters. Initial dilution, defined as the maximum concentration of a...

Experiences in Physical Education and Sport: The Intersection of Identifying as a Female, an Athlete, and Visually Impaired

Margaret Buckley
Introduction. Individuals with visual impairments, females, and athletes encounter different challenges during physical education. However, little is known about how the challenges connected with each of these identities intersect and if that intersection impacts experiences differently. The purpose of this study was to take an explicitly intersectional approach to understand how identifying as an individual with a visual impairment, a female, and an athlete intersect to influence physical education and sport experiences. Methods. To describe...

Rotorcraft Blade Angle Calibration Methods

Brian David Calvert Jr.
The most vital system of a rotorcraft is the rotor system due to its effects on the overall flight quality of the vehicle. Therefore, it is of importance to be able to accurately determine blade position during flight so that fine adjustments can be made to ensure a safe and efficient flight. In this study, a current calibration method focusing on the pitch, flap, and lead-lag blade angles is analyzed and found to have larger...

Diatom Community Composition Shifts Driven by Coherent Cyclonic Mesoscale Eddies in the California Current System

Zuzanna Maria Abdala
The California Current System (CCS) is characterized by an equatorward flowing eastern boundary current, as well as seasonal wind-driven coastal upwelling which supplies nutrient-rich waters to the surface and drives high coastal productivity. Cyclonic mesoscale eddies form off the coast in the CCS where they trap the highly productive upwelled coastal waters, along with their resident planktonic communities, and transport them offshore into the more oligotrophic California Current waters. The interaction between waters within and...

Simulation and Development of the Radial Time Projection Chamber for the BONuS12 experiment in CLAS12

Nathan M. Dzbenski
Knowledge of the structure of nucleons (i:e: protons and neutrons) is a central topic of interest to nuclear/particle physicists. Much more is known about the structure of the proton than the neutron due to the lack of high-density free neutron targets. The Barely Off-shell Nucleon Structure experiment (BONuS12) at Jefferson Lab (JLab) is a second generation experiment upgraded/optimized to advance our knowledge of the neutron's structure using the deep-inelastic scattering of electrons off deuterium. Typically,...

Model-Based Approach for Diffuse Glioma Classification, Grading, and Patient Survival Prediction

Zeina A. Shboul
The work in this dissertation proposes model-based approaches for molecular mutations classification of gliomas, grading based on radiomics features and genomics, and prediction of diffuse gliomas clinical outcome in overall patient survival. Diffuse gliomas are types of Central Nervous System (CNS) brain tumors that account for 25.5% of primary brain and CNS tumors and originate from the supportive glial cells. In the 2016 World Health Organization’s (WHO) criteria for CNS brain tumor, a major reclassification...

The Effects of CEO Dismissal Risk and Skills on Risky Corporate Decisions and CEO Compensation

Son T. Dang
This dissertation consists of three distinct essays on the effects of CEO dismissal risk on M&A megadeal decisions, the association between CEO compensation and generalist managerial ability in the presence of CEO dismissal risk, and the alignment of the initial compensation of new CEOs following CEO dismissals with their managerial ability. In Essay 1, I study the link between CEO dismissal risk and risky M&A decisions and find that higher-dismissal-risk CEOs engage in more M&A...

Property, Wealth, Race, and Power: An Introduction to Critical Resource Theory

Andrew Whitfield
School funding inequality is an issue that has plagued America and the Commonwealth of Virginia for years (Owings & Kaplan, 2020). Understanding the role that funding plays in education is one that is of extreme importance today This study explored the relationship between income inequality and how education is funded. This study follows a quantitative study approach using correlational methods. This study takes multiple facets from Critcal Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Resource Dependency Theory...

Human Error In Commercial Fishing Vessel Accidents: An Investigation Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System

Peter J. Zohorsky
The commercial fishing industry is frequently described as one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. The objective, to maximize the catch, is routinely challenged by a variety of elements due to the environment, the vessel, the crew, and several external considerations and how they interact with each other. The analysis of fishing vessel accidents can be complicated due to the diverse nature of the industry, including the species caught, the type and...

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Image Processing

Yan Lu
Remote sensing images have many applications such as ground object detection, environmental change monitoring, urban growth monitoring and natural disaster damage assessment. As of 2019, there were roughly 700 satellites listing “earth observation” as their primary application. Both spatial and temporal resolutions of satellite images have improved consistently in recent years and provided opportunities in resolving fine details on the Earth's surface. In the past decade, deep learning techniques have revolutionized many applications in the...

Minority Counselor Multicultural Competence in the Current Sociopolitical Climate

Kathleen Brown
A key component of professional orientation in the field of mental health is the ability to provide counseling that is culturally competent. Counselor preparatory education, ethical codes, professional organizations and regulating bodies recognize cultural competence as a cornerstone of clinical practice. It is especially important during a time in which cultural and racial minorities combat a tumultuous sociopolitical climate. American society has seen an exponential rise in anxiety, depression, and helplessness secondary to the 2016...

The State of the Region: Hampton Roads 2020

This is Old Dominion University’s 21st annual State of the Region Report. While it represents the work of many people connected in various ways to the university, the report does not constitute an official viewpoint of Old Dominion, its president, John R. Broderick, the Board of Visitors, the Strome College of Business or the generous donors who support the activities of the Dragas Center for Economic Analysis and Policy. Although our devotion to this work...

Study of the Feasibility of a Virtual Environment for Home User Cybersecurity

Sean Powell
This research focuses on the average home computer user’s ability to download, install and manage a virtual machine software program. The findings of this research is to be used as a foundation to the possibility of using a virtual machine software program as another form of defense for the home user’s computer. Virtual machines already have various uses, some in the cybersecurity field; this possibility could add another useful application for the software program. This...

The Effect of Community Health Education on Respiratory Illnesses in Children Living in Under-Heated Homes

Allora Vico, Daisy Estep, Raynee Hamilton, Ruby Melton & Zhanna Gelman
The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of community health teaching focused on the importance of increasing home temperature in order to reduce respiratory symptoms and disease. Studies exists that prove that under-heated homes cause high-risk for children to develop respiratory illnesses. Our methods include a pretest-posttest which will be used to evaluate the learning of the parents. An adapted Health Belief Model survey using a standard Likert scale will also be used. Analysis will...

Can Nanotechnology be the Leading Method in Detecting and Treating Cerebral Tumors?

Daniel D. Singh & Zuri Jules-Culver
Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation or design of materials and structures with desired features in the 1nm–1000 nm size range. The blood brain barrier (BBB) is a major obstacle that drugs must overcome in order to reach tumor cells. The role of this barrier is to transport essential nutrients while protecting and regulating the internal environment. Nanoparticles have been shown to transport drugs through this barrier and accumulate in tumor cells. This is significant since...

It’s Elementary: The Bayeux Tapestry as a Medieval Educational Tool

Sarah Bulger
The Bayeux Tapestry, a 230-foot-long, 950-year-old Anglo-Norman embroidery has baffled historians resulting in extensive (and diverse) scholarship since its rediscovery in the eighteenth century. The Bayeux Tapestry plays a preeminent role (outside of contemporaneous manuscripts and texts) in deciphering aspects of medieval life in England through its visual representation of the age of the Norman Conquest. Long-standing assumptions about the Bayeux Tapestry’s commission, production, and purpose have accumulated through the years based on a single...

Changes to Climate Central’s Risk Finder Tool: A Usability Report

Justin Sikes
Students in the Fall English 231C Honors Climate Change and Crisis Communication course worked with instructor Megan McKittrick and Dr. Richards to conduct a usability test of Climate Central’s Risk Finder tool. Using the qualitative data, general trends that indicate potential areas of improvement for the website were identified. Students’ tasks were to find volunteers for the usability test through systematic sampling, conduct the test and analyze the audio recordings, and finally to code the...

Auschwitz-Birkenau: A Memorial

Nichole Delasalas
In the 1940s, Nazi Germany was an unstoppable force spreading throughout Europe. Hitler’s agenda was to take control of Europe and make it part of his pure Aryan race. As a result of his actions and his “final solution”, many people suffered. The concentration camp of Auschwitz I was created out of an old Polish military compound for three main reasons. The first was to incarcerate real and perceived enemies of the Nazi regime and...

Reflective Insight: \"Emotional Metamorphosis\"

Robert Melatti
My professor asks: After seeing Auschwitz, how I continue on? How has going there affected me? Starting with the second question first, perhaps the essence of the answer could be found in a comment that Cali, my granddaughter made to her grandmother a couple of days ago. “Grandpa seems sad since he came back from his trip,” she exclaimed. I really had not noticed any change and assumed that any uneasiness in my disposition had...

Reflective Insight: \"Lessons Learned\"

Stephanie Walters
After returning from my study abroad experience, many people have asked me how was the trip? What did you experience? Was it fun? Not many people asked me what I learned, or how I felt. The emotions and knowledge that I have encountered on this trip is a complex subject to grapple with. The Holocaust, or Shoah as Europeans call it, was a tragedy that devastated millions of families. I often thought what would I...

Reflective Insight: \"No Happy Endings\"

Raven Bland
I am a freshman at Old Dominion University on my first trip abroad, and I was rather nervous going into this trip. A part of me felt like an underdog, due to my age, my lack of academic experience, and just experience as a whole, but this trip was nothing like I expected.

Dark Tourism: \"Wide-Awake\"

Andrea Schlabach
As I look back, when I decided to go on this study abroad, I definitely was not ready for what I was about to experience. When most people learn about the Holocaust, people say it is sad and they cannot believe something like this could have happened in the world, and for myself, I thought each of those things. But it is more than just that. While I was in both Paris and Kraków, one...

Dark Tourism: \"Rage\"

Jackson Blaschum
Auschwitz was a very strange day for me. I found myself trying to control the emotions that flooded over me upon entering the camp. These were not the same feelings of sadness that many of my classmates felt, but anger, even rage. I found myself struggling to control the anger I felt that the human race was capable of committing such horrible acts of violence. I doubt that I will ever forget the various exhibits...

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