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Big Five Personality Traits of Collegiate Social Fraternities and Sororities

Michael B. Armstrong & Frederick G. Grieve

Introduction: Memory and Reflection

Annette Finley-Croswhite
During the spring semester of 2014, Old Dominion University offered a Study Abroad course called “Paris/Auschwitz” that I designed with funding from the Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation and the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Over spring break, I led a group of eighteen students to France and Poland to study sites of Holocaust memory along with faculty team member, Dr. Brett Bebber. Dr. Bebber and I...

Auschwitz as a Site of Memory

Emma Needham
Auschwitz is known as the most substantial site of the Holocaust namely because Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest concentration camp in Europe, and it is estimated that about 960,000 Jews and 125,000 others were murdered there.1 Not only was the process of creating the memorial at Auschwitz filled with controversies, but the site also remains questionable today with regards to dark tourism, or thanatourism, “the tourism of death.”2 For some, the thought of traveling to a...

Dark Tourism: \"Antisemitism\"

Suzan Czocschke
One of the first things I saw when we arrived in Poland was a six-pointed star with a line through it spray-painted on the side of a building. That immediately sent a chill through me and reminded me of something that Esther Sénot, an Auschwitz survivor who had spoken with us in France, had said. During an emotional exchange she had commented that the current situation in France reminds her of the early 1940’s.

Danielle Jweid Artist Statement

Danielle Jweid


The Business of Choice: Why Students Select For-Profit Career Colleges in Northeast Florida and the Implications for Community College Leaders

Tameiko Allen Grant
Over the past decade, for-profit career colleges have faced significant scrutiny and increased governmental regulation. Even with the skepticism of critics, for-profit enrollments surged and had one of the fastest enrollment growths among higher education sectors. For-profit career colleges are typically known for their predatory marketing practices and exorbitant costs. However, there is a significant concern surrounding why students would attend an institution with such a high cost and a socially perceived low-probability of return...

Equity Issues in Dual Enrollment Programs: Exploring African American Community College Students’ Perceptions of Dual Enrollment

Kristen Wagner Rarig
Dual enrollment has been shown to increase post-secondary student success outcomes across a variety of measures such as retention, grade point average, and four-year attainment (Allen & Dadgar, 2012; Hoffman, 2012, Pretlow & Wathington, 2014). In Virginia, access to community colleges among students of color has increased from 32.3% in 2008 to 42.7% in 2018 (SCHEV, 2019-a). Despite these gains, far fewer African American students than White students participate in dual enrollment in Virginia, which...

Application of a Biodegradable and Recyclable Chelating Agent for Ash Removal from Algae

Temitope George Daramola
Ash is inherent in algae biomass and it causes operational difficulties, equipment failure, and disposal issues during biomass conversion to biofuels and bioproducts. The objectives of this study are to (i) investigate the use of the biodegradable chelating agent for reducing ash content of algae and (ii) evaluate the potential of regeneration and recycle of the chelating agent for multiple uses. Conventionally, ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA) has been studied extensively to remove ash from biomass. However,...

An Examination of Oral Argumentation Using Socioscientific Issues Among Secondary Students with Disabilities

Mindy A. Gumpert
The recent science education reforms mandate that all students must receive adequate opportunities to access the science curriculum in order to gain a better understanding of how science and the world works (National Research Council, 2012). According to these reforms, engagement in argumentation is one science practice essential to today’s K-12 science education (Sampson & Clark, 2011). Engagement in argumentation promotes critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, and has the potential to promote growth...

Adaptive Control of Base Isolation Systems Using the Transmissibility-Based Semi-Active Controller

Ramin Rabiee
Base isolation system is one of the most effective seismic protection systems which is widely used to protect buildings of high importance against seismic hazards. However, the performance of these systems might be impaired under long-period earthquake ground motions due to the resonance effect. The main focus of this dissertation is the development of an adaptive semi-active control algorithm to improve the performance of conventional base isolation systems. The proposed control law works based on...

Sediment Resuspension in a Microtidal Estuary: Causative Forces and Links with Algal Blooms

Samantha C. McGill
After years of efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay, bacterial levels are down and species diversity has increased, however, algal blooms (primarily dinoflagellates) persist, occurring nearly every summer. Dinoflagellates produce resting cysts that accumulate in the bottom sediments and are thought to provide seed populations for future algal blooms when they are resuspended. When estuarine sediments are advected from a bed, other materials, such as pollutants, nutrients, and organic matter are also released into the...

Circum-Arctic Mineralogy & Pan-Arctic Chronostratigraphy of Late Pleistocene Sediments: Developing a Comprehensive Age Model for the Western Arctic Ocean Using Unique Ice-Rafted Signals

Wesley Blake Myers
To improve understanding of geographic mineral distribution from the circum-Arctic Ocean, samples from the Arctic periphery were collected and analyzed for (semi-) quantitative mineral composition. Most samples were collected from the North American region of the Arctic Ocean, a region which has had limited mineral investigation. In addition, more than 1000 published clay mineral data points were gathered to provide the most comprehensive clay mineral distribution map to date. The identification of a smectite source...

Extension of a Penalty Method for Numerically Solving Constrained Multibody Dynamic Problems

Troy Newhart
Numerical analysis of constrained static and multibody dynamic systems has become an integral part of engineering analysis with the continued improvements in technology and software availability. Many methods currently exist for numerically solving constrained static and dynamic systems. The applicability of a penalty method for constrained static solutions is observed in many academic texts and papers. The appeal for using a penalty method in statics pertains to its ease of implementation, computational suitability, and accuracy....

A CFD Study of Steady Fully Developed Laminar Flow Through a 90-Degree Bend Pipe with a Square Cross-Sectional Area

Subodh Sushant Toraskar
Fluid flow through a closed curved conduit has always been a topic of extensive research, as it has many practical and industrial applications. The flow is generally characterized by a presence of secondary flow, vortical motions and pressure losses for different flow regimes. These observed irregularities may positively or negatively impact the flow. They are beneficial for cases where mixing of fluids is required, usually observed for multiphase flow regimes or detrimental for cases involving...

Effects of Bug-in-Ear Technology on Specific Praise Statements Given by Paraeducators to Transition-Age Students with Autism

Olga Karadimou, Sierra Lotts & Annmarie Horn
This investigation experimentally evaluated the effects of eCoaching with Bug-in-Ear (BIE) technology on the use of contingent specific praise in three paraeducators working in a special education transition classroom. A trained special education teacher provided performance-based feedback in real-time as paraeducators worked one-on-one with transition-age students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and comorbid intellectual disability (ID). As such, we used a multiple baseline research design to evaluate the effects of the independent variable (i.e., eCoaching)....

D-Vine Copula Model For Dependent Binary Data

Huihui Lin & N. Rao Chaganty
High-dimensional dependent binary data are prevalent in a wide range of scientific disciplines. A popular method for analyzing such data is the Multivariate Probit (MP) model. But the MP model sometimes fails even within a feasible range of binary correlations, because the underlying correlation matrix of the latent variables may not be positive definite. In this research, we proposed pair copula models, assuming the dependence between the binary variables is first order autoregressive (AR(1))or equicorrelated...

Tangible and Financial Satisfaction Among Full-Time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty

Courtney Jane Belmonte, Shanda Jenkins & Laura Soulsby
The current study examines faculty data from the National Science Foundation’s 2015 National Survey of College Graduates on 4,311 full-time and part-time faculty. Little research exists investigating job satisfaction of adjunct faculty in higher education. Overall job satisfaction was divided into two scales: intangible (i.e., opportunities for advancement, intellectual challenge, degree of independence, job location, level of responsibility, and contribution to society) and financial satisfaction (i.e., job salary, job benefits, and job security). Researchers found...

Self-regulated Learning Strategies vs Evidence-based Study Strategies

Wanda Brooks & Linda Bol
There is a growing concern about students entering college only to drop out or change majors after a semester or more of study. There are multiple reasons for this including personal reasons that may have nothing to do with academics, of course, but sometimes students switch to different majors because they feel that their original choice is too difficult after not doing well in the required introductory courses. Training in self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies may...

Characterizing the Activity of Antimicrobial Peptides Against the Pathogenic Bacterium Clostridium Difficile in Anaerobic Environment

Adenrele Oludiran & Erin Purcell
Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic Gram-positive pathogen with high treatment costs and mortality and very high antibiotic tolerance. Antimicrobial host-defense peptides (HDPs) produced naturally by animal immune systems are promising candidates to develop novel therapies for bacterial infection because they cause oxidative stress that damages multiple targets in bacterial cells, so it is difficult for bacteria to evolve resistance to these attacks. Piscidins, fish-derived HDPs that can also form complexes with copper (Cu) to enhance...

Synthesis and Self-Assembling Property of A Series of D-Galactose and D-Glucose Triazole Derivatives

Pooja Sharma, Anji Chen, Dan Wang & Guijun Wang
Carbohydrate based low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) have gained extensive interests due to their interesting applications in the areas of biomedical sciences, environmental remediation and optical electronic devices etc. The gelators can form the gels in a variety of organic solvents (organogels) or in water (hydrogels). Many monosaccharides, for instance, glucose, galactose and glucosamine have been used in the design of LMWGs. These systems have intrinsic advantage of being naturally abundant and biocompatible which makes...

Molecular Spectroscopy: A Study of Molecules in Earth and Planetary Atmospheres

Mahdi Yousefi Atashgah
The four most abundant isotopologues (N2O, 15NNO, N15NO, and NN18O) of nitrous oxide have been measured in the Earth's atmosphere by infrared remote sensing with the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE) Fourier transform spectrometer. These satellite observations have provided a near global picture of N2O isotopic fractionation. The relative abundance of the heavier isotopologues increase with altitude and with latitude in the stratosphere as the air becomes older. Near global 85°S{85°N atmospheric measurement of carbonyl sulfide...

Adjunct Faculty Job Satisfaction: Intangible and Financial Factors Affecting the Academic Majority

Courtney Jane Obis Belmonte
As the landscape of higher education continues to tip more towards using or employing adjuncts, it is important to understand what factors contribute to adjunct faculty job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has been linked with faculty loyalty and faculty turnover. Previous research on adjunct faculty job satisfaction aggregates all types of adjunct faculty together, while little research investigates the job satisfaction of disaggregated types of adjunct faculty in higher education. The current study examines ex post...

Application of Theory Of Constraints (TOC) in Managing Project Information Constraints

Ferdinand Z. Prantl
The scope of this doctoral project is the non-traditional application of Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) from the area of Theory of Constraints (ToC) in mitigating disruption in distribution facilities during phased upgrades caused by information constraint. The relevance of this project is that industrial equipment upgrades pose a significant risk of disrupting the operation of automated distribution facilities. It is partly due to a very high expected availability rate, as well as tight coupling with other upstream...

Helping Employees Help the Environment: An Intervention to Increase Environmental Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB-E) Via a Subtle Stimulus

Rebecca C. Garden
Researchers’ understanding of the relationships between environmentally-oriented organizational citizenship behaviors (i.e., OCB-Es) and other workplace variables have improved since the turn of the century, but both our comprehension of the behaviors and the effectiveness of interventions targeting them require much more investigation. Further, there is very little research that examines the role of positive affect in promoting these behaviors, even though scholars have suggested that it may be the “silver bullet” (Kals & Müller, 2012)...

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