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Sleeping with the Enemy: Examining the Relationship Between Sleep and Pain in Post-9/11 Veterans

John L. Schwartz Jr.
United States veterans are a diverse group of individuals, yet as a result of their service, they share a unique set of customs, traditions, and values. Post-9/11 veterans are more likely to experience elevated levels of pain and poor sleep quality compared to their civilian counterparts; however, little is known about how beliefs related to veterans’ pain impact their sleep and how levels of pain acceptance influence the sleep-pain association. This study examined relationships between...

The Spooky Vein: The Reparative Gothic-Modern in the Works of Richard A.W. Hughes

Corwin R. Baden
This dissertation explores the dual nature of Richard A.W. Hughes as a marginalized Gothicist and modernist. This duality facilitated the development of the author’s reparative vision for a 20th-century world traumatized by planetary war. The present study utilizes close readings—both surface and symptomatic—combined with archival research to assert that Hughes fashions this reparative imperative consistently across his corpus: in his short stories, poems, novels, stage plays, and screenplays. In his short stories, this vision includes...

Undergraduate Classroom Incivility from the Faculty Perspective

Erin M. Bunton
Classroom disruption, more recently referred to as civility, changes the in-person classroom experience. This study investigated the impact of gender, race, age, and teaching experience on faculty perceptions of classroom incivility. Faculty at a large, public institution in the Southeastern United States participated in the research for this study. Hierarchical multiple regression was used to understand the relationship between the demographic variables of the participants and their perception of classroom incivility. Study findings yielded significant...

Identification of Opportunity Barriers and Supports for Individuals Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Stakeholders

Meredith K. Gohsman
Individuals using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) are supported by many AAC stakeholders and communication partners. Clinical decision making and AAC assessment models consider the capabilities and access needs of the individual using AAC, as well as opportunity barriers and supports imposed by communication partners and environments. The purpose of this research was to investigate opportunity barriers and supports identified by two critical AAC stakeholders: speechlanguage pathologists and caregivers. The first study investigated characteristics of...

Subtalar Joint Definition in Biomechanical Models

Julia Noginova
The effect of including a subtalar joint in a dynamic musculoskeletal model has not been fully explored or validated. The subtalar joint is often modeled as a one DOF hinge with the tri-planar axis defined as a combination of inclination and deviation angles measured from the ground and midline of the foot, respectively. The overall purposes of this dissertation were to explore how the inclusion of the subtalar joint and the definition of origin location...

Empirical Modeling of Tilt-Rotor Aerodynamic Performance

Michael C. Stratton
There has been increasing interest into the performance of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The propellers used for the eVTOL propulsion systems experience a broad range of aerodynamic conditions, not typically experienced by propellers in forward flight, that includes large incidence angles relative to the oncoming airflow. Formal experiment design and analysis techniques featuring response surface methods were applied to a subscale, tilt-rotor wind tunnel test for three, four, five, and six blade,...

The Influence of Emotion Regulation and Neural Cognitive Control on Distress Tolerance

Alicia L. Milam
Tolerance of negative emotions has been associated with transdiagnostic negative mental health outcomes. Theory and research implicate emotion regulation and cognitive control as factors in tolerance of negative emotions. But their unique contributions to tolerance of negative emotions and interdependency have been unclear due to methodological limitations. This study aimed to explicate cognitive and emotional factors affecting distress tolerance in a non-clinical sample of emerging adults. Undergraduate psychology students completed self-report measures of emotion regulation...

How Leader and Follower Mindfulness Relate to Performance and OCB through Conversation Quality and Empathy: A Moderated Mediation Model

Arianna White-Levatich
Interest within the organizational research community regarding mindfulness has recently surged. Little research, however, has examined how employees’ mindfulness may influence interactions between leaders and followers. This study examined how followers’ trait mindfulness related to two specific aspects of dyadic interactions: leader – member conversational quality (LMCQ) and follower empathy toward a leader. Further, the study examined how this influence extended (via LMCQ and leader-oriented empathy) to task performance and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), two...

A Testing and Experimenting Environment for Microscopic Traffic Simulation Utilizing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Mahmud Hasan
Microscopic traffic simulation (MTS) is the emulation of real-world traffic movements in a virtual environment with various traffic entities. Typically, the movements of the vehicles in MTS follow some predefined algorithms, e.g., car-following models, lane changing models, etc. Moreover, existing MTS models only provide a limited capability of two- and/or three-dimensional displays that often restrict the user’s viewpoint to a flat screen. Their downscaled scenes neither provide a realistic representation of the environment nor allow...

Post-Processing and Characterization of Additive Manufactured Carbon Fiber Reinforced Semi-Crystalline Polymers

Patricia Revolinsky
The aim of this work is to study the effect of post-processing on additive manufactured (AM) continuous carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) performance. As-printed AM CFRPs do not perform as well as conventionally manufactured CFRPs with the same composition. Possible improvements to AM CFRP performance include annealing and applying uniaxial pressure with elevated temperature. Samples were subjected to pressure and temperature treatments and annealing at a constant temperature. Treated materials were subjected to three-point bending...

Assessment of the Hydrograv® Adapt Variable Height Secondary Clarifier Inlet at HRSD Nansemond Treatment Plant

Matthew Poe
The Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) recently completed the first North American and center driven installation of the Hydrograv® Adapt Variable Height Secondary Clarifier Inlet (Adapt) at HRSD’s Nansemond Treatment Plant. This is a variable height inlet structure designed to decrease clarifier effluent turbidity and maintain low turbidity during high flow events. Low turbidity is achieved by feeding the secondary clarifier influent within the solids blanket during dry weather conditions and lifting the inlet structure...

Bipolar Cancellation of Cell Membrane Electroporation by Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field

Vitalli Kim & Andrei G. Pakhomov
At present, some of the most promising techniques for cell ablation, stimulation, and excitation are based on utilizing nanosecond pulsed electric field (nsPEF). NsPEF can activate or inhibit voltage-gated ion channels, cause cytoskeleton rearrangements, osmotic stress, cell swelling and blebbing, and apoptotic or necrotic cell death without appreciable heating. NsPEF is distinguished by a negligible formation of harmful electrochemical byproducts at the electrode-tissue interface and can even be delivered by antennas without a contact. Another...

Active Polar Liquid Crystal Channel Flows: Analyzing the Roles of Nematic Strength and Activation Parameter

Lacey Schenk & Ruhai Zhou
Suspensions of active polar liquid crystalline polymers (APLC) exhibit complex phenomena such as spontaneous flows, pattern formations and defects. Using the Kinetic Model, which couples the Smoluchowski Equation and the Navier-Stokes Equations, we conduct numerical simulations of APLC in a microfluidic channel to investigate the competitive effect among different material constants, such as the nematic concentration (the strength of the potential for nematic order) and active strength (the individual nano-rods strength of their individual movement)...

Clostridioides difficile Spore Production in Response to Antibiotic and Immune Stress

Adenrele Oludiran & Erin B. Purcell
Clostridioides (Clostridium) difficile, an anaerobic, spore-forming Gram-positive pathogenic bacterium, is a major cause of hospital-acquired infections and can persist as surface-attached biofilms for protection from antibiotic and immune stress. C. difficile can form biofilms as a single species or with other anaerobic intestinal bacteria. The environmental signals that cause individual cells to secrete toxins, form biofilms, or develop into spores that can spread the infection to new patients are unknown. In these studies, we investigate...

Designing a Program to Increase Enrollment and Retention of Hispanic Children in Public Health Insurance Programs in Virginia: Lessons Learned

Cara Tonn
Children who have ongoing healthcare coverage benefit from improved health, education, and economic outcomes due to increased preventive services use and regular school attendance. These factors play a crucial part in determining a child’s level of education and future economic status. However, children eligible for publicly funded health insurance remain uninsured or experience “churning” throughout childhood and adolescence. Barriers to healthcare retention include lack of program awareness and understanding of the application process and belief...

Participatory Action Research Inside an English Second Language Classroom: Towards a Critical Syllabus

Amal Alnefaie
It is common to be bilingual all around the world, because of the spread of bilingualism around the world. There are many researchers who are interested in conducting studies on foreign language classrooms and second language classrooms. They are trying to find answers or solutions to second language students' struggles. For example, Chomsky studies and his exploration in bilingual science. Wei (2000) said, bilingualism is rising around the world and there are one in three...

Understanding the Natural History of Juvenile Amblyomma maculatum in Southeastern Virginia

Christina Espada & Holly Gaff
Amblyomma maculatum, the Gulf Coast tick, is a species of increasing public health concern. Adult A. maculatum is a known vector of several pathogens including Rickettsia parkeri, the causative agent of Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis. Amblyomma maculatum has expanded northward from its historic range along the Gulf Coast, with populations reportedly establishing in southeastern Virginia in 2010. Recently established populations of A. maculatum tend to have higher R. parkeri infection prevalence compared to longer established populations....

Investigation of Magnesium Cation-proton Exchange with Transmembrane Electrostatically Localized Protons (TELP) at a Liquid-membrane Interface: Fundamental to Bioenergetics

Gyanendra Kharel, Andrew J. Evans, Christopher M. Russo, Michael Eason & James W. Lee
The Lee transmembrane electrostatic proton localization (TELP) theory is a revolutionary scientific theory that has successfully explained decades long-standing quandary in the field of bioenergetics in regards to ATP synthesis in biological systems, specifically alkalophilic bacteria. This study provides experimental support for the TELP theory by further demonstrating evidence of a localized proton layer existing at the liquid-membrane interface in a simulated biological membrane apparatus. Whilst monovalent cations have been studied extensively, divalent cation exchange...

Effects of COVID-19 in the Status of Childhood Obesity in the United States: A Literature Review

Ana Cruz
ntroduction: The main hypothesis is that COVID-19 affects the prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States due the precautions needed to contain the pandemic. Methods: The methods used in this semi-systematic literature review includes web-based research from the following sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and EBSCOhost. The search was limited to children ages 5 to 19 years old with diagnosed obesity. Results: The review found that COVID-19 pandemic has...

The Food Environment and its Linkage to an Increased Incidence of Chronic Illnesses in Predominantly Minority and Low-Income Neighborhoods

Clarenisha Green
Introduction: Health behaviors and outcomes are greatly influenced by the food environment that individuals reside in and have access to. Poorer health outcomes have been shown to be associated with communities that have a higher ratio of convenience stores and fast-food restaurants in comparison to healthier food store options. The purpose of this study is to explain how the food environment and health inequalities are linked to an increased incidence of chronic diseases in predominantly...

Validation and Measurement Invariance of a First-Generation College Student Identity Scale

Kelsie K. Allison
First-generation college students (FGCS) comprise approximately 56% of the U.S. post-secondary institution population, yet they face substantially more academic, financial, and additional unique issues than continuing-generation college students. Research on FGCS has been steadily growing in recent years, however, literature on identity for this population is sparse. To address these gaps in the literature, the aim of the current study was to adapt, validate, and establish full factorial measurement invariance across Black and White FGCS...

Pedestrian Evacuation: Vulnerable Group Member Influence on the Group Leaders’ Decision-Making and the Impact on Evacuation Time

Terra Lynne Elzie
As pedestrian evacuations of buildings, outdoor venues, and special events occur, dynamic interactions between pedestrians and vehicles during egress are possible. To model pedestrian and vehicle evacuations, simulation models have evolved to incorporate more realistic crowd characteristics and behaviors to provide improved results. Past studies using modeling and simulation, specifically agent-based modeling, have explored pedestrian behaviors such as decision-making, navigation within a virtual environment, group formations, intra-group interactions, inter-group dynamics, crowd behaviors such as queuing...

Addressing Public Perceptions About Cell-Based Meat and Cellular Agriculture Through Metaphors

Yvette Emma Hubbard
Today’s food movement places organic, holistic, and natural foods as priority. The idea aims for better human health, a farm-to-table community, and environmental sustainability. Soon a new meat alternative will become part of the ongoing food movement. What is it? Cell-based protein. It is a protein alternative to livestock protein. It is real protein from a real breathing animal. Cell-based beef for example is grown in a lab with cells from a living cow that...

Bad Actors

Wendell Ward
This manuscript contains a collection of short stories. It also includes the first several chapters of a novella. Within are characters who act and suffer consequences without the imposition of supernatural elements to affect outcomes, which is hopefully what makes them seem “real.” But then there are ambiguities and archetypes and symbolic imagery dancing around the edges of their predicaments, too. Think flambéed Flaubert with the saltiness of Hemingway and the peppery tang of Woolf...

How Does Parental Involvement Shape Kindergarten Readiness in One Title 1 Classroom?

Kiristen Moriah Boles
The purpose of this action research study was to explore the role parental involvement plays in Kindergarten readiness in Title 1 schools. The theoretical foundation used to support this research was Epstein’s 6 model construct of parental involvement. For this study, a compilation of qualitative and quantitative data was used based upon the question being researched. The target sample was 20 Kindergarten students in a Title 1 elementary school along with 20 of the parents....

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