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Adult food security and the relationship with Adverse Childhood Experiences among residents of Appalachian North Carolina

Manan Roy, Erin Bouldin, Maggie Bennett & Adam Hege
Introduction: The Appalachian region has worse health outcomes than the remainder of the United States. These disparities are often linked to the underlying social and environmental determinants of health. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with poor health outcomes across the lifespan and have a significant impact on future social determinants as an adult, including food security status. Purpose: To explore the relationships between ACEs and food security among adults in the Appalachian counties of...

Using a Noticing Framework in a Mathematics Methods Course

Diana Moss & Lisa Poling
A noticing framework was introduced to prospective teachers (PTs) as a tool to use for analyzing student work. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of PTs’ use of a noticing framework for: 1) interpreting students’ mathematical thinking; and 2) reflecting on and discussing future implications for teaching. The study also sought to determine where PTs needed, if any, further support in engaging in the process of noticing. Using a coding schema...

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