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GL Transparency: Through a Glass Clearly

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
GL (Grey literature, interpreted here as grey objects) is very heterogeneous in content, form and quality. Most GL objects evolve through a workflow. Some of these phases involve some form of evaluation or peer review, commonly internal within the management structure of an organisation and possibly involving external advice, including from ‘friendly peers’ via an e-preprint mechanism. Unlike white literature the evaluation process commonly is unrecorded and undocumented. This leads to accusations that grey literature...

MOSAIC: Shades of Grey

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
Grey literature covers a wide range of artifacts. As indicated in a previous paper (Jeffery and Asserson 2004), the authors consider a grey literature repository in a research-based organisation to record the intellectual property of that organisation. However, this is only usable effectively if the repository contains the grey objects and the metadata is formalised (Jeffery 1999, Jeffery and Asserson 2004) or – better - stored and accessed in a CERIF-CRIS (Common European Research Information...

An Architecture for Grey Literature in a R&D Context

Keith G. Jeffery
The importance of Grey Literature is becoming increasingly recognised. For many organisations it encapsulates the knowledge and know-how and thus is a vital business asset. It has similar importance in quality of life aspects-healthcare, environment and culture. Grey Literature in a R&D environment represents the cutting edge of this knowledge and so its management is of utmost importance. Partly based on involvement in defining the data models for R&D information interchange across Europe, the author...


Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
This paper addresses the place of grey not only in the landscape of information, but also of knowledge, wealth creation and improvement of the quality of life. It builds on work by the authors published in previous GL conferences. The very notion of grey is linked conceptually with dull and dismal. It refers to a concept between recognised states. It is also linked with age and distinction, even the magical (Gandalf the Grey). The hypothesis...

INTEREST - INTERoperation for Exploitation, Science and Technology

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
This paper addresses the topic of interoperation of Grey resources. The title should be read as INTERoperation for Exploitation, Science and Technology. It builds on work by the authors published in previous GL conferences. The method is architectural analysis and comparison. The costs of the study are negligible, but of course the costs of implementing any solution are considerable. The result/conclusion is that CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) is the essential component to meet...

Hyperactive Grey Objects

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
Previous papers on Grey literature by the authors have described (1) the need for formal metadata to allow machine understanding and therefore scalable operations; (2) the enhancement of repositories of grey (and other) e-publications by linking with CRIS (Current Research Information Systems); (3) the use of the research process to collect metadata incrementally reducing the threshold barrier for end-users and improving quality in an ambient GRIDs environment. This paper takes the development one step further...

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