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Wandering along the spectrum of spontaneous thinking: dreaming, meditation, mind-wandering, and well-being. An interview with Kieran Fox.

Kieran Fox & Matthieu Koroma
About half of our conscious activity is not related to our direct sensory environment. Such spontaneous thinking has nevertheless long been neglected due to the difficulty to tackle it experimentally. Neuroscientific Kieran Fox discusses recent efforts to understand and conceptualize the diversity of spontaneous activity within a single framework. The relation of mind-wandering to other phenomena such as dreaming and mediation is highlighted. Far from being a distracting nuisance, the role of spontaneous thoughts in...

Internally Generated Conscious Activity: Reflections upon (lucid) dreaming, mind-wandering and meditation. An interview with Benjamin Baird by Matthieu Koroma.

Benjamin Baird & Matthieu Koroma
Certain conscious states such as dreaming reveal that conscious activity can be to a large extent internally generated rather than being driven by sensory stimuli. this interview, psychologist and neuroscientist Benjamin Baird discusses the developments of scientific research on these conscious phenomena including dreaming, mind-wandering and meditation and how they interrelate. Lucid dreaming, the ability to become aware that one is dreaming while in a dream, is highlighted as a unique way to gain experimental...

On different ways of being conscious: Modes of consciousness and the predictive mind. An interview with Jakob Hohwy.

Jakob Hohwy & Matthieu Koroma
Is consciousness an all-or-none or graded phenomenon? Much research has been devoted to investigate this question for contents of consciousness (e.g. ‘I see a red rose’), but far less for global states of consciousness (e.g. being awake or asleep). Philosopher and experimentalist Jabob Hohwy argues that global states of consciousness do not come in degrees or ‘levels’, but rather in modes, i.e., as different ways of being conscious. Capturing the diversity of conscious states requires...

Quel temps fait-il sur les grandes plaines ? Essai d’écocritique des romans de John Steinbeck

Martine Tabeaud & Alexis Metzger

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