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Supplementary materials for Computational Reproducibility via Containers in Social Psychology

April Clyburne-Sherin, Xu Fei & Seth Green
NOTE: Accepted in principle at Meta-Psychology, submission number MP2018.892, link: https://osf.io/ps5ru/. Anyone can participate in peer review by sending the editor an email, or through discussion on social media. The preferred way of open commenting, however, is to use the hypothes.is integration at PsyArXiv and directly comment on this preprint. Editor: Rickard Carlsson, rickard.carlsson@lnu.se Website: https://open.lnu.se/index.php/metapsychology ABSTRACT: Scientific progress relies on the replication and reuse of research. However, despite an emerging culture of sharing code...

Age and Political Identification (Rutgers)

April Clyburne-Sherin & Jacob Moeller

Understanding Jokes

Melissa Kline Struhl, Jeanne Gallée, Zuzanna Balewski & Evelina Fedorenko
Studies about neural activity related to processing jokes! Please see the Wiki to understand the organization of this repository. Abstract: To communicate successfully, we often go beyond the literal meaning of utterances: we make sarcastic remarks, ask for favors, and engage in face-saving acts. Do these abilities recruit the same mechanisms as literal interpretation? Or does pragmatic reasoning draw on general social-cognitive abilities? Prior patient evidence had implicated the right hemisphere (RH) in non-literal interpretation,...

From Data Curation to Software Curation: Enhancing Reproducibility and Sustainability of Data and Software

Michelle Barker, April Clyburne-Sherin, Christopher Erdmann, Sandra Gesing, Jens Klump, Matthias Liffers, Natalie Meyers, Gerry Ryder, Natasha Simons & Andrew Treloar
February 4, 2019 Pre-conference software curation workshop at 14th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) at University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Pre-registered protocol

Tom Hardwicke, Mallory Kidwell, Robert Thibault, Joshua Wallach & John Ioannidis


Tom Hardwicke, John Ioannidis, Joshua Wallach, Robert Thibault, Mallory Kidwell & Jessica Kosie
This is a pdf version of the article coding form. Note that in practice we actually used a Google Form which had some dynamic functionality (e.g., only showing certain parts of the form based on previous answers). Because we cannot ensure preservation of the Google Form version, we are sharing the pdf version here.

Age and Political Identification

April Clyburne-Sherin & Jacob Moeller

FAIR Metadata: What Physical Sciences Users Need to Make Their Data FAIR

Mikala Narlock & Natalie Meyers
A Presentation at Indiana Online Users Group (IOLUG) Spring Conference: Tackling Data in Libraries: Opportunities and Challenges in Serving User Communities at Indiana Wesleyan University Indianapolis, IN May 10, 2019

Credibility of Preprints Survey

Courtney Soderberg, Timothy Errington & Brian Nosek
This survey was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as part of a larger grant to investigate signals of trust in preprints


Natalie Meyers
A talk organized by QCIF for RSEs

MPS FAIR Hackathon

Margaret Berta, Evan Bolton, Sara Bowman, Ian Bruno, Stuart Chalk, Maria Cruz, Pamfilos Fokianos, Ted Habermann, Michael Hildreth, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Leah McEwen, Natalie Meyers, Albert Mons, Erin Robinson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Vincent Scalfani, Erik Schultes, Shelley Stall, George Strawn, Gordon Watts, Ted Habermann & Raymond Plante
FAIR Hackathon for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Research Communities, Alexandria, VA Feb 27-28, 2019

Secondary Replication of V Purdie-Vaughns, CM Steele, PG Davies, R Ditlmann, JR Crosby (2008, JPSP 94(4), Exp. 3)

Kathleen Schmidt
This is an independent secondary replication as part of the Reproducibility Project: Psychology.

COS-TOP and FAIRsharing MoU September 2019

Peter McQuilton & David Mellor
A description of an ongoing partnership between the Center for Open Science and the FAIRSharing initiative to promote data sharing and improve discovery of policies that comply with the TOP Guidelines

Presentations Given by COS

Timothy Errington, Brian Geiger, Brian Nosek, Longze Chen, Fitz Elliott, David Mellor, David Litherland, Yuhuai Liu, Zachary Loomas, Krystal Hahn, Olivia Miske, Briana Wade, Huajin Wang, Alexis Rice, Nicole Pfeiffer, Lisa Shaw, Andrew Tyner, Whitney Wissinger, Lesley Markham, Fielding Grasty, Olivia Lowrey, Marcy Reedy, Mark Call, Jonathan Walz, Futa Ikeda … & Abram Booth
A collection of slides for virtually all presentations given by Center for Open Science staff since its founding in 2013.

Pre-Hackathon Questionnaire

Natalie Meyers, Michael Hildreth, Ted Habermann, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Leah McEwen, Albert Mons, Erin Robinson, Erik Schultes, Shelley Stall, George Strawn, Gordon Watts, Sara Bowman, Pamfilos Fokianos, Margaret Berta, Maria Cruz, Evan Bolton, Stuart Chalk, Vincent Scalfani, Nicole Pfeiffer, Ted Habermann & Ian Bruno

Directory of free, open psychological datasets

Cameron Brick, Laura Botzet, Cory Costello, Anatolia Batruch, Ruben Arslan, Melissa Kline Struhl, Nicolas Sommet, James Green, Michele Nuijten, Mark Conley, Thomas Richardson, Nicole Sorhagen, Anton Olsson-Collentine, Gilad Feldman, Franklin Feingold, Harry Manley, Michael Mullarkey & Tobias Dienlin
See live version at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ejOJTNTL5ApCuGTUciV0REEEAqvhI2Rd2FCoj7afops/edit#gid=0

Study 1: Replication of Poliseno et al., 2010 (Nature)

Kumar Pandya, John Kerwin, Dale Cowley, Israr Khan, Elizabeth Iorns, Rachel Tsui, Alexandria Denis, Nicole Perfito & Timothy Errington
Replication of "A coding-independent function of gene and pseudogene mRNAs regulates tumour biology". Includes information to prepare the replication experiments. Includes data, code, and digital materials from completed replication experiments.

Study 9: Replication of Vermeulen et al., 2010 (Nature Cell Biology)

Anthony Essex, Javier Pineda, Grishma Acharya, Hong Xin, James Evans, Elizabeth Iorns, Rachel Tsui, Alexandria Denis, Nicole Perfito & Timothy Errington
Replication of "Wnt activity defines colon cancer stem cells and is regulated by the microenvironment”. Includes information to prepare the replication experiments. Includes data, code, and digital materials from completed replication experiments.

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