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Formal Design and Analysis for DNA Implementations of Chemical Reaction Networks

Robert Francis Johnson
In molecular programming, the Chemical Reaction Network model is often used to describe systems of interacting molecules. This model can describe either real systems, allowing us to analyze and determine their computational function; or describe hypothetical systems, with known computational function but perhaps no known physical example. One significant breakthrough in the field is that any Chemical Reaction Network can be approximated by a system using DNA Strand Displacement mechanisms. This allows the Chemical Reaction...

Subspace Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes

Masayuki Hattori
In this paper we introduce a new class of non-linear cyclic error-correcting codes, which we call subspace subcodes of Reed-Solomon (SSRS) codes. An SSRS code is a subset of a parent Reed-Solomon (RS) code consisting of codewords whose components all lie in a fixed v-dimensional vector subspace S of GF(2ᵐ). Starting from a (n, k₀, d₀) RS code over GF(2ᵐ), with any positive integer 0 ≤ v ≤ m, there is an SSRS code of...

Activation of Cell Function; Pharmacological Agents Which Degranulate Mast Cells and Cause Skeletal Muscle to Contract

Brian Herndier
Chapter I This chapter presents a general introduction to the cellular metabolism of calcium with particular reference to the concept of calcium pools. The importance of the ionized calcium pool of the cytosol in determining the specific function of cells and tissues is discussed. A model for stimulus-release coupling in mast cells is presented. Excitation-contraction (EC) coupling in skeletal muscle is defined and the fundamental premises required for a theory on EC coupling are given....

Cranial Neural Crest Cell Migration in the Avian Embryo and the Roles of Eph-A4 and Ephrin-A5

Carole Chih-Chen Lu
The neural crest is a transient population of cells that migrate away from the dorsal neural tube in the vertebrate embryo. As the developing hindbrain constricts into rhombomeres, cranial neural crest cells migrate in three discrete streams adjacent to even-numbered rhombomeres, rhombomere 2 (r2), r4, and r6. To test the role of intrinsic versus extrinsic cues in influencing an individual cell’s trajectory, we implanted physical barriers in the chick mesoderm, distal to emerging neural crest...

Charles the Bald: the Story of an Epithet

Margaret Audrey Anderson
For centuries, historians have followed the lead of their forebears by using standardized names to refer to people and events. The use of 'Charles the Bald' to refer to Charlemagne's grandson has been reinforced via centuries of copying, paraphrasing, and citing historical documents. The sobriquet is now inextricably linked to the man. But in the simple process of writing the epithet, it is easy to forget how much complexity is distilled into one word. Any...

Evolving Strategies Toward the Synthesis of Curcusone C

Austin Cameron Wright
Curcusone C is a tricyclic diterpenoid natural product possessing potent anti-cancer activities as well as a structurally unusual 2,3,7,8-tetrahydroazulene-1,4-dione skeleton. Herein, we report our evolving synthetic efforts toward the divergent total syntheses of ent-curcusone C and several structural congeners, which commenced with a Suzuki coupling of the peripheral carbon-based rings. Whereas the boronate partner was constructed from cyclopentenone, the halide partner could be elaborated from (S)-perillaldehyde. The alcohol coupling product was next esterified, then subjected...

1. The Origin of the Kirkwood Gaps: A Mapping for Asteroidal Monitor Near the 3/1 Commensurability. 2. The Resonance Overlap Criterion and the Onset of Stochastic Behavior in the Restricted Three-Body Problem

Jack Leach Wisdom
Paper 1: A mapping of the phase space onto itself with the same low order resonance structure as the 3/1 commensurability in the planar elliptic three-body prob­lem is derived. This mapping is approximately one thousand (1000) times faster than the usual method of numerically integrating the averaged equations of motion (as used by Schubart, Froeschlé and Scholl in their studies of the asteroid belt). This mapping exhibits some very surprising behavior that might provide the...

Neural Computation of Self-Motion from Optic Flow in Primate Visual Cortex

Brian Lee
Area MSTd is involved in the computation of heading direction from the focus of expansion (FOE) of the visual image. Our laboratory previously found that MSTd neurons adjust their focus tuning curves to compensate for shifts in the FOE produced by eye rotation (Bradley et al., 1996) as well as for changes in pursuit speed (Shenoy et al., 2002). The translation speed of an observer also affects the shift of the FOE. To investigate whether...

Functional Autonomy Techniques for Manipulation in Uncertain Environments

Joseph John Douglas Bowkett
As robotic platforms are put to work in an ever more diverse array of environments, their ability to deploy visuomotor capabilities without supervision is complicated by the potential for unforeseen operating conditions. This is a particular challenge within the domain of manipulation, where significant geometric, semantic, and kinetic understanding across the space of possible manipulands is necessary to allow effective interaction. To facilitate adoption of robotic platforms in such environments, this work investigates the application...

Investigating the Functional Significance of O-GlcNAc Substrate/Interactor Networks

Rita Beth Aksenfeld
O-linked β-N-acetylglucosamine glycosylation (O-GlcNAcylation) is a dynamic, inducible post-translational modification (PTM) of thousands of intracellular proteins. There are only two enzymes responsible for O-GlcNAc cycling in higher eukaryotes, O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) and O-GlcNAcase (OGA), which catalyze addition and removal, respectively. We hypothesized that constructing OGT substrate/interactor networks could serve as a useful foundation for understanding the functions of O-GlcNAcylation. Moreover, this approach might reveal novel insights into how OGT is able to coordinate the specific...

Thermal Conduction in Amorphous Materials and the Role of Collective Excitations

Jaeyun Moon
The atomic vibrations and thermal properties of amorphous dielectric solids are of fundamental and practical interest. For applications, amorphous solids are widely used as thermal insulators in thermopile and other detectors where low thermal conductivity directly sets the sensitivity of the detector. Amorphous solids are of fundamental interest themselves because the lack of atomic periodicity complicates theoretical development. As a result, the lower limits of thermal conductivity in solids as well as the nature of...

Visualizing Small Proteins with the cryoEM Platform and The Structure of the Vibrio cholerae Type IV Competence Pilus Secretin PilQ

Sara Jean Weaver
Solving protein structures by single-particle cryoelectron microscopy (cryo-EM) has become a crucial tool in structural biology. While exciting progress is being made toward the visualization of small macromolecules, the median protein size in both eukaryotes and bacteria is still beyond the reach of cryo-EM. To overcome this problem, we implemented a platform strategy in which a small protein target was rigidly attached to a large, symmetric base via a selectable adapter. Of our seven designs,...

What Criteria Should be Used to Determine Whether an Automated Decision Procedure is Fair?

Lucca S. de Mello
[Introduction] As automated decision procedures become an increasing part of our lives, the question of how to ensure that they are fair is more relevant than ever. The freedoms, careers, and financial statuses of everyone whose lives depend on these decisions often hinge on whether the algorithms behind them are fair or not, so it is critical that algorithmic fairness is understood in a precise and rigorous manner.

Mineralogic and Petrologic Studies of Archaean Metamorphic Rocks from West Greenland, Lunar Samples, and the Meteorite Kapoeta

Robert F. Dymek
In Part I of this thesis, petrographic and electron microprobe data are reported for samples from a series of high-grade Archaean gneisses, collected on Langø, an island in the northwest corner of the Godthåb District of West Greenland. Rocks with a wide variety of bulk compositions occur that all preserve evidence for two distinct episodes of metamorphic mineral growth. Syn- to post-tectonic hornblende granulite grade metamorphism (MI) was followed by post-tectonic amphibolite grade metamorphism (MII)...

Molecular Analysis of Olfactory Signal Transduction

Jonathan Christopher Robert Bradley
Olfactory receptor neurons respond to odorant stimulation with a rapid and transient increase in intracellular cAMP that opens cyclic nucleot..ide-gated ( cng) cation channels. Cng channels in rat olfactory neurons are activated by cAMP in the low micromolar range and are outwardly rectifying. The cloned rat olfactory cng channel, (rOCNCl), however, is much less sensitive to cAMP and exhibits very weak rectification. We have investigated this discrepancy between native and cloned channels, and have cloned...

Development and Testing of a Detector to Study Neutrino Oscillations at Palo Verde

Brian M. Cook
A detector for the study of neutrino oscillations with a projected sensitivity to Δm² of 10⁻³ eV² and to sin²2θ of 0.1 is described. It is to be installed 800 m from three pressurized water reactors at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station near Phoenix, Arizona. The detector is segmented and filled with 12 tons of gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator. It will be placed in an underground vault with an overburden of 46 mwe and surrounded...

Studies on the Structural Proteins of Sindbis Virus

Charles Moen, III Rice
Conditions are described for the synthesis of long cDNA transcripts of Sindbis virus 26S and 49S RNA in high yield. This single-stranded cDNA could be cut with Type II restriction endonucleases including Hae III, Hha I, Rsa I, or Taq I to give reproducible patterns of discrete, virus-specific fragments which were suitable for subsequent end-labeling and direct sequence analysis. Using these methods, the strategy used for obtaining nearly the entire 26S RNA sequence from cDNA...

Mathematical Models of Trading

Angad Singh
This thesis presents a mathematical framework to model trading of financial assets on an exchange. The interaction between agents on the exchange is modeled as the Nash equilibrium of a demand schedule auction. The submission of demand schedules in the auction is meant to proxy for the submission of limit and market orders on an exchange. Chapter 1 considers this auction in a one-period setting, highlighting the importance of noisy flow for obtaining a unique...

2-D Material Sensors on the Electronic Nose for the Sensitive Detection of VOCs

Kyra SoHyun Lee
Chapter 1 When coated with a polymer surface layer and suspended on 3-D textured glass electrodes, the hybrid combination of polymer and graphene yields sensitive chemiresistive vapor sensors. The expansion and contraction of the polymer layer when it absorbs/reacts with the VOCs, is proposed to produce tremendous train on the suspended graphene. Hence, when VOCs permeates into the polymer layer, sizable electrical resistive changes as folds and creases is induced in the graphene due to...

Investigation of Transport Phenomena of Thermal Acoustic Excitations in Semi-Crystalline and Amorphous Materials Using Transient Grating Spectroscopy

Taeyong Kim
The physics of transport of heat-carrying atomic vibrations in amorphous and semi-crystalline solids is a topic of fundamental interest. Diverse tools have been employed to study thermal transport in these materials, including cryogenic thermal conductivity measurements and various inelastic scattering tools. However, unambiguously identifying the damping mechanisms of few THz and smaller frequency excitations remains difficult owing to the lack of the experimental probes in the frequency band. As a result, debate has remained regarding...

The Holographic Stereogram

John Thomas McCrickerd
The holographic stereogram, a hologram synthesized from ordinary stereoscopic component photographs, is investigated as an alternative to classical holograms and to previous types of stereograms for three-dimensional perfect imagery. The process is partly holographic in nature, but it provides images of naturally illuminated objects, and its application is not limited by the technology of laser illumination. The pinhole camera stereogram and the fly's eye lens stereogram are also analyzed, since the principles of their operation...

Part I: The Equations of Plasma Physics and the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Magnetohydrodynamics. Part II: Evolution of Perturbed Planar Shockwaves.

Naijian Shen
Part I: Mitigating the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability (RMI) is critical for energy production in inertial confinement fusion. Suitable plasma models are required to study the hydrodynamic and electromagnetic interactions associated with the RMI in a conducting medium. First, a sequence of asymptotic expansions in several small parameters, as formal limits of the non-dissipative and non-resistive two-fluid plasma equations, leads to five simplified plasma/magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) systems. Each system is characterized by its own physical range of validity...

High-Aspect Ratio Structures in Light-Absorbers and Electrocatalysts for Solar Fuels Devices

Paul Andrew Kempler
Solar fuels devices produce hydrogen fuel from water and sunlight and address a critical societal need for inexpensive, long-duration energy storage. Such devices are prepared from combinations of light-absorbing semiconductors and catalysts to sunlight to drive thermodynamically uphill reactions. This dissertation puts forth strategies for controlling the three-dimensional structure of semiconductors, electrocatalysts, and the film of gas bubbles evolved on the top and bottom of a solar fuels device. High-aspect ratio features led to unexpected...

Stable Isotope Studies of Some Active Hydrothermal Systems

Steven Judson Lambert
Measurements of ¹⁸O/¹⁶O, ¹³C/¹²C and D/H ratios have been made on rocks and minerals from wells drilled in active hydrothermal systems as an aid to the understanding of various factors which govern the ongoing natural interactions between rocks and fluids, leading to a more thor­ough understanding of rock-fluid interactions that have taken place in the geologic past in such processes as diagenesis, metamorphism, and hydrothermal alteration. Samples from four active hydrothermal systems have been analyzed:...

Crystal-Field and Mössbauer Applications to the Study of Site Distribution and Electronic Properties of Ferrous Iron in Minerals with Emphasis on Calcic Amphiboles, Orthopyoxene and Cordierite

Don Steven Goldman
The electronic absorption spectroscopy of ferrous iron is sensitive to the geometry of the coordination site in which it resides. This sensitivity enables ferrous iron in multiple sites in a mineral to be distinguished. The spectra of ferrous iron in the M(2) site in orthopyroxene, (Mg,Fe)SiO₃, are used as a model for the spectroscopic properties of iron in a distorted site. The splitting of the ⁵T_(2G) ground state is observed to be 2350 cm⁻¹ enabling...

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