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Connecting the World and the Word: The Hard and the Soft in Michel Serres’s philosophy

Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language builds on work in the philosophy of chemistry and materials science. Like these sciences, it begins in the middle of things and explores the condition of the mixt which precedes the scientific interest in purification. — The essay discusses the difference between the hard and the soft in the writings of Michel Serres. In the real world, there is nothing like hard, brute matter on...

Indexing grey resources: considering the usual behaviour of library users and the use of Dublin Core metadata using a database of specialised vocabulary

Jacques Cuvillier
Grey resources spread over a large set of matters. In each field of interest, people have their own concepts, each group will use their own vocabulary. Most authors of Grey resources were not able to determine the Decimal or Dewey classification themselves, nor are they able to fix themselves the appropriate terms to embed in the DC elements. It is then worth providing the web-user with an interface that makes him feel at home, by...

L'interrogative indirecte in situ dans le corpus OFROM Ils posaient la question c'était quoi*

Gudrun Ledegen & Philippe Martin

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