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What Peer-review Experiences Can Offer To Early Career Scientists And To The Scientific Community

Gwenaëlle Gremion, Mathieu Casado, Kelsey Aho, Jilda Alicia Caccavo, Nicolas Champollion, Emily Choy, Sarah L. Connors, Rahul Dey, Alfonso Fernandez, Gerlis Fugmann, Juan Höfer, Shridhar Jawak, Martine Lizotte, Sarah Maes, Kyle Mayers, Katja Mintenbeck, Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada, Prashant H. Pandit, Elvira Poloczanska, Paul Rosenbaum, Elisa Seyboth, Sarah Shakil & Maud van Soest


Elisabeth Dewispelaere
A scoping review is an important tool to summarize existing evidence about a specific topic and define evidence gaps, for which future research is needed. The scoping review will be made, using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses extension for Scoping Reviews (PRISMA-ScR) Checklist. Varenicline (Shampix°) is a partial agonist of the nicotine acetylcholine receptor (NAchR). It is one of the most widely used drugs for smoking cessation worldwide. However, it was...

Challenges in Using OSM for Robotic Applications

Nico Huebel, Sebastian Blumenthal, Lakshadeep Naik & Herman Bruyninckx
This work discusses how to use OSM for robotic applications and aims at starting a discussion between the OSM and the robotics community. OSM contains much topological and semantic information that can be directly used in robotics and offers various advantages: 1) Standardized format with existing tooling. 2) The graph structure allows to compose the OSM models with domain-specific semantics by adding custom nodes, relations, and key-value pairs. 3) Information about many places is already...


Eline Van Geert, Liesse Frérart & Johan Wagemans

PhD - Onderdeel 1: Oxytocin, state trust and SBS

Bien Cuyvers, Guy Bosmans & Marinus van IJzendoorn
With this research, we want to test the role of oxytocin and cortisol release and state trust increase in Secure Base Script development. This, we will do through four research questions: 1) Does maternal care after distress decrease the release of cortisol in the child? 2) Does maternal care after distress increase the release of oxytocin in the child? 3) Does maternal care after distress increase state trust in the child? 4) Does trait attachment...

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering education: an exploration of European higher education institutions’ strategic frameworks, resources, and initiatives

I. Direito, Shannon Chance, L. Clemmensen, S. Craps, S.B. Economides, S.R. Isaac, A.M. Jolly, F.R. Truscott & N. Wint

Servant Leadership, Third-Party Behavior, and Emotional Exhaustion of Followers

Innocentina-Marie Obi, Katalien Bollen, Hillie Aaldering, Wouter Robijn & Martin Euwema

Subsurface data availability: benchmarking data access arrangements in several Western European countries

Eline Van Malderen & Guido Hoetz
KU Leuven, Belgium (1); EBN, Netherlands, The (2)

During the current energy transition, understanding our deep subsurface appears more important than ever. Traditional energy resources such as oil and gas might remain dominant in coming years but are also becoming more controversial and more difficult to exploit. With the rising trend of geothermal energy, our geological resources remain pivotal in supplying tomorrows clean energy. With a treasure of subsurface data being gathered in past...

The Politics of Globalization

Helena Kreuter
Over the past three decades, trade with low-wage countries - in first place China - has grown dramatically. Economic theory has long recognized that trade liberalization, though enlarging the overall economic pie, also produces strong redistributive effects: while it increases aggregate productivity and benefits consumers through lower prices and a wider range of available goods, at the same time it is also associated with substantial adjustment costs in the labour market. As the gains are...

Current applications and future perspective of automatic closed-loop anesthesia: a scoping review

Quentin De Schouwer
Closed-loop systems are capable of fully autonomous drug administration. With increasing computational power and technological advancement, these systems have become equipped with more accurate pharmacokinetic models, increasing their safety and efficacy. In the last few years, more and more systems are being employed, often in experimental setting, to aid the anesthesiologist to manage the anesthesia depth or the degree of hemodynamic support. With this scoping review we aim to review and summarize the current applications...


Alessandro Solfo

Open Science in Suicide Research is Open for Business

Olivia Kirtley, Julie Janssens & Aleksandra Kaurin
This project contains the supplementary materials for Kirtley, O. J., Janssens, J. J., & Kaurin, A. (2022). Open Science in Suicide Research is Open for Business. Crisis. As part of our editorial, we have created a living list of examples of studies on suicide or self-injury that use open science practices.

Experiment LLERC20 - Effect of propranolol or midazolam on extinction of a tone fear memory

Laura Luyten & Tom Beckers

Nature’s Imagination: Reveries of Connection and Persistence

Erwin Dale

Scalar Processing: A systematic review on the role of working memory in scalar inference

Bojan Nys, Wai Wong & Walter Schaeken
Pragmatics has been a topic of great fascination for researchers from a variety of disciplines, including but certainly not limited to linguistics, psychology and logic. Of special interest in this respect has been the notion of implicature—suggested or implied meaning communicated through an utterance, which is not literally expressed through the words that are used. Since this concept was first introduced (Grice & White, 1961) and disseminated by H.P. Grice at Harvard’s ‘William James Lectures’...

Evaluation portal - qualitative results

Rani Van Schoors

At the edge of existence: Unraveling the associations between existential distress and geriatric depression in nursing home residents

Julie Vissers, Jessie Dezutter & Siebrecht Vanhooren
In this project, we try to clarify the role of existential distress in the etiology of geriatric depression in nursing home residents, in the progression from minor to major geriatric depression, and in the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs when existential distress is present. Furthermore, we aim to investigate how deconnectedness is related to depressive feelings and meaning in life in these nursing home residents.

What's in a feeling? Decomposing global momentary emotional states into domain evaluations.

Celeste Lenskens & Egon Dejonckheere
Data, Material & Syntaxes

Experiment LLERC21 - Effect of propranolol on extinction of a tone fear memory

Laura Luyten & Tom Beckers

Open Access Power-Grid Frequency Database

Leonardo Gorjão, Benjamin Schäfer, Galib Hassan & Lowie Deferme
Open database of power-grid frequency recordings from TSOs, independent measurements, and open research projects. The data is processed and ready for research usage.

Lifetime and current self-harm thoughts and behaviours and their relationship to parent and peer attachment

Julie Janssens, Olivia Kirtley, Inez Myin-Germeys, Ginette Lafit, Robin Achterhof, Noëmi Hagemann, Karlijn Hermans, Anu Hiekkaranta & Aleksandra Lecei
To investigate whether and how baseline attachment relationships (father, mother and peers) are associated with lifetime self-harm thoughts and behaviours and self-harm thoughts and behaviours in daily life, we will use pre-existing data from a large ESM cohort study, the SIGMA study, conducted in 1913 adolescents in Flanders (Belgium). In the SIGMA study, attachment and lifetime self-harm thoughts and behaviours were measured via a self-report questionnaire as a part of a large battery of questionnaires...

Context dependence of leveling and sharpening

Eline Van Geert, Liesse Frérart & Johan Wagemans

Protocol for a scoping review and thematic synthesis of patient-reported barriers and facilitators to participation in shared decision-making, searching for a sociodemographic common ground

Lien Mertens, Bert Aertgeerts, Geertruida Bekkering, Karin Hannes & Ruben Sars
Scoping review to 1) map which patient-reported barriers and facilitators to participation in shared decision-making (SDM) recently have been studied across different patient groups and summarizing the results, and 2) analyse the differences and similarities between different population groups, to elucidate the mechanisms of varying decision role preferences within the patient population

Experiment cFos4 - Immunohistochemical analysis of electrical BST stimulation in rats

Kelly Luyck, Marjolijn Deprez & Laura Luyten
Electrical BST stimulation in non-anxious animals (home cage stimulation)

Adding biological realism to local-global levels of processing

Charlotte Van Gucht, Johan Wagemans & Laurie-Anne Sapey-Triomphe
The processing of local and global stimulus levels of hierarchical letters and patterns has been studied since the late 1960s, and made popular by David Navon (1977), e.g., a global H made of local H's or L's. However, these stimuli are very artificial and the local ‘parts’ are not really parts of the global object. In nature, one finds shapes where this is actually the case, e.g., leaves consisting of smaller leaves with small branches...

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