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The Experience Sampling Method (ESM) Item Repository

Olivia Kirtley, Nian Kemme, Inez Myin-Germeys, Benjamin Simsa, Gudrun Eisele, Laura Van Heck, Tessa Biesemans, Steffie Schoefs, Yoram Kevin Kunkels, Johan Le Grange & Anu P. Hiekkaranta
This project has built a repository of items (www.esmitemrepository.com) used in experience sampling method (ESM), ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and ambulatory assessment (AA) studies. The idea for this repository arose out of discussions during the Open Science hackathon at the 2018 Belgian-Dutch ESM Network Meeting. In order to contribute items to the repository, you will need to download all five documents in the Contributors' Pack. When you have downloaded the ESM Item Repository submission template...

Challenges in Using OSM for Robotic Applications

Nico Huebel, Sebastian Blumenthal, Lakshadeep Naik & Herman Bruyninckx
This work discusses how to use OSM for robotic applications and aims at starting a discussion between the OSM and the robotics community. OSM contains much topological and semantic information that can be directly used in robotics and offers various advantages: 1) Standardized format with existing tooling. 2) The graph structure allows to compose the OSM models with domain-specific semantics by adding custom nodes, relations, and key-value pairs. 3) Information about many places is already...

Limited replicability of drug-induced amnesia after contextual fear memory retrieval in rats

Natalie Schroyens, Joaquin Alfei Palloni, Laura Luyten & Tom Beckers
A series of failures to replicate amnesia for contextual fear memories in rats by systemic administration of several drugs after memory retrieval.

Multiverse Analysis of Data from Preregistered Study - toward Preregistered Multiverse Analysis

Dominik Lenda & wolf vanpaemel
We discussed the shortcomings of two crucial research practices which aim at reducing the influence of researcher degrees of freedom on statistical results, preregistration and multiverse analysis. We employed a multiverse analysis using data from a preregistered study, showing that preregistration may still hide arbitrariness in data processing. We argue that the best solution is to combine both, in a preregistered multiverse analysis. This project is described in the poster which was presented at the...


Eline Van Geert, Pieter Moors & Maja Fischer
Presentation about responsible research practices for starting master's students at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven

The Politics of Globalization

Helena Kreuter
Over the past three decades, trade with low-wage countries - in first place China - has grown dramatically. Economic theory has long recognized that trade liberalization, though enlarging the overall economic pie, also produces strong redistributive effects: while it increases aggregate productivity and benefits consumers through lower prices and a wider range of available goods, at the same time it is also associated with substantial adjustment costs in the labour market. As the gains are...

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